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Alexander Hipple Recovery Scholarship

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2 winners, $2,500 each
Application Deadline
Mar 31, 2024
Winners Announced
Apr 30, 2024
Education Level
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Eligibility Requirements
Direct or indirect experience with substance abuse, addiction and/or recovery
North Carolina

Alexander Hipple was a beloved, amazing son who was tragically killed in November 2023. Alex was born on August 3rd, 2005, and grew up in North Carolina. He was a proud Class of 2023 graduate from the Community School of Davidson and was working full-time. He had plans and dreams of going to college. Alex was a devoted son, a loyal friend, a fun-loving brother, a competitive swimmer, and a fishing enthusiast. He was a helper at heart and would have wanted to support anyone dealing with the addiction struggles he faced.

This scholarship aims to honor the life and legacy of Alexander Hipple by helping people who are struggling with addiction, or personally impacted by it, to achieve their educational goals.

This scholarship will be awarded to one student in North Carolina each year who is in recovery, or working to overcome the trauma associated with addiction, to help this student achieve their educational and career goals at a 4-year college, community college or trade school.

To apply, tell us how your personal experience with substance abuse, addiction, or recovery has affected your relationships, education and/or ability to achieve a career.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Impact
Published December 13, 2023
Essay Topic

How has your personal experience with substance abuse, addiction, or recovery influenced your family relationships and/or career aspirations?

400–600 words

Winners and Finalists

April 2024

Olivia Doucette
Tywan Nemorin
Heather Bussell
Aubrey McInnis
Jessica Brown
Boston Geis
Latysha Wilkerson
Madison Hill
Eliezer Pineda Rodriguez
shawnee magee
Gianna Orndorff
Nicolas Hernandez
Laci Campbell
Charlotte/Vienna Ronan
Joshua Sultan
Alexander Garland
Douglas McDowell
telatha freeman
Ariya Ingram
Garrett Morgan
Kayla Osborne
Ay'Niyae Wilkerson
Mackenzie Murphy
Christopher McCorkle
Chessma Johnson
Jennifer Cardenas
jacilyn brovont
Melissa Monday
Aaliya Carson
Jennifer Reynolds
Lynnsey Canady
autumn malaspina
Shayla Gonzalez
Alison Carr
Sara M
Michelle Ray
Emily McVeigh
Toby Lewis
Hana Simmons
Leslie Smith
Brendan Tierney
Crystal Volk
Chloe Dellinger
Emily Shahan
Kamron Kedzierzawski
Erin Kane
Olivia Cespedes Minaya

Winning Applications

Chase Mueller
Community School Of DavidsonCHARLOTTE, NC
Today, as a recovering addict, I am much more grateful for everything I have. Before I decided to seek help for my addiction, I was very cynical, and I hated the world. I never tried even once to have a different outlook on my situation. The day I decided to reach out for help was a sort of spiritual awakening for me. I can remember the drastic change in perspective I had when I decided to get sober. To be sober, you have to try; you must have a drastic shift in perspective. Many people struggle to break through the comfort of their everyday life, especially recovering addicts or alcoholics. I was very used to my lifestyle of living with practically no emotion; the drugs prevented me from feeling what I was afraid to feel. During my first two weeks sober, I didn’t notice the change; all my emotions were coming back so fast that I didn’t have time to see the results of my hard work. Because the drugs prevented your emotions from being as intense, often addicts in their early stages of recovery can have an extremely hard time dealing with emotions; this applied to me as well. On my thirtieth day of sobriety, I had another spiritual awakening. I realized how much happier I was. I stopped labeling emotions as “bad” or “good.” Recovery is a journey with ups and downs, mistakes, and challenges. I’ve had my ups and downs, and I’m sure I will in the future; however, I love a challenge. My daily life now consists of gratitude and virtuous deeds, helping other recovering addicts, caring for my parents, and being the best person I can be. I gained a lot of my morals from practicing Buddhism. Buddhism focuses on mental health, enlightenment, and helping others, all things I believe in. Attending Temple is something I do weekly; it nourishes my mind and heals my soul. Through this practice, I have developed a loving relationship with my parents, friends, and strangers. Looking forward to seeing my parents is something I thought I would never say, yet I say it every day when I visit them. Today, I am grateful for my journey and those who have supported me. Support has come from people who I haven’t even met, and that's amazing to me. I thought I was not redeemable for the mistakes I made in the past, but clearly, this is not the case. My journey has fully restored my faith in humanity. Each and every human is inherently good. It is the condition and environment that warps and skews this goodness. I hope to help others as much as I can in my lifetime. If I can bring people happiness, maybe the world will become more peaceful. I’ve helped several recovering addicts in the rehab program I attend named The Insight Program. The program provides meetings every night, which helps our recovery community to flourish. Plenty of people have days where they struggle, including me. After each meeting, I talk with other addicts who are struggling, and I provide them with knowledge on how to overcome their current obstacles. At UNNC, my goal is to provide mental health support to anyone and everyone through the skills I've learned in recovery and my Buddhist practice. Everyone deserves a second chance in life, and sometimes, people unfortunately don’t have that grace. Many recovering addicts never get a second chance. However, they continue to turn their lives around despite the world being against them. Our sorrows and wounds heal only when we touch them with compassion.
Braylon Boswell
Universal Technical InstituteDUNN, NC
Fixing things has always been my passion. It helps me better understand how things connect. From the time I was 4 years old, I loved taking things apart to see how they worked, and then put them back together. This was not always praised by my family. I once aimed my five-year-old curiosity at my mom’s child-hood musical clown. It did not go back together and has not worked since. My parents were none too happy with me on that occasion but have since come to appreciate my desire to understand how things work. My career goal is to own a successful diesel mechanic business. To turn this dream into a reality, I plan to major in diesel and auto mechanics. After obtaining my degree, I hope to work for a business that will allow me to expand on the skills I learn in school as well as provide new learning opportunities. Once my skill level is broad enough, I plan to open my own shop. Owning a business will enable me to provide a needed service to farmers, truck drivers, and other diesel vehicles in our area. Additionally, it will allow me to contribute to the local economy by providing jobs to others. Stating this goal is easy enough, but actually doing it, is another story. I have been addicted to cannabis for most of my high school career. This has resulted in strained relationships with my family and my peers. Additionally, I was suspended from school three times for having cannabis at school or on school property (bus). These suspensions have led to me having spent 150 school days at home. I have severe ADHD and although I have tried numerous prescribed medications, they simply leave me feeling spacy and even sick. Cannabis has always evened me out. It makes me feel like I can be more social, more gregarious, more me! However, the tensions and suspensions that have resulted from the cannabis use are proving to be a bigger challenge. I know that to work in an industry with heavy equipment I will need to be clean. I have been accepted into a Diesel Mechanic Program and I am excited to get steps closer to my dream. However, I continue to struggle to drop this addiction. I am committed to making my dream happen no matter what. I have participated in several counseling groups directed at my addiction. Being part of a group of kids that have the same problem I have is very impactful. Listening to how others resist temptations has helped me learn some of the same skills. It is a daily struggle, but I will overcome addiction to pursue my dreams of being a diesel mechanic.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Mar 31, 2024. Winners will be announced on Apr 30, 2024.

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