Best Online SAT Math Tutors in 2024, Reviewed by a Student

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Scoring well on the SAT math section can help you boost your SAT score and make you a standout applicant in college admissions.

The SAT, or the Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a standardized test used to determine a high school student's preparedness for higher education as part of the college admissions process.

In this day and age, most colleges and universities practice a holistic approach to reviewing applications and admitting students to their schools. As a result, standardized tests will not singlehandedly qualify or disqualify you from your dream school.

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However, colleges still use standardized tests as a method to compare applicants across a common scoring system. Therefore, earning a high score on the SAT test can help you demonstrate your mastery of high school subjects and make you a stronger, more well-rounded applicant.

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If you elect to take the SAT as a high school junior or senior, there are a few ways that you can maximize your test prep and achieve your highest score possible. Students struggling with SAT math concepts or needing more test preparation guidance can greatly benefit from hiring a qualified, online SAT math tutor.

Private SAT math tutors are available to work with students on high school algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, and other subjects that show up on the SAT math test. Sign up for Learner's SAT tutoring now and take the first step towards acheiving your academic goals!

Furthermore, many tutors coach students on test preparation strategies to help them get ready for test day. Hiring an SAT math tutor can make a huge difference in your life since a strong SAT score will lead to more college acceptances and, ultimately, a greater chance of succeeding in your career.

With the growing number of online tutoring platforms out there on the Internet, it can be confusing to choose the right SAT math tutor for you. To help you find the perfect math tutor, has compiled a list of the Top 5 Online SAT Math Tutoring Platforms.

We've also included all of the information you need to know about the content of the SAT math section, how to choose the right tutor for you, and the cost of hiring an SAT math tutor.

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What Math Topics are Covered in the SAT Math Section?

The SAT math section is divided into two parts: a no-calculator portion and a calculator portion. Each section asks students to answer a number of multiple-choice questions, as well as a handful of "grid-in" questions.

Both of these portions test the following areas that the College Board has determined are necessary for high school students to master before going on to university or college.

Linear Equations and Systems

The "Heart of Algebra" component of the SAT math test evaluates students' mastery of linear equations, systems of linear equations, and functions. Students may need to create equations that represent a situation, solve equations and systems of equations, or make connections between different linear relationships.

Problem-Solving and Data Analysis

The Problem Solving and Data Analysis questions on the SAT math test asses students' level of quantitative literacy. Test questions involve ratios, and percentages, solving problems in real-world situations, and analyzing graphs and data.

Complex Equations and Functions

"Passport to Advanced Math" questions ask students to manipulate complex equations and functions. Students may be asked to create a quadratic or exponential function that models a specific scenario, solve a quadratic equation with rational coefficients, and add, subtract, and multiply polynomial expressions, among other problems.

These math concepts are necessary for students to study calculus or advanced courses in statistics and succeed in college-level STEM courses.

Additional Topics in Math

Finally, other questions on the SAT math test evaluate students' abilities in geometry, trigonometry, and high school algebra concepts.

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What are the Benefits of Working with a SAT Math Tutor?

Math is notoriously a difficult subject in school for many students, so it's no surprise that most students could benefit from personalized learning with a private SAT math tutor.

Online SAT math tutors can help students review and master high school math concepts that they may not have fully understood the first time or have since forgotten. Not only can SAT math tutors provide tutoring practice and practice exams, but tutors also teach students test preparation strategies that help them perform better on test day.

The Top 5 Online SAT Math Tutoring Platforms that has compiled all provide high-quality, personalized instruction from carefully vetted, professional SAT math tutors who can help you unlock your highest potential - and highest SAT score - yet. These platforms also prioritize matching students with tutors that can accommodate your learning style.

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Top 5 Online SAT Math Tutoring Services


Learner is a fully-online math tutoring platform that offers high school math tutoring in various subjects, including SAT math.

All SAT math tutors on Learner have undergone a rigorous screening and vetting process that ensures that tutors are not only subject matter experts but also possess the technical and people skills to succeed in working with students.

Learner's philosophy with SAT math tutoring is to help students build up their knowledge of high school math fundamentals and provide practical test prep tips to inspire more confidence and personal responsibility in students. As a result, working with a math tutor on Learner will help you succeed on the SAT math test and prepare you for taking college math classes.

