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yeni garcia aguilar


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Baldwin Senior High School

High School
2018 - 2022


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    • Language Interpretation and Translation
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Health, Wellness, and Fitness

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      Public services

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        charity miles — running for miles
        2020 – Present
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        independent — idk
        2020 – Present

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      Ace Spencer Rubin Scholarship
      To be born with a physical disability in the past was seen as a burden or something to be embarrassed about because you were already born as an outcast. However growing up with a defect is the best thing that has happened to me and it may sound odd to admit but it's the truth. My parents were only 20 years old when they were told that I was born with a disability called Spina Bifida; it is a condition that affects the lower area of the body. My parents and I immigrated from our country when I was only a year old and we moved to the United States so I can get surgery on my back. Growing up with two legs that didn't function just like those that surrounded me made a pessimistic child that only left me feeling regret as I grew up and realized and I spent too much time on the wrong things. Consumed with a lot doubt and insecurity it became almost impossible to look at what I am already capable of. Physical activities such as jumping and running were my obstacles and I let it get to me that I barely allowed myself to stop to think and realize that my legs are strong enough to allow me to walk when the odds were against me by a high chance. I've been taken to many places with my own legs under my own will. They give me the freedom that other people who were born with the same disability as me probably don't have because walking on their own was a big obstacle for them and I do not want to take this for granted. Recently I've been thinking about what my legs can do for me rather than the opposite and I found out that that I can drive just like everybody else and it only increased my curiosity to try new things. I've began to put myself out there more to explore the world and be less afraid to let the world see me. I've taken an interest in the business field and want to go to college to study Business Management, specifically Farmingdale because I want to try different areas in the the field but I truly want to begin my own business someday. Unfortunately, in order to be taken seriously as a professional businesswomen, appearance plays a huge role and I cannot dress in a certain manner because of my legs. For example I can't wear heels since I already wear braces to help me walk and keep my balance. Furthermore, I will still pursue this field because it is a goal of mine to have people look up to me despite the fact that my appearance will be different from most business men and women. This scholarship will help me achieve that goal by reducing my tuition almost by 50% during my first year of college and supporting my goal in changing the minds of those I will be working with someday. After all I was always an outcast and had everyone's attention every time I was seen in public, my goal is slowly but surely unfolding.