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Vanohra Gaspard


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I aspire to be a leader and change-maker of a better world. I am passionate about leadership, math, and literature. I lead and take action towards my dreams and consistently seek opportunities to grow and help my community. My dream is to launch my social initiative project: "All Against Hunger Foundation", which I pitched at the University of Miami, to reduce hunger, first in my country at heart, Haiti, then around the world.


Henry County High School

High School
2022 - 2023


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Accounting and Computer Science
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Computer Hardware

    • Dream career goals:



      Junior Varsity
      2020 – 20211 year


      Junior Varsity
      2016 – 20193 years


      • Martha Graham Dance school certificat


      • TOYOTA

        2017 – 2017
      • CKT

        2016 – 2019

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Pou Jen Yo ( Haitian Organization) — Organize funds collecting
        2021 – 2022

      Future Interests




      Maggie's Way- International Woman’s Scholarship
      Living in Haiti is nothing like what is described in the news. It merely accurately portrays the anxiety, danger, horror, and agony that we all experience on some level. At the age of 4, I was abducted and, to be frank, nearly killed. I would have never thought that I would have been able to see so many corpses in the streets and remain undisturbed. And even on those days when everything seemed to be going well, the famished 5-year-old who was pleading with me for money brought me back to a brutal reality. I used to hate this background because of the possibilities and experiences it had denied me, but now I realize how much of my resilience, drive, tenacity, and even courage I owe to it, and most importantly, my passion. Making a decision has a redeeming power as opposed to feeling like you are impacted by everything that is happening. And I made my life decisions at a young age. I had a vision, made it happen, and delivered it. I offered everything I had, whether it be with dancing in New York at the Martha Graham dance school and in music videos; or baking, which inspired me to start my very first business, Sugar Pop. The school served as both my haven and my place of total control for a considerable amount of time. Being an honors student, tutoring, and participating in book clubs, art, and math competitions, I also gave my best academically. However, I never could forget that starving five-year-old, and I became aware that success to me meant more than just scholastic achievement. I pursued this passion and devoted myself to it, altogether forging my values, personality, and eagerness. I wanted to represent change. I decided who I wanted to be to myself and others, and how I was going to do it. For a project that I led and partook in along with my classmates, we published a journal advocating for human rights in 2019. It thrilled me. So much so that I simply had to do it again. I became an advocate for sustainability, sought out opportunities, and took part in seminars to develop my soft skills and entrepreneurial attitude, which prepared me to pitch “The All Against Hunger Foundation”, my social impact initiative, alongside Juan at the University of Miami in the summer of 2022 at a BIZNOVATOR camp. I expanded my knowledge by joining an online STEAM course with the Geeky Latinas, all empowering women. In addition, I coordinated bake sales and campaigns throughout the school year to aid underprivileged children through NGOs. My past helped me become the leader and change maker I strive to be, and it gave my mission greater depth. I constantly put to use the confidence and willingness I possess to dare and be blatantly audacious. I know my motives well enough to be determined to press on and achieve higher goals. I am aware of my origins, who I am, and what I aspire to become. As a result, I became the writer and hero of my own story.
      Sikora Drake STEM Scholarship
      "Please" He looked at me "Can I please have 5 dollars" I heard the poor kid say through my car window. His eyes were watery, his clothes ripped, and I could clearly see his ribbed caged. He was famished, stroke by hunger, and, and I had nothing to give him; I felt powerless, and I hated it. This exact story led me to partake in a cause greater than myself, for my community. I became engaged to act against hunger in in my country, my home, Haiti. With that same dedication, a pitched my social initiative: "The All Against Hunger Foundation" at the university of Miami, along with the entrepreneur Juan Pablo Casimiro. This project that I hold so close to my heart is the reason I want to pursue Computer science. With this knowledge, I could lunch my foundation, whose main purpose is to collect money and funds online from each user through engaging games to purchase and then distribute meals to the malnourished. I want to influence those around me and serve as a symbol of hope for my country, and hopefully one day have a greater and larger impact. I firmly believe that one can do what I cannot do, and that I can do what some cannot do. It is that alliance, that collaboration that makes us achieve amazing things. Diversity in the workplace guarantees a flow of ideas, different contributions, different perspective, that altogether guarantees a collective success. In addition, it provides an opportunity to consider diverse opinions and perspectives beyond your own and allows true growth. Exposing oneself to different points of view provides an opportunity to critically reflect on one’s own assumptions as well as to look at the world from a fresh and new perspective. This is because it creates an ecosystem that fosters creativity and helps bring together different perspectives, ideas, and voices that can produce a unique idea, output, or strategy. To me, diversity changes the way people think and ultimately improves innovation, creativity, and problem-solving skills, which makes us smarter. In the workplace, it mirrors society and broaden your impact. in conclusion, diversity is a vital element to success, and applying that to my company not only favors growth, but it reflects my beliefs and my values about equality and inclusion. .
      Femi Chebaís Scholarship
      My goal is to use The All Against Hunger Foundation, a social initiative I pitched at the University of Miami, to help my community. The initiative's main objective is to collect money and funds online from each user through engaging games to  purchase and distribute meals to the malnourished. I want to influence those around me and serve as a symbol of hope.