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Our story

Lady Cheryl was an amazing wife, mother, Gee Gee, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. Her legacy of giving, love, and outreach will forever be remembered through this scholarship. She lived her life to ensure that all felt loved and appreciated. The Twilley Family is offering this scholarship in honor of our mom, Cheryl Twilley. Since a child, Lady Cheryl as she was affectionately called, had a ministry for outreach in socio-economical areas that faced challenges and adversity. As a young adult, she created an outreach ministry called "There is HOPE without DOPE, which assisted those who were struggling with addiction and homelessness. In 2016, while being led by God she founded Phenomenal Women's Ministries, where she provided food, clothing, and resources to women while rebuilding their confidence and self-worth teaching them that through Christ all things are possible. Phenomenal Women's Ministries transitioned to Phenomenal Outreach Ministries in 2021 with Lady Cheryl formally becoming Pastor Cheryl and working alongside her husband, Pastor Gregory to transform the community by providing bi-weekly hot meals to the homeless community in Atlanta, volunteering at shelters in the community to provide clothing, food, and resources to help them get on their feet.

Our goal

The goal of the "Cheryl Twilley Outreach Scholarship" will be to make education more accessible to underrepresented students in socioeconomic areas who don't have the resources or need a little assistance to further continue their education to help change their communities.
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Comments from contributors 4

Charmaine McCall3 months ago

Long Live the Legacy!!! #mygirl #mybestfriend #mymommy

The Lord's House Kingdom Church4 months ago

On behalf of our outreach ministry.

Elder Richard & Juanita Clark (Beyond Blessed Enterprises LLC.)7 months ago

We got you Bishop!

Courts Of Praise Women’s Department COGIC8 months ago

On behalf of the Courts of Praise Women’s Department, we acknowledge and appreciate the dedication and servitude of our beloved sister, partner in the gospel, and friend, Lady Cheryl Twilley and we promise to forever honor your memory.

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