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Calvin Rosser

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Jan, 2020



Hi, I’m Calvin Rosser! I’m a writer and startup operator on a mission to empower 10 million people to live a more conscious and fulfilling life. As part of my mission, I created and funded a series of scholarships designed to elevate high-achieving students who will make the world a better place. The scholarships are focused on a variety of important groups and causes, including first-generation students, women in technology, black entrepreneurs, climate change, and mental health awareness.

Letters from winners

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    Dillon Jones

    Thank you so much! this means the world to me and i appreciate the opportunity and the blessing.

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    Autumn Glover

    Thank you so much for this opportunity! I am grateful for this achievement. I now have the courage to continue on in my academic pursuits.

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    Amanda Kemper

    Being a winner of this scholarship has helped me pave the way to becoming a board-certified prosthetist and orthotist. It has helped me feel more secure as I continue my education. Thank you!

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    Ben Sexton

    Thank you for considering my application for this scholarship. As an older student, it is encouraging to know that people still care about hard work and sacrifice even when values like these are no longer popular. My father told me to be true to my values and the rest would take care of itself. He was right.

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    Giselle Rackley

    Thank you for the opportunity to be a finalist for the "Equal Opportunity" Scholarship. I appreciate and am glad other students get the opportunity to support their education with this scholarship.

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    Emely Grajeda

    Thank You Calvin for the Equal Opportunity Scholarship! I am beyond grateful to be a finalist. This scholarship and the rest of the community will help me continue my education affordably.