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Curtis Holloway Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Organized by
Lesley Holloway
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Our story

My dad instilled in me a strong work ethic. He grew up as one of 7 kids from an extremely poor family small town West Texas. He told me once he moved to East Texas to start his own business with $37 in his pocket. He always found a way to solve problems. He inspired the motto I live by which is “Everything is Figureoutable.” He was my champion and always had my back no matter what. I want to honor this by helping kids like me achieve their dreams.

Our goal

After losing my mom at 10, my dad Curtis was my rock. He supported me emotionally and financially, helping me succeed in college and law school. Now, in his loving memory, I'd like to continue to create a scholarship for students like me who are raised in single-parent households.
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