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Brian J Boley Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Charles Boley
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Our story

Brian J Boley was a beloved son who lost his battle with mental illness and addiction. Mental illness and addiction are each challenging battles on their own, but they often go hand in hand, which makes them even more difficult to overcome. Around half of the people who suffer from severe mental disorders are also suffering from substance abuse. To help people through their illnesses or addiction, it’s critical that the next generation of mental health professionals are educated and empowered to help individuals in their battle to overcome their illness. This scholarship fund aims to honor the memory of Brian J Boley by supporting students who have been affected by mental illness and/or addiction.

Our goal

Having successfully awarded multiple scholarships through our Brian J. Boley memorial scholarship, we plan to continue funding the scholarship for as long as we can and hopefully be able to award multiple winners for future scholarships.
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