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JoLynn Blanton Memorial Scholarship

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Malinda Atkinson
1 winner$700
Application Deadline
Jul 1, 2022
Winners Announced
Jul 31, 2022
Education Level
High School, Undergraduate
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Education Level:
High School Senior or Undergraduate Student

JoLynn Blanton loved to teach and was an educator for nearly a decade. This scholarship is a continuation of her support and passion for education.

Financial aid has been failing to keep up with the ever-increasing yearly costs of college. 

This gap is leaving low-income students with a yearly college price tag that doesn’t fulfill the bulk of their financial aid needs. 

During the pandemic, the percent of low-income students enrolling in higher education fell by nearly 29%. This massive decrease is due to the additional financial stressors that the pandemic caused for so many families, especially families that were already low-income prior to the pandemic.  

This scholarship is for a hardworking, low-income student that is either a high school senior or an undergraduate student. 

Any low-income high school senior or undergraduate student may apply for this scholarship.  

To apply, tell us how education has shaped your view of the world.

Selection Criteria:
Low-Income, Hardworking, Essay
Published November 12, 2021
Essay Topic

How has education shaped your worldview?

400–600 words

Winning Application

Jacqueline Luna-Zurita
University of California-Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, CA
My parents struggled financially raising five kids, being undocumented didn't help either. My mother was only able to finish elementary school while my father only reached middle school. Despite not being able to complete school, they had values they made sure we knew: be respectful, humble, and have an education. They didn't want us to live the same life as them for which they had left their country with only the hope to provide us with an opportunity they had not been able to receive themselves. My mother's dream was to be a teacher, having five kids as a full-time job probably already felt like she was, making sure we were always going in the right direction. Each time there was an assembly of awards, she was there, despite how busy she may be she always managed to be there, camera ready to capture my award with my siblings in tow with my father's words of encouragement before leaving for work. Although my mother and father did not understand English, they would still persevere alongside me with the homework I would be home from school and finish somehow. Their patience with me to finish my homework would always be the reason for which I stood proudly with my awards in front of the camera. They were the reason for which I made their efforts to support me as my motivation for wanting to go to college. So it was done, I only brought home the best grades for my parents. They were proud, I was investing in myself to follow my dreams to become a doctor, specifically, a dermatologist. Walking down my high school stage as valedictorian for my graduation ceremony was what made them swell with tears in their eyes. I had become the first high school graduate in my family, I pursued what my parents could only dream of doing back in their country. Their efforts of waking up as early as five in the morning to get up and go to work every single day for sometimes as long as twelve hours had allowed me to reach my goal of succeeding in school. Now, in college, I am continuing to provide my best efforts. Although there are times which I feel discouraged about my abilities I think back on my parents and how they felt about themselves when they sat through with me during my homework. They probably doubted themselves and loathed that they didn't understand the material since their education didn't extend that far. However, them being there for me is enough, education or not, I love them and appreciate all they have done for me that I hope to make their dreams come true one day as well. For which I keep my spirits up to receive my masters one day and return the favor for my kids and my community to show the beautiful opportunities education can lead to and improve the quality of life of those we care about.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Jul 1, 2022. Winners will be announced on Jul 31, 2022.

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