How to get a ROTC scholarship

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Top scholarships with upcoming deadlines

There are many financial aid options to help make college more affordable for military students. Veterans, military personnel, and families can find many military scholarships to apply for on To find these scholarships, you can use the filters on the scholarship page to search the 'Military' category. Or, check out this exclusive list of military scholarships here, with deadlines going into 2023.

Students interested in becoming ROTC cadets can also be eligible to apply for a ROTC scholarship. You've probably heard about how the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) can help you pay for college tuition. Furthermore, joining university ROTC programs can also guarantee you a rewarding career right after graduation as the basic training you receive through ROTC prepares you for commission as a military officer. You will be responsible for the safety of soldiers under your command and tasked with making important decisions. If you're a natural-born leader, this role may be a good fit for you.