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Katherine B.
10 months ago
Does Mississippi State University offer on campus job opportunities?
Mississippi State University
Yes absolutely! Students get jobs in different centers and departments on campus as well as off campus!
Naya C.
11 months ago
Can transfer students with some college (no degree) be considered eligible to live off-campus their first year?
Mississippi State University
Hi Naya! We classify our first-time freshmen by their high school graduation date. Example: If you graduate in May (or spring) 2022 and are attending MSU in the fall of 2022, you are considered a first-time freshmen, even if you have taken college classes. If you graduate from high school in May (or spring) 2022, attend community college in the fall of 2022, then want to attend MSU in the spring of 2023, you are considered a transfer student at that point. If you have additional questions let me know!
Naya C.
11 months ago
If I have a parent who is retired from the Military, am I able to use their GI Bill towards tuition expenses?
Mississippi State University
Hi Naya! That is a great question! Based on what benefits they have left, yes! We also have the Veterans Waiver for our out-of-state students which covers 100% of the out-of-state portion of a students tuition if there parent/guardian is active or former military-- this can be used with the GI Bill benefits, so that's a huge plus about MSU! We have an Admissions Counselor who works with military dependents and students who are in the military! Her name is Sally Wilson, she would love to connect with you! Her email is sgw153@msstate.edu
Daisy L.
11 months ago
What kind of undergraduate research opportunities are available?
Mississippi State University
Hi Daisy! Any undergraduate student who is interested in undergraduate research we are typically able to get plugged in to a research opportunity of their interest! We would love to connect with you more and find out exactly what your interests are so we can better answer your question! Feel free to email me avent.vanhorn@msstate.edu to connect!
Molly C.
11 months ago
How does MSU aim to support incoming students as they transition into college life?
Mississippi State University
Great question Molly! We are so very fortunate that we have a new Center for Student Success that has a dozen plus staff members and that is their entire job! As Student Success Coordinators, they assist students with tackling any obstacle they might have! We have other resources as well including the Writing Center, the Math Lab, the Center for Student Activities, the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center and so many other centers who assist students!
Emily S.
1 year ago
Can you still be in extracurricular activities, like sports teams or band, if you were not involved in those in highschool?
Mississippi State University
Our NCAA athletic programs and our band all do require try outs! We are fortunate that we do have intramural sports that any student can play!
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Business Administration, Management and Operations
Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies, Other
Sports, Kinesiology, and Physical Education/Fitness

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17 to 1
Somewhat Selective (57% Acceptance Rate)
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Public 4-year institution