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Kaitlyn An


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Interested in the intersections of science and advocacy. Pianist and self-taught electric bassist. Soccer player and black belt in Hapkido.


San Marino High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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    • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • Planning to go to medical school
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    • Project Research Intern

      PREMIA: Precision Medicine Asia
      2023 – 2023



    2020 – Present4 years


    • Materials Engineering

      San Marino High School's Caltech STEM Research Course — High School Volunteer
      2023 – 2024


    • National Art Honor Society

      2021 – Present

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      National Art Honor Society — President
      2022 – 2024
    William Griggs Memorial Scholarship for Science and Math
    I have always been driven by curiosity, and a future in the sciences has been my dream ever since I can remember. It wasn’t until I confronted my own mental illness that I realized how I wanted to channel my scientific passion. I am driven to explore the intersection of science, advocacy, and mental health, and I am confident that my home community – among others – would benefit tremendously. My educational and career goals are rooted in two key areas: studying the pharmacology of biomedical therapeutics and advocating for psychoeducation. Growing up in southern California, I witnessed firsthand the stigma surrounding mental illness and the detrimental effects it can have on communities – especially when kids and teens struggle alone. My own challenges with mental health are what shaped my goals. Struggling with Major depressive disorder towards the beginning of my sophomore year, I battled with my self-esteem and became very disconnected from my loved ones, and the life I had built for myself. Prior to this time, I found little solace within my family. Initially, the stigma around mental health within Asian communities prevented me from seeking help – I couldn’t even talk to my own parents. On top of this, the normalization of many anxious and depressive symptoms amongst my friends and classmates led me to believe what I was experiencing was normal. What finally got me to see that I needed help was actually reading more about the neurochemical imbalances underlying depression. Through therapy and counseling, I was able to improve. Just as important, the need for greater psychoeducation became evident to me. In college, I hope to continue studying the neurochemical aspects of mental illness. In addition, I want to continue in this field by conducting research on the efficacy of medication in conjunction with therapy. By using science to arm the community with accurate information, I aim to normalize seeking treatment and dispel the misconception that taking medication is a sign of weakness. I am committed to advocating for early intervention and fostering a community where prioritizing mental well-being – without fear of judgment – is the norm. My commitment to mental health advocacy is evident through my volunteering services. I helped a local non-profit counseling agency with the May is Mental Health telehealth campaign. It was a rewarding experience to be involved in the creation of a short animation story on mental health awareness, targeting at-risk children and youth. I proudly wear my green ribbon for mental health promotion. Every person who asks me about the green ribbon. Furthermore, I designed the flyer and coordinated with my soccer teammates to participate in the Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide prevention. With the new national suicide and crisis hotline, I gave each person a 988 pin for mental health advocacy. It’s surprising how different teammates opened up about loosing their love ones to suicide. This further cements my belief in the importance of destigmatizing mental health issues. As I attend college, in addition to pursuing an academic career in science, I am looking forward to being involved in the Mental Health Peer Program. It is exciting to have the opportunity to be part of a program where I can assist with designing the flier, coordinating the outreach services, and providing peer support. My experience has not only equipped me with an understanding of the challenges of mental health, but a desire to create a space where my fellow peers can have open communication about their struggles, and find help when they need it the most.
    San Marino Woman’s Club Scholarship
    San Marino High School AP/Honors Courses: GPA: 4.477 (weighted) Honors Geometry, Final Grade = A Honors English 1-2 and 3-4, Final Grade = A AP Psychology, Final Grade = A AP Biology, Final Grade = A AP Chemistry, Final Grade = A- AP Spanish Language, Final Grade = A AP Art, Final Grade = A AP English Language, Final Grade = A AP English Literature, Final Grade = In Progress (current grade = A) AP Government, Final Grade = A AP Macro Economy, Final Grade = In Progress (current grade = A) AP Calculus AB, Final Grade = In Progress (current grade = A) Caltech STEM Research Course, Final Grade = In Progress (current grade = A) Researching optimal manufacturing processes and structures for metal alloys using Hydrogel Infusion Additive Manufacturing. OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL: Young Women’s Leadership Institute, Barnard Pre-College Program, 2022 Participated in a transformative academic program through attendance at Chemical Connections and Happening Course. Used advanced tools such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy and computer software to identify molecular structures. Studied connections between chemistry and philosophical questions. Leadership in Action Seminar, Barnard Pre-College Program, 2022 Discussed and addressed sociocultural and sociopolitical issues with a diverse group of young women from around the globe. Gained valuable insights on ways to encourage and foster intersectional change. PREMIA intership, Precision Medicine Asia, 2023 Contributed in research to enhance clinical trial participation in lung-cancer patients. Presented on pharmaceutical development and accessibility to precision medicine in Southeast Asian Countries.