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Our story

Elijah was a non-binary teenager who struggled with mental illness and the repercussions of not fitting the "norm" -dealing with bullying and disrespect. Elijah handled this all with grace, until tragically they became overwhelmed and took their own life. Elijah was a kind hearted person, always ready and willing to help. They helped in the community alongside other volunteers. They enjoyed music and were very excited that vinyl was making a comeback. The were a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, always championing the cause. They were musically savvy and self-taught on a number of stringed instruments. They were a talented artist with a passion for pen and paper. Movies and TV series, occupied some of their downtime, with a passion for horror. Other passions included their cat Mocha, their beloved dog Kentucky and the many chickens, ducks and geese that they tended. Elijah struggled for a long time and they tried hard, ultimately losing this battle. Now we are given the opportunity to try and help others, through a scholarship. This will also allow Elijah, whom we so cherished, to live on! Our goal is to help those touched by mental health concerns, suicide and/or members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our goal

This fund will be used to fund a scholarship that is currently active on (Elijah's Helping Hand) the goal is to fund it in perpetuity. Our goal is to help those touched by mental health concerns, suicide and/or members of the LGBTQIA+ community.
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Pseudo Mayhem8 months ago


Sheehan8 months ago

We are donating this because we loved Elijah dearly and want to help other kids in Elijah's name❤️❤️

Abbey Kinney9 months ago

Happy birthday bro. I miss you every day.

Sheehan9 months ago

This donation was given by Bill Herzog to continue the great work in Elijah's name:) Thank you very much, Bill, it is very much appreciated!

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