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Arin Kel Scholarship Fund

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Our story

Arin Kel was born 4 pounds, 6 ounces, just 1 pound shy of his twin brother Rakim. This caused him to have to be admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit where he stayed for five days. After his release from the neonatal intensive care unit, he progressed and developed, so well. Holding his head up, scooting, and rolling over were some of his biggest milestones. Arin Kel, love to babble and try to sing along as early as two months old. He even tried to repeat. I love you a couple days before he turned four months old. When Arin Kel was only four months and two days old on December 11, 2022 he passed away suddenly in his sleep. His giggles, sweet kisses, and wonderful energy lives forever in his family.

Our goal

When I lost my son, all of the hopes and dreams I have for his future were taken away as well. The best way to honor his legacy, and his once bright future is to contribute to others pursuing furthering their education, and to aid them in their bright future. I am specifically aiming to award students who have lost a sibling. My goal with this fund is to raise enough money to help students for years to come, increase the award amount, and increase number of recipients.

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