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Evie Irie
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Feb 25, 2021
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Mar 3, 2021
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High School

Have you ever felt like a misfit? Maybe at your school, in your town, or even in your own home?

Everybody's different, and we're not all made to follow the same path. Feeling like an outsider can be scary and isolating, and the dreams that we desire and the path that we want to take doesn’t always seem possible. Regardless of societal norms and external pressure, we all should have the chance to express ourselves and have access to the tools and education we need to do so.

In the spirit of my latest single release, I’m creating the Misfit Scholarship to help misfits like myself follow their creative dreams.

This scholarship is for the misfits in life, those that are brave enough to be different, to forge their own path, bring originality, perspective, and beauty to the world.

I can’t wait to see what you create!



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Selection Criteria:
Essay Topic

What has made you feel like a misfit in your life, and how has being a misfit shaped your dreams? How do you want to use your unique perspective to change the world?

250–750 words

Winning Application

Maria Flores
University of DallasDallas, TX
Why am I expected to wear make-up if I don't want to? Why am I expected to wear heels if I don't want to? Why am I expected to have a boyfriend by high school? Why am I expected to know how to dance? In society, many things are expected from girls. I think it's safe to say that I am part of the misfit girls who don't have the preceding qualities. While I find make-up very beautiful and interesting, I don't want to wear it every day. I don't want to be rated as beautiful just because I wear makeup. Heels are beautiful and make women look like strong personalities but I don't appeal to them. I can't walk ten steps without walking like a duck. I find them very intriguing but I don't wear them. Boyfriends? No, thank you. I know one day I will fall in love but I don't want to be placed under a certain deadline. Love has no due date. I don't want to be expected to dance. I dance the way I want to, not how society expects me to. These expectations have made me feel like a misfit because they make me feel like I don't belong or that I am not perfect. Of course, there was a time where this made my confidence go down. That was until at 15, I met a teacher who gave no care about society's expectations. She would dress and act as she wanted. She inspired me to become who I want to be. She motivated me to decide to want to become a teacher. more specifically an early childhood teacher, I want to be able to teach my future students about society doesn't define them. I want to plant the seed of self-confidence in them and make sure to water it each day so that they never lose it. I want to become an early childhood teacher because I want to make an impact in the life of my students at a young age instead of at the age of 15 years like me.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Feb 25, 2021. Winners will be announced on Mar 3, 2021.

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