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Bold Simple Pleasures Scholarship

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Application Deadline
Apr 29, 2022
Winners Announced
Jun 21, 2022
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Appreciating the small things in life can make the whole world seem like a more beautiful place.

Whether you take pleasure in spending time outside, reading, creating art, spending time with loved ones, practicing self care, exercising, or something else, it’s important to appreciate the things that bring you joy.

This scholarship aims to encourage students to reflect on life’s simple pleasures and find happiness in the little things.  

All high school, undergraduate, and graduate students may apply for this scholarship opportunity.

To apply, tell us about your favorite simple pleasures and why they make you so happy.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published January 28, 2022
Essay Topic

Tell us about the simple pleasures in your life and how they make you happy.

150–300 words

Winning Application

Grace Walker
Franciscan University of SteubenvilleSpringville, NY
I have had so many memories of days that stand out as the most exciting in my life, including family weddings, trips, and events. As I go off to college this fall and think of all the things I will miss, it is not these big, crazy events, but the small details. I will miss babysitting my one-year-old niece, Maeve, and five-month-old nephew, Maximilian. The quick and selfless smiles they give me and kissing their chubby faces. I will miss antique shopping with my parents, listening to and sharing tastes in old music with my dad, and the long conversations I have with my mom on a daily basis. As much as I hate to admit it, I will miss the constant teasing I endure from my brother and brothers-in-law, the constant back-and-forth of jokes and sarcasm. I will miss the constant sisterly bonding I share with my two sisters in the area and my sister-in-law. I know that big, exciting events are going to happen again, but you never know when the little things will change. I already miss the blunt, sweet humor of my nana who recently passed away. Her common expression "oh my heavens" will forever bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye when I think of it. It is not the grand things you do in life, but the small things - the memories, and pleasures, are no exception.
Dominic Brink
Grand Canyon UniversityPhoenix, AZ
I can only explain how simple pleasures of life and how they make me happy with an explanation of growth. When we experience struggle and dark times in our lives, we come to understand that it is the little things in life that brings us the most joy. During the beginning of 2021, I fell into a depressive state rooted in the figuring out of my identity. My depression resulted in horrible habits of isolation, self-harm, and other forms of self hate. This hate for who I am because of the influence of the environment that I grew up in had brought me to such a low point in my life. It was only through consistent talking and finding people close to me to share my struggle, that I rose out of this state of sadness. I started small. Driving to work or school everyday brought me to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. Many times I pulled off on the side of the road at the top of the little hill before my house just to sit on the hood of my car and soak in the rays of sun. I was so thankful in those moments. So thankful to be alive and to experience the bliss of gazing at the warm sunset. I started to find joy in running. I started to find joy in the little gusts of wind that would cool my face and body. I started to find joy in my nieces and nephews. Their innocents and joy overflowed into my personality. When I finally was able to look above the water in which I was drowning, I was finally able to see the sun.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 29, 2022. Winners will be announced on Jun 21, 2022.

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