Sikdope “Music Is The Cure” Scholarship

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Aug 1, 2021
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Oct 21, 2021
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For Poland’s biggest DJ/producer, Sikdope, music is a universal language.

He started music studies at a young age and joined a Polish rock band in his teen years, but he didn’t get the opportunity to learn English until he was 17 years old. Not long after, he started releasing some of the biggest tracks in dance music and quickly became a pioneer with ushering it into the spotlight, and bringing people together through their shared love of music.

It all started with a passion for music, but he wouldn’t have been able to reach a global scale if he didn’t get the opportunity to learn English.

The Sikdope “Music Is The Cure” Scholarship will be awarded to a student studying in the United States, who has English as their second language. This scholarship exists a one of the wide variety of international student scholarships available on

Diversity and Inclusion
Selection Criteria:
Essay, ESL, Drive, Ambition
Essay Topic

How has learning english as a second language shaped your experience in the United States? How has music impacted your life?

What are your dreams for the future, and how do you hope to bring people together?

100–500 words

Winning Application

Melody Koskella
University of Colorado BoulderArvada, CO
Having to learn English as my second language after getting adopted from Taiwan was not easy, but with dedication, I managed to learn it in one year. I was adopted when my mother passed away from cancer when I was 9. Through this loss, I learned to have hope and to persevere. After getting adopted, I had to have patience when communicating with others due to the language barrier. By learning the English language, I was able to be introduced to the American culture, which was really different than in Taiwan. Kids were able to choose their career fields while in Taiwan, the choice was made by parents. With this opportunity, I have dedicated myself to pursue the medical field because I thought I was responsible for my mother’s death since I couldn't do anything to help her. By pursuing the medical field, I hope to help those that are suffering in any way and prevent the guilt I had grown up within the relatives of patients. I would like to be the reason that people smile because they are able to spend more time with their sick relatives. Learning English has allowed me to ask questions during class, another US culture different from Taiwan. Students in Taiwan are expected to learn materials straight away and were not allowed to ask questions in class. If there was confusion, you are to work through the problem on your own. Learning the English language gave me the opportunity to learn to the best of my potential with the help of teachers. This has also helped me get closer to my goal of going into the medical field. The English language is important to me, but what I consider the most important is music. Music makes me feel very empowered. Ever since I was little, I was always singing and dancing. I was named Melody for my love for music after getting adopted. To some, music is just a form of entertainment. To others, music is a stress reliever. However, for me, music is everything. Everywhere I go, I have songs stuck in my head. I am always thinking about music. There has never been a time where music has not been on my mind. Listening to music makes me feel lightweight and very happy. I don’t know what I’d be if I didn’t have music. I have picked up several instruments and it gives me the opportunity to be creative. I play the flute, guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and piano. The one thing that I love most about music is that everyone around me smiles no matter what situation they are in. For the reason that music is such a powerful element to be able to make one smile in all circumstances, I believe that music is capable of bringing people together. Through music, people can portray and share their interests/views which results in connections and an increase of closeness in people. Music brightens everyones’ day. That is what makes it so powerful.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Aug 1, 2021. Winners will be announced on Oct 21, 2021.

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