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Best Law Schools in Ohio

Written by Nicole Kim
Updated: October 23, 2023
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Ohio is home to many prestigious law schools that offer competitive programs, specialties, and opportunities for aspiring lawyers. Whether you want to pursue your dream law profession in the vibrant city of Cincinnati or study legal theory by the Great Lakes, the top law schools in Ohio have something unique to offer.

In this blog, we'll introduce you to some of the best law schools in Ohio, going over each school's law curricula, professional opportunities, and alumni outcomes. You'll also learn how to choose the right law school for you and discover which Ohio law schools truly belong on your school list.

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best law schools in ohio

Best Law Schools in Ohio

Ohio State University Moritz College of Law

Located in the charming city of Columbus, Ohio, the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University has a national reputation for producing some of the finest future leaders in the field of law. Graduates of the College of Law have become federal judges, U.S. senators, justices of the Supreme Court, and leading lawyers and law school professors.

Moritz is known for its rigorous academic environment that equips students with unparalleled analytical skills for the competitive and cut-throat legal world. Students at the College of Law benefit from being part of a collegiate community of legal scholars, where they can learn from their peers and distinguished faculty alike.

Furthermore, Ohio State is home to various legal clinic programs, including a Civil Law Clinic, Immigration Clinic, Justice for Children Clinic, and Criminal Defense Clinic. Through these programs, J.D. students gain real-world experience in the legal profession and represent diverse clients in a wide range of cases. Highly skilled students also can participate in judicial externships, through which they gain direct work experience in judges’ chambers and public interest and government externships, working with federal state agencies and non-profit organizations.

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

Case Western Reserve University is another highly-ranked law school in Ohio with a national reputation for producing distinguished legal professionals. Located in the quaint city of Cleveland, Ohio, Case Western boasts the highest bar pass rate in Ohio, which speaks to the strength of its law school curriculum.

The School of Law at Case Western is one of the oldest law schools in the nation. With a strong commitment to racial and social justice, 20% of students at Case Western identify as underrepresented minorities. The school was also the alma mater of the first African-American woman to become an Ohio State Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable Sara J. Harper.

Law students at Case Western can begin their law school studies in August or January. Additionally, students with work or family obligations can earn their law degree through the part-time remote program, which provides non-traditional law students with an accessible and affordable path toward their J.D.

The university is also home to one of the country's top Mock Trial and Moot Court programs, which prepares future lawyers for in-court proceedings by sharpening their public speaking and argumentation skills. All in all, these attributes make Case Western a prestigious law school that continues to make legal education more accessible for diverse law students.

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law school in ohio

University of Cincinnati College of Law

The College of Law at the University of Cincinnati is another reputable law school at the heart of a research-driven, public university. Students at the University of Cincinnati benefit from being at the center of a cosmopolitan Midwestern city in Cincinnati, Ohio, where they have unparalleled access to externships, internships, and volunteering opportunities.

Law students at Cincinnati Law have the option to choose from a variety of professional pathways that scaffold their journey through law school. Whether you want to explore the challenges businesses face in the 21st century through the Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration or focus on preserving our natural resources in Environmental and Energy Law, the University of Cincinnati is equipped with the resources to help you succeed in your field.

Furthermore, law school students at Cincinnati Law can publish legal scholarship in one of the college’s distinguished legal journals. With a large student population, you’ll discover various legal journals covering topics from immigration to intellectual property. As part of a large, cosmopolitan city, students interested in working with start-ups or in the arts also have multifarious opportunities to collaborate with other young professionals.

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Cleveland State University College of Law

Located in the charming city of Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland State University is considered one of the best law schools in Northern Ohio. In particular, Cleveland State University's College of Law is known for its health law, intellectual property law, international law, and legal writing programs.

The innovative P. Kelly Tompkins Leadership and Law Program at Cleveland State is one of the first programs of its kind to prepare students to become not only excellent lawyers but also skilled leaders. As part of the program, students at Cleveland State University take upper-level courses in law leadership and benefit from the mentorship of visiting speakers who are leaders in the field.

Furthermore, Cleveland State University boasts a wealth of opportunities for law students to participate in clinics. In addition to traditional litigation, transactional, and advocacy clinics, the university hosts "pop-up practicums" where law school students can engage with real-world legal issues and work on projects with various nonprofits and corporations.

