Do College Athletes Get Paid?

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The world of college sports is a vibrant and highly profitable industry. Each year, millions of fans tune in to watch college athletes compete in various sports, generating substantial revenues for universities and sports organizations. Amidst the excitement of college athletics, prospective college athletes in high school may wonder about compensation for their participation in athletics programs.

In this blog from, we'll delve into the complex and controversial issue of whether college athletes get paid, how college athletics works, and college athletic scholarships.

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Do College Athletes Get Paid?

Student-athletes in the United States are not paid salaries like professional athletes. Instead, student-athletes are "paid" through athletic scholarships that usually cover part of their tuition.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) operates under the amateurism model, prohibiting student-athletes from being compensated beyond scholarships and other benefits. Student-athletes may receive partial scholarships or full-tuition scholarships, room, board, and other benefits such as academic support and healthcare. Still, they are not paid in the form of a salary.