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Whiddon Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Our goal

The goal of this fund is to raise money for a memorial scholarship for Richard and Rebecca Whiddon, who were tragically taken from the world too soon on February 24, 2024. The couple were both incredibly passionate about the STEM field, as well as helping those in need. Rebecca worked incredibly hard to obtain her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry at the age of 25, and Richard dedicated a great deal of time towards building his skills as a machinist & programmer. Rebecca loved to share her extensive knowledge with others, especially during her time as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant. Richard loved to use his technology skills to create new devices through 3D printing to share with friends, often creating things that made day to day tasks easier for those he loved. They encouraged others to push through their challenges and follow their passions, especially when it came to the STEM field. Raising money for the scholarship would help allow for their passion and support to live on through students who would love to pursue a future in STEM, but may lack the financial ability to do so.

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Chris Monteleone1 month ago

This is a wonderful way to remember Becca, thank you.

Shannon Poges1 month ago

In memory of my lab mate and friend Becca. You were a great mentor in my early years at UCONN and taught me how to be a true HBIC. I will cherish the visits that you and Rich made the time for when you were in AZ.

Jane Furca2 months ago

In honor of Rebecca

Wendy & Gordon Van Welie Gottlieb2 months ago

Friends of Mark & Annukka

Julie Bass Divens2 months ago

Rebecca was my niece, and Rich was her husband. We are devastated by the loss of them. It makes the mind and heart feel a tiny bit better to make a contribution towards anything to do with future effects of helping another.

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