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Mark Caldwell Memorial STEM/STEAM Scholarship Fund

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Rick Caldwell
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    Rick Caldwell



    Rick Caldwell


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    Kerensa Baker


Our story

Rick Caldwell has been fighting student debt with since February 2021, supporting STEAM students in honor of Mark Caldwell. Mark was a bright, charismatic, and thoughtful person. After graduating from Springboro High School in Ohio and earning his bachelor’s degree from Devry Institute of Technology, he worked as an electrical engineer for 35 years. He specialized in robotic integration within the packaging industry, a career that took him all across the globe. Both in and out of the workplace, Mark was a loyal friend and a kind person. This scholarship fund will pay his kindness forward by giving opportunities to first generation students who are passionate about STEM/STEAM subjects.

Our goal

Encouraging students to go pursue their ambitions in STEAM careers.
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