Cloud County Community College

2221 Campus Dr, Concordia, KS

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Majors offered at Cloud County Community College

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Academics at Cloud County Community College

Student Faculty Ratio
11 to 1
School type
Public 2-year institution
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Common careers for Cloud County Community College students

Common Careers and Their Average Annual Salary

MDS Coordinator74k
Director, Nursing70k
Aseptic Operations Specialist55k
Information Technology (IT) Coordinator41k
Life Enrichment Coordinator38k
Account Manager Sales30k
Food Service Director17k
Based on 119 student responses
36.5kAvg. Early Career Pay
54.6kAvg. Mid-Career Pay
68%in High-Meaning careers

Net price of attending Cloud County Community College

Cloud County Community College financial aid

Grants per year
Loans per year

Student reviews of Cloud County Community College

by students







Recommended by

100% of students

Known for

Safe campus
Diverse and Inclusive
Accessible and helpful professors
Lots of interesting clubs and activities
Hannah Stanphill
digital art
Graphic Design
Interior Design



I've really enjoyed cloud county community college a lot! And you would too!.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There aren't a lot of art programs at the GCC campus, but there are at the Concordia Campus.

Taysja Sevilla
Acting And Theater
Graphic Design
Dance + 3 others



I enjoyed being able to contact the professors quickly and they actually talked with you instead of brushing you off as some colleges do. You can't really beat the price either, because I applied because I needed to get on my feet while not paying a lot for school.

WHAT I didn’t LIKE

There wasn't really anything that I disliked. It may be more of a social thing with the other students. Some were great while others kept to themselves when trying to approach them.

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