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Samantha S. Roberts Memorial Scholarship

2 winners, $1,000 each
Application Deadline
Jul 30, 2024
Winners Announced
Aug 30, 2024
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
High school or undergraduate student
WI, IL, IA, MI, MN, KS, NE, or OH
Field of Study:

The arts can be a valuable outlet for creative expression, passion, and growth. 

Unfortunately, the arts are often underfunded in schools and many students are discouraged from pursuing them in college and the professional world, with parents and teachers encouraging students to pursue more traditional career paths.

Sam derived much of her artistic energy from experimenting with different mediums and always sought unusual ways to express her creativity. The mediums she worked with included paint, Plasti-Dip, pastels, ceramics, CAD, metal, fabric, glass, egg shells, double yolk eggs, and many repurposed items. Two examples of her more unusual works are the 360 degree scenes she painted inside egg shells and her glass and double yolk egg work Egg Hex, which is based on the superstition that if you crack a double yolk egg, someone close to you will die. In her video, she opens double yolk eggs, takes out the extra yolk, puts it in a glass vessel, and reattaches the egg halves in a variety of ways.

 From junior high to college, her work won local acclaim and prizes until her life was cut short by cancer at 22.This scholarship aims to honor the life of Samantha S. Roberts by supporting students from the Midwest who are passionate about art.

Any high school or undergraduate student from WI, IL, IA, MI, MN, KS, NE, or OH who is pursuing art may apply for this scholarship, but applicants pursuing studio art are preferred.

To apply, tell us about yourself, what type of art you’re passionate about, and what you’d like to do after college.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Drive, Passion
Published February 2, 2024
Essay Topic

Please tell us about yourself. What art pieces of yours are special to you and why? Has your art led to any special experiences for you? What would you like to do after college?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Jeanette Atkins
Columbia College ChicagoChicago, IL
I'm a girl who very rarely doesn't put blood, sweat and tears into her art. My artwork can vary from traditional art to 3D works, but some of my most valued pieces are my dolls. I'm what people with a similar art interest would call a doll customizer. With this, I take old dolls that have been obviously loved by their previous owner and turn them into my characters. However now, with my growing interest in 3D fabrication, I have taught myself to make my own dolls from scratch giving my characters even more diversity and personalized features. For me, it's a way I can bring the characters I create, which already have a special place in my heart, to life. These pieces are very special to me because I devote a lot of my time to them. They aren't only fun to make but they are also a coping mechanism for me. Creating and working with my hands has always been a way I was able to escape from the world and create my own. They kind of work as pillars holding the wall of my sanity. If something goes wrong with one of my doll projects I notice that my entire mood begins to collapse. I am very much attached to what I create especially when it takes me months to complete a project. This specific hobby has led me to some of the most important development in my overall art journey. Because of doll customizing, I've found a love for 3d printing, laser cutting, designing, resin work and much more. This is another reason I thoughtfully enjoy this hobby. finding new ways to create a thing and make effects that you previously thought were impossible never gets old, never. Because of my love for so many techniques of creativity, I would like to either become a full-time YouTuber, creating cool things and sharing my process with the world and becoming an entrepreneur or work as a prop master making cool fantasy props, beasts, and effects for movies. My plan for my future might change in the next few years but I know something this will not change is my love to create things and my determination to have a job, wheater created by myself or not, that allows me to work with my hands and create cool things that other people can find some sort of enjoyment and inspiration in.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 30, 2024. Winners will be announced on Aug 30, 2024.