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Jacques Borges Memorial Scholarship

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Application Deadline
Oct 13, 2024
Winners Announced
Nov 13, 2024
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Eligibility Requirements
Civil Engineering

My father, Jacques Borges, devoted his life to helping the Haitian community and acting as a mentor to younger Haitians, paving the way for their upward mobility in his community before he passed away.

His early passion for giving back led him to become a civil engineer where he brought a spirit of excellence to every project he was involved in, both professionally and personally. He was passionate about finding solutions for the problems he saw in the world and providing mentorship and sponsorship to those who shared his civil engineering and community service passion. My father didn’t rest until he saw a tangible change in his community and there wasn’t a soul he wouldn’t help. 

To honor my father’s legacy and the work he did to give back to his community as a civil engineer, the Jacques Borges Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to one student of Haitian descent who is pursuing a civil engineering degree and who has large ambitions for the future of their community and a relentless desire to learn, grow and truly make a difference.

To apply, you must:

  • Be of Haitian descent.
  • Be a high school senior or current undergraduate student.
  • Plan to study civil engineering (if a high school senior) or be actively enrolled in a civil engineering program.

To apply, please write about why you’re passionate about becoming a civil engineer, the various problems you’d like to address in your community, and how you believe you can contribute to bringing forth solutions to these issues in honor of my father.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Boldest Profile
Published November 14, 2023
Essay Topic

Why are you passionate about becoming a civil engineer? What are some of the problems you’d like to address in your community? how do you believe you can contribute to the solution to these issues?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Frantz Junior Jumeau
University of Massachusetts-DartmouthBrockton, MA
My Pathway The most important question we ask ourselves is “Why are we choosing our pathway?” Looking beyond the obvious, we realize everyone has their pathway, skills, and vision that makes them unique. Most of us are giving up because of the fear of getting lost while pursuing our dreams. While some of us keep going because our dreams are a purpose in our hearts. I was raised in Haiti by my mother who always told me “You have a future inside of your heart do not let it go". I slowly came to understand the meaning of her words as I got older and continued with my studies. Oftentimes in my confusion, I would ask my mom “what do you mean by those words?” and she would respond “Do not let it go.” I hold her advice and attempt to live by it. I vividly remember one of the most painful memories of my childhood that had shaped me and served as a source of motivation today. Back when I was a child, three of my classmates inquired me, “what do you want to be in life?” with a proud smile, I said, “I would love to become a civil engineer.” They all shouted “Math is an undiscovered subject. You will not make it to be a Civil Engineer.” Although I knew I was not that brilliant in math, I stood with sorrow in my heart and said, “You may think math is hard, but my vision of helping the community, and building new houses for people in need will not stop me from archiving my dreams just because of math.” Becoming a civil engineer is fulfilling my long-lasting dream. Besides that, it is a way of giving back to my community and living up to my mom's advice, the ethics and character that she attempted to instill in me. Getting a college degree is not sufficient for me. I would love my dreams to benefit others and to make the lives of others easier. The road to becoming a civil engineer will not be easy. I understand the hardship and competitive aspects of engineering. Failure and abandonment are two concepts that I strive to overcome. I understand that math may not be the easiest subject for me, however regardless of the level of difficulty, I know I can succeed with hard work as I was told by a previous Brockton High Math teacher “Math is about practice, nothing is difficult in math.” Civil engineering may be a challenging and demanding field, nevertheless, all the requirements do not compare to the goodness that the degree will bring. I am now able to understand the meaning behind mother’s metaphor when she said, “You have a future in your heart. Do not let it go.” Sometimes in life, you will find people that will make you doubt your abilities. It is my responsibility to stand for my dreams. My dream is selfless and will benefit others.
Carl Pierre
Duke UniversityOrlando, FL


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Oct 13, 2024. Winners will be announced on Nov 13, 2024.