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Bold Dream Big Scholarship

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Application Deadline
Apr 1, 2022
Winners Announced
May 1, 2022
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“Dreamers are mocked as impractical. The truth is they are the most practical, as their innovations lead to progress and a better way of life for all of us.” - Robin Sharma

It is critical that the next generation of dreamers are supported throughout their education so that they can use their dreams to make the world a better place.

This scholarship seeks to support students who have big goals and dreams for their life. 

Any student may apply for this scholarship. To apply, tell us about what your dream life looks like.

Selection Criteria:
Passion, Dreams, Ambition
Published August 30, 2021
Essay Topic

What does your dream life look like?

150–300 words

Winning Application

Emily Turner
University of Illinois at ChicagoElburn, IL
When I look to the future it seems blurry. There are so many things I want to do and see but the future is unpredictable and ever-changing. In a perfect, or almost perfect, world this is what my future would look like. I see myself graduating from university with my doctorate in medicine and finally returning home to show my parents. With this, I'll be the first one in my family to graduate college and I will complete one of the biggest goals I have in my life. After graduation, I plan to start my work in forensic pathology. Ideally, I would be helping people who can no longer speak for themselves or who have been forgotten by the world. I believe as people we all deserve to be cared for and looked after, even in death. This is another reason why in my dream life I'll adopt my children and foster others once mine have grown up. I often think of the children who may not feel the love that they deserve and it has always pushed me to want a life where I can support as many of them as possible. Also in my dream life, I will have my music career on the side. Currently, I'm self-producing my first album. I hope that in the next 10 years I can produce at least three. One day, I want to bring joy to the people around me. Whether that be pride for my parents by graduating, pleasure for those who listen to my music, affection for my future children, or justice for those whom I will fight to protect and honor. My dream life is full of love and happiness, as all life should be.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Apr 1, 2022. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2022.

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