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Scholarships are one of the best sources of financial aid to fund your higher education journey, but managing the scholarship process alongside other important deadlines like college and job applications, assignments, and more, can be a difficult task. Fortunately, as you go about planning your scholarship application schedule, you can feel rest assured that there is no specific due date for scholarship applications.

This is because scholarships are available all year round, regardless of when college applications are due. Arguably, most scholarship application deadlines occur during the academic year (between September and May), but scholarships are available throughout the entire year, including the summer. In fact, on, new scholarships are constantly being uploaded, each of them with different due dates throughout the year.

If you plan to make scholarships a major source of your financial aid and you are also concerned about scholarship deadlines, there are several things you can do to prepare yourself. First, be sure to conduct your research so that you are certain of the deadlines for the scholarships you're interested in. High school seniors in particular may be overwhelmed by other important applications, so it can be difficult to allot time for scholarships, but on, finding scholarship deadlines is easy. All scholarships are posted with their respective deadlines, and with the scholarship search feature, you can filter through scholarships with closer upcoming deadlines or farther ones.

Second, remain organized and implement some sort of system to keep track of your financial aid applications, whether you are applying for federal student aid or scholarships. You can even reach out to your financial aid office to see if they have any recommendations about how you should organize your scholarship timeline. High school seniors and other high school students can reach out to their advisors or counselors.

Finally, be sure to apply for scholarships earlier rather than later. Not only can being an early applicant make you stand out and increase your odds of winning scholarship awards, but applying early will also relieve the stress of remembering to apply before the deadlines.

When should I start applying for scholarships for college?

The Federal Student Aid Office recommends that students begin applying for scholarships the summer before they become high school seniors, since your senior year is when you begin the college application process. However, on, students can begin applying for scholarships when they are as young as 14 years old. If you begin applying for scholarships earlier on, you can both increase your odds of winning the college funding you need and familiarize yourself with the process to improve your rate of scholarship success in the future.

Furthermore, you can also ask you counselor or advisor about school-related scholarships that you might not learn about otherwise. They can give you information about due dates for a lot of financial aid sources, particularly local scholarships, so that you have an idea of when to begin applying for these.

After beginning the process, you can continue to apply for scholarship financial aid all throughout high school, college, and even graduate school. In other words, any student, from a high schooler to a graduate student, can receive a scholarship as part of their financial aid package, meaning that while it is best to begin applying early, you should still continue to apply for scholarships throughout your academic career.

How to keep track of scholarship due dates

Since there are no specific scholarship application due dates, you can take some of the weight off your shoulders about completing applications in time. However, you will still have to manage various scholarship deadlines on your own.

When you are finding scholarships to apply for, it will be beneficial to craft your own schedule of scholarship deadlines so that you can easily manage the application process. Whether you are applying to major academic scholarships or smaller, local scholarships, knowing when your scholarship deadlines occur will help you keep track of all your scheduling so that you don't become overwhelmed.

Organization looks different for everyone, so consider how you prefer to keep track of important things. You might consider using a planner or calendar to write down due dates. If this is the case, be sure to write in some reminders before the application needs to be turned in. Additionally, you can divide up different types of scholarships, like local scholarships, academic scholarships, and merit scholarships, and then prioritize the ones you think will be most useful for paying your college expenses.

Similarly, you can use calendar applications and software on your phone or laptop to keep track of each scholarship deadline. This can be especially helpful because you can set reminders for your phone to notify you of approaching scholarship deadlines as far in advance as you need.

Finally, aims to help students with their financial aid as much as possible, and organization is a key part of this. When you make a profile on, not only will you find new and exclusive scholarships daily, but you will also be notified when a scholarship you may be eligible for has an approaching deadline. Most scholarship deadlines will vary, and having a reminder can be of huge assistance to students looking to organize and schedule their financial aid applications.

When do I receive my scholarship money?

When you receive your scholarship money will depend on the scholarship opportunities you apply for. Some scholarships will send the money directly to your university where it will automatically pay for your expenses.

Other scholarships might send you a check right after you win, while others may wait until the beginning of the school year. Additionally, some scholarships will even send money in installments, so you receive the funding periodically.

If you are curious about when you will receive the money from a particular scholarship, reach out to your scholarship provider to see how they plan to distribute your award.

Frequently asked questions about scholarships application due dates

Is December too late to apply for scholarships?

December is by no means too late to apply for scholarship opportunities. Although it is best to begin applying for scholarships earlier rather than later, scholarship application deadlines continue throughout the entire year. For instance, on, new scholarships are uploaded every week, with deadlines that span the entire year. You should at least begin applying to scholarships the summer before your senior year, and you can continue doing so through your freshman year of college and beyond.

How soon is too soon to apply for scholarships?

It is never too soon to begin applying for scholarships. In fact, beginning the scholarship application process sooner rather than later can yield some major benefits. First, by beginning when you are younger and continuing into the future, you will be eligible for more scholarships with varying age and school year requirements. Second, you will be applying for more scholarships, which will naturally increase your chances of gaining the financial aid you need to afford higher education.