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San Marino Woman’s Club Scholarship

2 winners, $2,500 each
Application Deadline
May 7, 2024
Winners Announced
May 23, 2024
Education Level
High School
Recent scholarship winners
Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school senior
3.5 or higher
Volunteering and/or community service experience

The San Marino Woman’s Club, established in 1936 in San Marino, California, has always been a generous philanthropic organization. 

One of its missions is to help needy women, children, and disabled in the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles. As part of this goal, the San Marino Woman’s Club awards annual scholarships to students who exemplify their values.

Through school, extracurricular activities and volunteer work, these individuals demonstrate a strong commitment to serving others. Additionally, they strive to embody key traits for an impactful life, including resilience, curiosity, risk-taking, compassion, creativity, and effective collaboration or leadership skills.

This scholarship seeks to support students who are committed to serving others so they can afford to pursue their academic goals.

Any high school senior with at least a 3.5 GPA who has experience with volunteering or community service and will enroll in undergraduate studies may apply, but San Marino students are preferred. 

To apply, tell us how you have challenged yourself academically and upload two essays of your choice.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Drive, Impact
Published February 8, 2024
Essay Topic

Please briefly tell us how you have challenged yourself academically in high school and, if relevant, outside of school. Additionally, please upload two essays of your choice.

200–250 words

Winning Applications

Justin Levy
San Marino High SchoolSAN MARINO, CA
Throughout high school, I've maintained a demanding academic schedule, achieving a 4.368 weighted GPA, 3.816 unweighted GPA, and scoring 1490 on the SAT, with exceptional results on AP exams. Juggling academics with a 20-hour weekly job at Trader Joe's underscores my adept time management and unwavering commitment to excellence. Athletically, I've excelled as a multi-sport athlete, serving as a Varsity Cornerback in football, Varsity soccer team captain, and golf team member, where I honed leadership and resilience on and off the field. Beyond sports, community service has been integral to my high school journey. Mentoring players with disabilities in AYSO VIP, proposing traffic safety solutions on the San Marino Public Safety Commission, and volunteering with my comfort dog at Ivy Park exemplify my dedication to making meaningful contributions to my community. Recognition for my efforts includes the Titan Elite Scholar Athlete and Outstanding Community Service awards, alongside National Merit Scholarship Commended Student status, affirming my commitment to academic excellence, athletic achievement, and community impact. In conclusion, my high school journey reflects a balanced pursuit of personal and academic growth. With invaluable experiences and skills, I am determined to make a positive impact as I continue my academic journey at the University of Miami.
Makenna Wong
San Marino High SchoolSAN MARINO, CA
From an early age, I have been intrigued about medicine and oncology and found great interest in how the body works. I developed this curiosity by taking AP Biology and Chemistry in the same year, being one of the few sophomores taking this college-level class. Yet, this never stopped me from making mistakes and immersing myself in a subject I was attracted to. I enjoyed learning the explanation behind every organic process: how DNA is transcribed and why I feel muscle tiredness after a badminton match. My determination grew in junior year when I chose to take a course with higher difficulty, but like before, AP Chemistry gave me a deeper understanding of inorganic processes. I felt accomplished that I not only succeeded in the class and AP exam, but also gained a genuine appreciation for chemistry. That year, I became a student researcher in the Inorganic Chemistry division of the Caltech STEM Research Program. I worked with professors to research photo-redox light energy and its application to the process of constructing renewable compounds that remove atmospheric Carbon. Reading through multiple graduate-level research articles a week, collaborating with graduate students, and keeping up with weekly research discussions pushed me to take initiative in my own understanding and introduced me to the rigor of university and real-world research. I challenged myself outside the classroom by volunteering over 100 hours at City of Hope Hospital, familiarizing myself with the hospital setting and solidifying my wish to contribute to the fight against cancer.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is May 7, 2024. Winners will be announced on May 23, 2024.

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