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Sofia Deering


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San Pasqual High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Master's degree program

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    • Agriculture/Veterinary Preparatory Programs
    • Veterinary Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
    • Veterinary/Animal Health Technologies/Technicians
    • Teacher Education and Professional Development, Specific Levels and Methods
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Inguz Memorial Scholarship
      “I want to be a vet”, I said, eyes twinkling with innocence and hope. At the raw age of six, I for some reason, was abnormally passionate about this dream. As I grew up, my passion for animals has never left. I grew up raising dogs, helping my grandfather birth puppies at home, and I have even helped raise a lost kitten in need of de-fleaing, deworming, and URI treatment. To be young is to be naive, and to be naive is to be young. I didn’t realize the reason I was put in a school in another town was for the better. I grew up to be a straight A student, and I can’t help but think that if we had assimilated into the lower income community that we lived in, I would not be as well educated as I am. I still believe this may just be a cold hard truth. As a high school Sophomore I sat in my physics classroom pondering which science I wanted to take. I really wanted to join animal biological science, but my physics teacher, who I trusted very much, advised me otherwise. Our agriculture teacher and FFA advisor does not have the best reputation. I was veered away from taking an agriculture class out of fear of “the meanest teacher” on campus. High school went by in the blink of an eye. I joined NHS, which unexpectedly reignited my passion for animals through volunteering in the local humane society. Superficially it is a way to get the endorphin boost everyone gets from our furry friends. In a very real way I am learning and seeing the bad, and the difficult of an animal care career. I have been with the shelter for a year, and love it. I also recently completed my Fear Free Shelters Certification. This accomplishment not only helps me, but helps the animals. I now know more about their fear, anxiety, stress, and frustration in shelters. As a high school senior, I decided to go all in and take Veterinary Science in the FFA program. The teacher is strict, but bearable. I always respect my teachers, and adults who are in my life, so in turn I also get respect from these people. This course along with my volunteer work, have been eye opening for me. This is the career path I want. Helping animals is so rewarding for everyone involved. I am so grateful that through the dispare and disaster of life, my passion for animals never strayed far from my mind. I am grateful that my family fosters my passions, and goals. They have done so much for my future career, that I can’t help but be driven to pursue a further education and whatever else the agricultural world may have in store for me. I have even pushed myself to care for livestock even though I was raised in the city where livestock isn’t as common. I would have to say Notorious P.I.G is a sweetheart, and now I love pigs. My favorite animal is most likely a cat. They are so sweet, yet do not have the best reputation. However, the soul connection you can build with a cat is irreplaceable. With the correct knowledge and training of an animal, any one can be a sweet pet.
      Disney Super Fan Scholarship
      The day was coming quick. The anxiety to perform surrounded me as if I was a duck, and anxiety was the pond I lived in. After my baile sopresa, I felt relieved to kick back and party on. Once upon a time, I turned fifteen. During my big waltz the music spoke to me. A song I had heard at least one hundred times before, and one I continue to enjoy to this day. High School Musical is a staple in my life. Enough for me to include a part of it in the one birthday that is the most important in my culture. I can still remember being three years old wearing a Snow White dress on a casual afternoon in my backyard. I remember, for many years, the joy in my entire body when I put on a princess dress. The Disney princesses not only caught my eyes, but my heart. As I grew questions popped up, people would ask, “Who’s your favorite princess?” For as long as I can remember, I have always had the same answer. However my answer comes hand in hand with the reasoning for why she is my favorite. She works hard to get what she wants, she cares about her family, she does not need a man to save her, and lastly she is so beautiful. Princess Tiana will forever inspire me. There are countless things to love about Disney, and maybe even reasons to dislike Disney. As an independent young woman, I will always hold Disney on a pedestal. It has always boosted the morals I hold so close to my glowing red heart. Family, ambition, wisdom, self-love. I can’t help but consider, the impact Disney had on me. I feel it in specific moments. Singing is one of my favorite past times. Kindness is a significant value in my life. Hard work, pays off. Intelligence is a positive attribute. Romance can be pure. Even when I seemed too old for Disney I knew that was not the case. Disney knows, their fans are a tale as old as time. Disney knows that when the child does not need anymore teaching, the teenager does. There is a universal consensus on the struggles of being a teen. One thing Disney excels at is being a crutch. Sometimes the person is not strong enough to carry themselves. Above all the best thing about Disney is the empowerment you are guaranteed to have as a fan. I can not be any happier that I was able to grow up in an era of Disney.