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MatchCollege has built its reputation as an online resource committed to helping students navigate their higher education journey. The platform provides all the necessary information needed to pursue any of the 18,000 accredited universities, including traditional colleges, universities, technical schools, career colleges, beauty schools, alternative medicine schools, and trade schools.

We are happy to announce that has successfully acquired a significant segment of MatchCollege! This means that MatchCollege’s extensive directory is now a part of the scholarship website, allowing for users to have the most up-to-date information regarding their pursuit of continued education.

Brief overview of is a platform that connects students with donors and scholarship opportunities to fund their higher education.

Given that the average cost of college is increasing disproportionately to the average household income, is committed to ensuring that financial constraints are not a hindering factor for students with these aspirations.

At, all students, regardless of socioeconomic or racial background, are welcome to apply on the website. In fact, many financial aid opportunities are available and updated daily. Regardless of where a student is in their educational journey, there is always a way to save more in college and eliminate the shackles of student debt.

After all, every penny saved from the enormous expense of college is more money in your bank account, which can then be reallocated towards living expenses, rent, transportation, food, and school supplies.

Scholarships for High School Seniors

Most high school seniors begin applying for scholarships simultaneously with submitting their college applications. As the next four years approach, scholarships become increasingly vital to opening up more opportunities for colleges that fit within your financial constraints. In order to afford your dream school within reasonable means, solidify your future by applying for scholarships for high school seniors ahead of time.

Graduate school scholarships

A common misconception is that scholarships are only available for undergraduate schools, but they are also accepted for graduate programs as well. For many careers, obtaining the necessary credentials do not just stop at the undergraduate level. In fact, depending on whether you are attending a private or public university, in conjunction with any graduate school scholarships, you could be paying tens of thousands each year. Without scholarships, you could be knee deep in student debt well before you graduate. Although it may seem easy, student debt can be incredibly difficult to keep track of, which is why you want to save as much as possible.

Merit scholarships

Merit scholarships award students that exemplify stellar academic achievements, skills, talents, among other outstanding qualities. While the specific criteria and requirements will vary depending on the scholarship, they typically have a GPA or portfolio requirement to prove eligibility.

Free Scholarships

All scholarships on can be labeled as “free,” as they are not required to be paid back upon completion of a graduate program. Any penny earned through scholarships is yours to use for educational purposes, without worrying about it affecting your credit score or harming your future financial health.

How To Start A Scholarship Fund

In order for these opportunities to remain available to students, it is crucial that donors who can, continue to provide scholarships. Financial aid opportunities have the capacity to change the entire trajectory of a person's life. If interested, makes it simple and easy to start a scholarship fund by guiding you through the process of helping a student in need. To learn more about why and how to start a scholarship fund, access our blog page today.