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Brown Skin Agenda Aesthetics & Cosmetology Scholarship

1 winner$10,000
Application Deadline
Sep 11, 2024
Winners Announced
Oct 11, 2024
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Eligibility Requirements
Desired Career Field:
Pursuing a career in cosmetology or as an esthetician

Despite recent strides toward equality, people of color remain underrepresented in the beauty industry.

From majority-white estheticians and models to few haircare options to the limited makeup shades available for BIPOC consumers, there is significant progress left to be made in cosmetology.

Presented by the Vitality Institute and The Brown Skin Agenda, this scholarship seeks to support students of color as they pursue certification and careers in cosmetology. The agenda’s mission is to provide safe and effective guidance from an esteemed panel of physicians and other experts so that ALL skin care professionals can confidently treat skin of color and ALL patients can feel confident.

Any BIPOC student who is pursuing a career as an esthetician or in the cosmetology industry may apply for this scholarship.

To apply, tell us what inspired you to choose this career path.

Selection Criteria:
Passion, Drive, Impact
Published June 10, 2024
Essay Topic

What inspired you to choose this career path?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Talehia Ransom
International Salon and Spa AcademyColorado Springs, CO
In December of 2022 my best friend Erica Pantjoa passed away in a car accident. She was so driven and reminded me constantly that I could do anything that I set my mind to. Erica's support was unwavering and could be seen through the way she showed up anytime I thought I would try something new. Since December my world has been flipped in so many ways. She was my only outlet and source of support. So much so that in June of 2022, Erica was there at the hospital by my side while I delivered my son, Julian. As a new mom grieving her friend, it was hard to imagine the thought of raising a child with out her support. However, the thought of the endless possibilities for this little baby changed how I saw the future. I needed to be a better role model for him. It certainly is not an easy task but the love and support from Erica inspires me everyday. Being a single black mom with now, no support system like many others left me wondering what life really has in store for me. I was working towards a career in finances, where the leadership portion was my passion. I sat thinking most days how do I ethically lead others when I did not always believe in the mission of the company, the answer is you don't! So I left after 6 years. It was during this time that I realized that my passion for leadership, beauty, self care and mental health could all come together to pursue my license in esthetics. I knew that change was not going to be easy but was encouraged because growth never is. I knew finances and resources would be tight but betting on myself was the only option to better the life of my child. Erica would have said 'It takes strength and courage to believe in yourself so authentically'. She was right! The healing and joy I have experienced so far in my education shows me that this is the right path for me. This is the first time in my life that I have felt with my whole heart that I am doing the right thing. I am invested in where this career will take me. Talking with clients, providing education about their skin, listening to their day, watching them see confidence in the mirror or providing a quiet place to relax energizes me. Currently in my class, I am one of two black students. I find myself asking many questions about how certain treatments affect darker skin tones and am typically met with a long winded reply that does not answer the question. While my education has been very insightful I am noticing a lack of knowledge for the type of client skin I am most excited to service. With this scholarship I will be able to extend my education to courses that are specific to people of color. In my own corner of the world I am able to make an impact on people with something I stand behind and believe in, and one day I will be able to spread that passion to a team who feel the same way. Building a business will be tough but with the right passion and values it will be more than worth it.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Sep 11, 2024. Winners will be announced on Oct 11, 2024.