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Our story

Melanie France loved life. Whether she was working on her farm, spending time with family or riding ATVs, she always lived in the moment. The same can be said of her tarot practice. The first time I saw Melanie, she was doing a live tarot reading video on Facebook. She was so unassuming and her laugh instantly captivated me. She had such a wealth of knowledge about the cards and was so willing to help others. Anyone who came across Melanie's videos found her to be friendly, joyful, compassionate and fun. As she came to the end of her life, she told her students that she would appear in their readings as The Hermit, one of the Major Arcana cards. It's the card of the teacher, and today her students often share stories of their "Melanie sightings." She may be gone from the earthly plane, but she lives in the hearts --and cards-- of many.

Our goal

On Sept. 14, 2022 Melanie France passed away. She was an amazing tarot reader and teacher. Through her presence on social media, she gained a loyal following of people who wanted to learn to read the tarot and in the process created a community of kind, caring souls. Melanie was a true teacher and was accepting of all people. She brought a sense of humor and compassion to all who had the privilege to collaborate with her. This scholarship will honor her memory. I would like the funds to go to a student who has a passion for reading tarot cards. This is an unusual hobby that probably never gets recognized as a skill worthy of a scholarship. The cards are hundreds of years old and have a rich history first as a game and then as a form of divination. Today the cards are used for enlightenment, engagement and therapeutic purposes. This scholarship will be for the student who might not have an athletic background or a high grade point average, but has an interest in the metaphysical arts.
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Comments from contributors 5

Jaya Rose9 months ago

Yes, very unconventional! Love it and I too hope that the coolest young person receives this opportunity.

The Crazy Cat Lady On Main9 months ago

Because the wisdom of the tarot is just as important as sport skills and book knowledge.

Betsy Woods Brooks9 months ago

Shine your light o gifted ones!

Nikki Larson10 months ago

Melanie was a wonderful mentor and I want to carry her gift forward. She brought peace, love, and light to so many in the short time she was on Earth. I hope another student will be able to find the Hermit's light and carry on that tradition of sharing.

Melanie Ritchie10 months ago

Melanie France always gave generously whether it was her time, her money, or her knowledge. My life was immensely enriched by knowing her and I’d love to know that her generosity continues on through this scholarship.

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