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MedLuxe Representation Matters Scholarship

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Application Deadline
Jun 18, 2024
Winners Announced
Jul 18, 2024
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Field of Study:
Healthcare-related Major

As the driving force of opportunity today, everyone should have access to a good education to power their future and provide for later generations, especially those doing work for underrepresented communities.

African Americans represent about 11% of the US population, but only around 4% of doctors. So in addition to supporting underserved communities, it's important that we increase representation in medical schools, pharmacy schools, dental schools, and the healthcare field more broadly.

Healthcare professionals dedicate their lives to public service and providing for local communities through their practice, but many prospective medical professionals don’t have the opportunity to graduate with a degree debt-free.

The MedLuxe Representation Matters Scholarship is designed to support students dedicated to providing equitable healthcare opportunities for underrepresented minorities and low-income communities across the country. All Black college students dedicated to this mission and pursuing a major related to healthcare are eligible to apply.

To apply, please write about your goals and why it’s important to increase racial diversity in healthcare.

Selection Criteria:
Published February 10, 2024
Essay Topic

What goals do you have for your medical career? Why do you believe it’s important to increase racial diversity in healthcare?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Lordess Phillips
Grady High SchoolAlpharetta, GA
Growing up and looking for up to par doctors is hard especially being a black American. So many black people are extremely skeptical about doctors. Research has shown black Americans do not trust their healthcare providers and it leads to a less likelihood of being cared for. When black Americans have the same type of sickness as their white peers, blacks are much more likely to die sooner. For example, blacks are three times more likely to die of asthma than white Americans, blacks have a 25 percent higher cancer death rate than whites, and black women are four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. Studies also show that white men are more likely to hold more superior positions in the medical field than black men and white women are more likely to hold more superior positions than black women. Studies suggest diversity in healthcare leadership can enhance the quality of care, quality of life in the workplace, community relations, and the ability to affect community health status. All of these issues are connected to the United States medical history of discriminating, exploiting, and abusing black Americans and having no regard for their rights is a memory that is still embedded into the consciousness of the black community. Historically black bodies were used for medical advancement without approval. Black American's were also forced to participate in dissection or a medical examination and black corpses were taken from their graves and were continuously being used for surgical experiments. Unequal access to healthcare and African Americans feeling ignored are all major issues that need to be addressed and is what I plan to do once I get into the medical field. However, to improve the situation right now everyone can work to become aware of their attitudes towards the black community to reduce bias and negative opinions, educate family, friends, colleagues, and peers about the challenges the black community faces. Nevertheless, my goal is to create a safe and comfortable environment for black patients this is why I plan to go to the Xavier University of Louisana which is the first historically black catholic university it is also the #1 University producing African American doctors. To sum it all up I plan to do my part to change the healthcare system and make it more comforting to black Americans and stop racial discrimination in the healthcare system towards them.
Aniya Harris
University of Southern CaliforniaCountry Club Hills, IL
Obeaney Falaise
University of Massachusetts-BostonTewksbury, MA


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jun 18, 2024. Winners will be announced on Jul 18, 2024.

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