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Our story

In memory of my wife, Karla Johnson, who passed away on May 31, 2024, at the age of 54. She was an incredible wife and mother to our two sons, Collin and Connor Johnson. During our 32 years of marriage, I watched her show love to all with her generous and compassionate soul. Karla devoted her life to helping others and had a particular passion for pets, especially German Shepherds. Her time and donations to education and pet shelters exemplified her generous spirit. Karla wore many hats, but at the forefront was her devotion to being the family planner, holiday host, and loving sister and daughter who brought laughter and love to every situation.

Our goal

One of Karla’s many passions was giving back and helping others. Her next philanthropic endeavor was to create a scholarship at her high school alma mater (Gladewater, Texas). Her vision was for the scholarship to be evenly distributed between students attending junior college or a trade school.

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Anthony Alsup19 hours ago

On behalf of John Caresio and Anthony Alsup.

GW Stroud1 day ago

In memory of Karla Gee Johnson..she was a ray of sunshine here on earth💕💕

Naveen Rajan3 days ago

In loving memory of Karla Johnson

TCS Team3 days ago

Very sorry to hear about this irreplaceable loss and please accept our deepest condolences. We respect her commitment towards education, pets and the legacy she leaves behind. Our prayers are with your family - Team TCS.

Keith Pascal4 days ago

May Karla's memory be a blessing. Very sorry for your loss

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