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Ethan To Scholarship

2 winners, $1,000 each
Application Deadline
Feb 16, 2025
Winners Announced
Mar 16, 2025
Education Level
Undergraduate, Graduate
Recent scholarship winners
Eligibility Requirements
Education Level:
Undergraduate or graduate student
Financial Status:
Field of Study:
Psychology and/or counseling
Undergraduate 3.5 or Graduate 3.2

Mental health challenges affect countless people every year and can make it difficult to achieve their goals.

When struggling with one’s mental health, pursuing higher education can feel impossible. Schoolwork can be difficult to focus on for students who are struggling just to survive. In order for students to reach their full potential, it’s crucial that those suffering have the support and encouragement they need to seek help.

This scholarship aims to honor the memory of Ethan To by raising awareness of mental health struggles and supporting students as they pursue their goals.

Any low-income undergraduate with at least a 3.5 GPA or graduate with a least a 3.2 GPA who is studying psychology and/or counseling may apply for this scholarship, and first-generation college students are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, tell us about why you chose this career path, what your goals are, and what experience with mental health you have.

Selection Criteria:
Ambition, Need, Drive
Published March 24, 2024
Essay Topic

Write about why you chose this career path, what your future goals are, and what experience you have in the mental health field.

400–600 words

Winning Application

Zina Ogu
Rutgers University-New BrunswickCarson, CA
Tina Pinedo
University of Central OklahomaOklahoma City, OK
My name is Tina Pinedo. I was born in Peru and immigrated to Oklahoma when I was 4 years old. I came to the United States with my mother and my father. Both of my parents did not graduate high school. There were times when they felt that their lack of education was limiting their progress in the United States. Due to this, they engraved in me the value of an education. As an undergrad, I chose psychology and forensic science as my majors because I noticed the lack of representation for minority populations within these fields. After graduating with my bachelor's, I was offered an opportunity to join the Oklahoma Indigent Defense System as an investigator in the Capital Trial Division. My role as an investigator for the Capital Trial Division has emphasized to me the lack of diversity and knowledge of mental illness in the justice system. I decided to pursue a master’s in counseling psychology to grow my knowledge of mental illness and apply it to social reform. My time as an investigator for a government agency has emphasized to me the need for more attainable mental health care in the United States. I have worked with clients that were being charged with criminal offenses that were caused by their mental illness. These clients are low-income and rely on government resources for medical care. Unfortunately, mental health care is not heavily funded by our government and the care they need is not provided until they are incarcerated. It truly is gut-wrenching to watch individuals that are struggling with severe mental illnesses be neglected and ultimately lose their freedom. I aspire to pursue a doctorate in counseling psychology and work within the justice system to provide better care for the minorities that are labeled criminals in the system. I believe that informing others about mental health is the only way to combat the stigma that surrounds the topic of mental illness. It is especially important, that mental health care is endorsed as preventive care rather than solely emergency care. I am passionate about my goals and have worked relentlessly to reach them. I have had the privilege of having my parents' emotional support through college. However, financial support has not been easily available. My father passed away in 2020 and my mother has been unable to work because of health issues. Due to this, I have worked full-time while being a full-time student throughout college to support myself and my family. Although financial burdens have been present throughout my academic career, I have not let this weigh down my progress. I was able to continue striving academically, accomplishing my bachelor's degree(s) with a 3.8 grade point average, and receiving a 4.0 grade point average in my first semester of graduate school. It must be emphasized that my academic accomplishments would not have been possible without financial support from financial aid and scholarships. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities I have gotten in life and am dedicated to my academic progress.


When is the scholarship application deadline?

The application deadline is Feb 16, 2025. Winners will be announced on Mar 16, 2025.