University of Dayton School of Law

The University of Dayton School of Law is a law school on the rise, nestled within the historical city of Dayton, Ohio. With a traditional J.D. program, accelerated J.D. program, and online hybrid program, the University of Dayton provides various accessible options for pursuing your law degree.

Law students in the University of Dayton's traditional J.D. program benefit from a supportive environment where they learn from some of the most distinguished legal scholars in the country and gain real-world experience through externships and law clinics. Highly motivated students also have the option to enroll in the accelerated J.D. program, which enables students to graduate a semester early and take the February Bar Exam. Furthermore, the Online Hybrid J.D. program allows you to earn your law degree from anywhere in the world through a combination of online classes, interactive online coursework, and ten campus visits to the University of Dayton over your four years in school.

The University of Dayton has a storied history of dedication to human rights law. Through the Human Rights Center Collaborative, law school students work alongside faculty members and human rights scholars to learn about human rights law and put their knowledge into practice. Moreover, the Program in Law and Technology teaches law school students about patent law, business aspects of intellectual property law, cyberspace law, and more to jump-start their careers in technology.

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Cincinnati law schools

University of Toledo College of Law

The University of Toledo is one of the highest-ranked law schools for lawyers interested in public service. Located in the fourth-most populous city in Ohio, the University of Toldeo also has a storied history of providing exceptional legal education to women in the legal field.

Students at Toldeo Law benefit from a close-knit community and access to a vibrant city culture around them. The university offers both a full-time J.D. program for traditional law students as well as a part-time J.D. program that allows students to complete their law degree at their own pace. Furthermore, law school students can earn another graduate school degree while pursuing their J.D. through Toledo's dual degree programs in criminal justice and law, business and law, disability studies and law, and even medicine and law.

As one of the top law schools in Ohio, the University of Toledo provides extensive support on Bar prep and academic success. The Academic Success program helps prepare first-year students for the demands of law school through seminars, academic advising, and mentorship from upper-class law students. The Bar Passage program similarly equips students to excel on the Bar Exam through subject-review lectures, Bar prep courses, and post-graduate mentoring.

University of Akron School of Law

The University of Akron School of Law is a public law school in Akron, Ohio. It is one of the four law schools in the state affiliated with a public university. It has the mission to prepare students for the practice of law in a changing and global society while upholding the values of professionalism, ethics, and public service.

The University of Akron offers a variety of programs and degrees, including the Juris Doctor (JD), Master of Laws (LLM), Master of Taxation (MTax), and joint degrees with other disciplines. Students at Akron Law have access to numerous centers and institutes that focus on specific areas of law, such as intellectual property, constitutional law, health law, and dispute resolution.

Furthermore, Akron Law has a diverse and accomplished faculty engaged in teaching, research, and service. The school also has a strong alumni network that provides mentoring, networking, and career opportunities for students and graduates. 

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Capital University Law School

If you are looking for a law school with a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, a supportive and diverse community, and a wealth of opportunities for hands-on learning and professional development, look no further than Capital University Law School. Located in the heart of Columbus, Ohio, Capital University Law School is a dynamic and innovative institution that prepares students for success in the legal profession and beyond.

Capital University Law School has something for you whether you are interested in public service, private practice, business, government, or academia. You can choose from various programs and concentrations, such as Children and Family Law, Dispute Resolution, Health Law, Intellectual Property, Labor and Employment Law, Public Interest Law, Taxation, and more.

Students can also participate in clinics, externships, moot courts, law reviews, student organizations, and other extracurricular activities to enrich their educational experience and enhance their skills. 

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law schools to apply for in ohio

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Law Schools in Ohio

How expensive are the best law schools in Ohio?

The cheapest law school in Ohio is the University of Toledo College of Law, which charges $25,484 for in-state students and $25,284 for out-of-state students. On the other hand, the most expensive law school in Ohio is Case Western Reserve University School of Law, which charges $61,094 for both in-state and out-of-state students.

What is the bar passage rate at the best law schools in Ohio?

Top Ohio law schools boast bar passage rates of 85%-90%. For example, Ohio State University had a bar passage rate of 91.67% in 2020.

How many law schools are there in Ohio?

There are a total of nine accredited law schools in Ohio.

Now that you understand which law schools are the best in Ohio, learn more about the best law schools in Texas as you continue researching law schools you may want to apply to. Don't forget to create a free profile and save money on law school with our law school scholarships!

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