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Alexander Hipple Recovery Scholarship Fund

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Hipple Family & Friends
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Our story

Alex was born on August 3, 2005, and grew up in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina. He was a proud graduate of the Community School of Davidson in 2023 and was working full-time. He had plans and dreams of going to college. He was a beautiful son, loyal friend, fun-loving brother, competitive swimmer and fishing enthusiast. Our family life has been deeply affected by drug and alcohol abuse. We lost our son Alex because of his dependance on drugs and the violence associated with it.

Our goal

Our amazing son Alex was tragically killed in Troutman, North Carolina in November 2023. Our mission is to keep Alex's memory alive through the Alexander Hipple Recovery Scholarship. We have created this scholarship to help teens, struggling with an addiction or personally impacted by it, achieve their educational goals at 4-year college, community college or a trade school. This $1000 scholarship will be awarded to one student each year who is in recovery, or working to overcome the trauma associated with addiction, to help this student achieve their educational and career goals. Alex would want to support any person dealing with the struggles he faced. Although Alex struggled himself with addiction, he gravitated to support others in the same situation.
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Steffany Ryan1 month ago

In memory of my son, Joseph Ryan.

Cara Gonzalez3 months ago

In memory of Alex Hipple. Love, Cara Gonzalez

Kathleen Bass4 months ago

I am thinking of you and want you to know you are an amazing family.

Rob Iddings4 months ago

Julie and I think of you all often. Prayers your way.

Sandy & Tom Dubick Dubick4 months ago

We are making this contribution to keep Alex’s memory alive .

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