The first session is free with a 100% money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. Learner's advanced online platform works across devices, and sessions are recorded so students can review them later. To sign up for SAT math tutoring on Learner, take a one-minute assessment about your tutoring needs to be matched with a math specialist and start your first session within 72 hours.

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ClassUp is another fully-online tutoring platform that offers SAT math tutoring from thoroughly vetted, elite SAT math tutors. ClassUp accepts less than 1% of teacher applications and requires their tutors to undergo professional background checks. They also offer tutors regular, in-depth training to ensure that the quality of instruction on their platform remains competitive.

Virtual classrooms on ClassUp allow students to receive online tutoring from anywhere in the world, and flexible scheduling makes it easy to book tutoring sessions and maintain a consistent tutoring schedule.

You can book a call with an educational consultant at ClassUp to get matched with an SAT math tutor and begin working on SAT math prep immediately. ClassUP will provide a subject assessment and a diagnostic report with personalized, long-term learning plans.

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Wyzant is an in-person and online tutoring platform that helps you match with tutors that best suit your needs.

You can easily compare tutors' qualifications, hourly rates, and reviews to find the right SAT math tutor for you and begin online tutoring sessions immediately. Furthermore, you collaborate with tutors in Wyzant's browser-based online learning tool that makes it easy to study SAT math concepts by providing a two-way visual space to work on math problems and test prep.

No subscriptions or upfront payments are required, and you are able to hire tutors for only the time that you need during your SAT math preparation. Wyzant allows you to search among thousands of SAT math tutors online or in your local area so that you can understand all of the tutoring options available to you.

Unlock your academic potential with Wyzant Tutoring. Book your session now and get the expert help you need to succeed.


Kaplan is an established, SAT-specific tutoring platform that offers a number of test preparation packages that are specifically designed for online tutoring. They provide a variety of online courses that are taught by experienced SAT experts and on-demand access to online tutoring sessions whenever you need support.

Kaplan's extensive library of practice tests also becomes available to you when you sign up for one of their online courses. The live online course offers interactive lessons led by a team of teachers where students can collaborate with other peers and learn from a math instructor.

For high school students with more flexible schedules, unlimited prep courses can be an excellent option that allows students to begin preparing for the SAT as early as possible. Finally, their on-demand courses fit the schedules of very busy students with short, 30-minute daily online tutoring sessions and access to test prep resources like practice tests, videos, and practice questions.

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The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is another SAT-specific tutoring platform that guarantees score improvements for all of the students who sign up for one of their tutoring courses. Students must already be achieving a certain threshold of SAT scores in order to qualify for these courses.

For example, you need at least a 1400 or above on SAT practice tests currently to take their SAT 1500+ course, which guarantees that you will achieve a 1500 or above on the exam. Their SAT essentials course also provides SAT math tutoring and reading and writing tutoring that covers all of the fundamentals of SAT subjects and test-taking strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SAT Math Tutors

How much does SAT math tutoring services cost?

Hiring an SAT math tutor does not have to be a huge educational expense. Platforms like Learner offer bulk package options for purchasing tutoring that come with discounts. In general, you may spend anywhere between $60 - $80/hour for SAT math tutoring on Learner.

An SAT math tutor on Wyzant is estimated to cost between $35 - 65 per hour, while a Kaplan course can cost anywhere between $200 - $2,000. If you need more structured, long-term support, choosing a course option may be the most economical route to hiring an SAT math tutor.

On the other hand, if you're seeking shorter-term, more immediate test prep support before your exam, an hourly rate could help you save money.

How do I find the perfect SAT math tutor?

Finding an amazing tutor will depend on your personal needs with regard to SAT math test prep. If you're still early in your high school career and looking to start SAT math review months or even years before you take the exam, find a tutor who will create a personalized, long-term learning plan and help you master the fundamentals of high school math concepts.

For high school juniors and seniors planning to take the SAT math test in a few months or a few weeks, hiring an online SAT math tutor who can work with you on practice exams is essential to achieving a high SAT math score.

Now that you understand how to find the best SAT math tutor, you're ready to start your SAT math test prep! Check out's scholarship blog to learn more about applying and searching for scholarships.