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Joan Free Thompson Scholarship

2 winners, $2,000 each
Application Deadline
Apr 20, 2024
Winners Announced
May 20, 2024
Education Level
High School
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school
Star City High School, Dumas High School, or McGehee High School

Joan Free Thompson's family has owned farm land in Lincoln and Desha Counties, Arkansas for many years and wishes to give back to the local community

They are passionate about their community and want to make a difference in the lives of students who will go on to do great things. Through the Joan Free Thompson Scholarship, the family will encourage students to pursue their dreams of further education, whether by trade school, community college or 4 year university, and supporting them through their educational journey.

BIPOC high school students from Arkansas are eligible to apply if they attend Star City High School, Dumas High School, or McGehee High School. To apply, write about how this scholarship will help your future education.

Selection Criteria:
Published July 21, 2023
Essay Topic

Please write about how this scholarship will help you further your education.

0–250 words

Winning Applications

Chryston Calvin
Dumas High SchoolDUMAS, AR
I am a first generation college student. Growing up in a single parent household, I have always been simply encouraged to go to college by my mom and my grandmother. From my perspective, I have always wanted to further my education, but the process is simply difficult to me. All of the things regarding college, such as housing, the initial application process, and even applying for some scholarships is or can be discouraging, but if I am granted this scholarship it will just simply make things easier. Coming from an single parent household, the additional funding to further my education is not there. With the help of this scholarship, I could further my education without having to pay back thousands of dollars in student loans.
Gabriel Wainwright
Star City High SchoolGRADY, AR
I am extremely grateful for the Joan Free Thompson scholarship as it would greatly benefit my education by providing financial aid for various expenses such as books, tuition fees, and other necessities. Being a recipient of this scholarship would open up new opportunities and allow me to focus solely on my studies without the added stress of financial burden. The Joan Free Thompson scholarship would offer me educational opportunities that would be unattainable otherwise. It would allow me to attend a top-tier university or study abroad, gain diverse perspectives, and expand my global awareness. Additionally, it offers networking opportunities and connections to professionals in my field of interest, which would give me a boost in my career in psychology. This scholarship would grant me financial independence, allowing me to focus solely on my studies and utilize opportunities like research and internships. The Joan Free Thompson scholarship would eliminate the need for multiple jobs or loans, empowering me to express my full potential. This scholarship can offer me valuable resources, such as specialized workshops, conferences, and research grants, to enhance my education in psychology. Additionally, the program's mentorship component will connect me with an experienced psychologist who can guide me throughout my academic journey. The Joan Free Thompson scholarship will provide financial assistance, new opportunities, valuable resources, and experienced mentorship. With it, I can fully dedicate myself to becoming a successful neuropsychologist.
Jaqoune Brown
Star City High SchoolPine Bluff, AR
I would like to start by saying thank you for this opportunity. I feel as though this scholarship gives BIPOC students the opportunity to be heard and the chance to be positively set apart from the crowd. I am a Senior at Star City High School but in the fall I will be attending Southern Arkansas University to pursue my Psychology degree. This scholarship will most definitely go toward my books, meal plan, housing, tuition, and importantly school supplies such as pens, notebooks, binders and a planner. Having all these supplies I need will help me greatly. I also feel as though this scholarship will truly help me with getting a laptop that I can use for school. Getting my own laptop will help me to not become behind in my schoolwork whenever I travel away from campus or whenever I need to finish late night assignments. Being awarded this scholarship would also greatly help me with focusing on obtaining my education and skills needed for my degree rather than working continuously trying to cover any extra fees that may be included within my tuition. I want to dedicate every second that I have in college focusing on my success rather than working. The factors mentioned in this essay are vital to my success in college and being awarded this scholarship will help fulfill every one. I'm so grateful to have this opportunity! Thank you so much for wanting to make a difference in so many people's lives, including mine!
Alexander Toney
Mcgehee High SchoolEudora, AR
Being awarded the Joan Free Thompson scholarship will help me to further my education by allowing me to cover the cost of my attending my college of choice, The University of Central Arkansas. Throughout my high school career, I have worked hard in academics, extracurricular activities and community service. I was enrolled in not just high school but also concurrent credit courses to give myself a head start for college. I was a part of the McGehee High School football, basketball, tennis, baseball and track teams. I was also active on the Robotics team for several years where I learned to read and write code as well as program robots. I have been a volunteer reader at the local elementary school, helping with community breast cancer events, back-to-school drives, food giveaways, and soup kitchens just to name a few. I have always tried to put forth my best effort in anything I have been a part of and I plan to continue on that path in college. Being provided with financial assistance through this scholarship will allow me to continue to focus on my academics and service to others. In addition, being the youngest child of a single mother who will have two children in college, I want to do everything I can to minimize the financial burden on her. I know that college is expensive and my goal is to do my part to help offset that cost.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 20, 2024. Winners will be announced on May 20, 2024.

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