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I am a high school senior at St. Joseph Hill Academy in Staten Island, NY. My journey began with unexpected obstacles, including the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This drastic change forced a shift to remote learning and was further complicated by the personal loss of my grandfather to COVID-19. However, these adversities only fortified my resolve. By my junior year, I had regained my academic momentum, which mirrors my prior academic achievements at Our Lady Star of the Sea elementary school. Living with juvenile arthritis and lyme disease, I’ve had my fair share of challenges. Yet, these hurdles have only strengthened my pursuit of academic excellence. My commitment to education extends beyond academics. For instance, I've interned at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center, aligning with my ultimate career goal of becoming a licensed mental therapist. My compassion and eagerness for societal betterment have been honed through this experience. Moreover, I have broadened my academic and professional horizons through summer courses at prestigious universities. At USC, I earned a Certificate of Completion in the course "Building Blocks of Business." I also excelled in the "Traditions in Documentary Studies" course at Duke University obtaining an 'A' in the course as well as UCLA's "Theory of Persuasive Communication" for the summer session. I have been active in extracurricular activities, contributing to the Art Club, Italian Club, Drama Club, and American Cancer Society at my high school.


Saint Joseph Hill Academy

High School
2020 - 2024
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    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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    • Education, General
    • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other
    • Social Work
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Higher Education

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    • Intern/Volunteer

      Next Wind Recovery
      2022 – Present2 years



    2020 – Present4 years


    • Psychology, General

      UCLA — Student
      2023 – 2023
    • Business/Commerce, General

      USC Marshall School of Business — Student
      2023 – 2023
    • Journalism

      Duke University — Student
      2023 – 2023


    • High School

      Wizard of Oz
      2022 – 2022

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Next Wind Recovery — Intern/volunteer
      2022 – Present

    Future Interests



    Ryan Yebba Memorial Mental Health Scholarship
    As a dedicated student and an active volunteer, I have a firm commitment to advocating for progress and social change, especially in addressing bullying and harassment in K-12 education. My journey so far, including my involvement at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient rehabilitation facility located in Engelwood, New Jersey, has laid the foundation for this advocacy. In my high school, I have taken proactive steps to foster an inclusive and supportive environment. Through my participation in clubs like the Drama Club and Special Olympics Club, I have worked to create spaces where every student feels valued and respected, countering the culture that often leads to bullying. I've also been a part of discussions and campaigns within my school to raise awareness about the impacts of bullying and harassment, emphasizing empathy and mutual respect among peers. Looking ahead, I aim to further this advocacy by utilizing digital platforms and community outreach programs. I plan to collaborate with school administrations to implement comprehensive anti-bullying policies, which include regular workshops and counseling sessions for students. Additionally, I believe peer mentoring programs can be instrumental in mitigating bullying, as they provide students with relatable role models and a supportive network. My interest in pursuing a career in mental health stems from both personal and professional experiences. Living with juvenile arthritis and Lyme disease, I have firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by young individuals struggling with health issues, and the impact these can have on mental well-being. My internship at Next Wind Recovery has further solidified my resolve to work in this field, as I witnessed the transformative power of compassionate mental health care. I intend to streamline the process of obtaining appropriate treatment options for children and adolescents struggling with mental health and bullying by advocating for integrated care models in schools. This involves a multi-disciplinary approach where educators, mental health professionals, and families collaborate to provide comprehensive support. Early intervention programs are crucial, and I advocate for regular mental health screenings in schools, coupled with easily accessible counseling services. Moreover, I plan to work on developing clear and straightforward pathways for care, which include guiding families through the process of seeking help, understanding their options, and accessing necessary resources. This could be achieved through the creation of online portals that provide information, resources, and direct links to local mental health services. In my future career, I aim to specialize in pediatric mental health, focusing on creating tailored treatment plans that address the unique needs of children and adolescents affected by bullying. This would not only involve traditional therapy methods but also incorporate innovative approaches like art and drama therapy, which can be particularly effective in helping young people express themselves and heal. In conclusion, my commitment to advocating for progress in addressing bullying and harassment in K-12 education is deeply intertwined with my aspiration to pursue a career in mental health. I am dedicated to creating a world where every child has access to the care and support they need to overcome challenges and thrive.
    1989 (Taylor's Version) Fan Scholarship
    If my 2023 had a soundtrack from "1989 (Taylor’s Version)", it would undoubtedly feature a few key tracks that resonate with my journey this year. "Welcome To New York" - This track would symbolize my immersion into various academic environments. Venturing into renowned institutions like the University of Southern California, Duke University, and UCLA during the summer felt like stepping into a new world, just like Taylor's experience moving to the vibrant city of New York. Each university offered a fresh perspective, a unique challenge, and a chance to expand my horizons. "Out of The Woods" - My time at Next Wind Recovery has been eye-opening and occasionally fraught with challenges. This song, with its intense repetition and evocative lyrics about uncertainty and struggle, mirrors the ups and downs I witnessed and navigated through in the rehabilitation center. Yet, amidst all the uncertainty, there was always hope and a drive to push forward. "I Wish You Would" - Given the personal challenges you mentioned earlier, like dealing with juvenile arthritis, Lyme disease, and the loss of a loved one, this track's nostalgic and introspective tone captures the bittersweet nature of memories, longing, and resilience. It's a reflection of strength amidst vulnerability. "Shake It Off" - This would represent my involvement in numerous clubs and extracurricular activities like the Drama Club Stage Crew, Special Olympics Club, Art Club, and others. These were moments where I could take a break, enjoy my passions, and connect with peers, shaking off the pressures of academia and the weight of responsibilities. "Clean" - The ending track to represent the culmination of my experiences in 2023. Just as Taylor sings about emerging from the rain, refreshed and renewed, I view my year as one of personal growth, evolution, and clarity. Whether it was through rigorous academic pursuits, my commitment to community service, or the many challenges faced, I've come out stronger, more informed, and with a clearer vision of my path ahead. These songs from "1989 (Taylor's Version)" profoundly resonate with my journey throughout 2023, capturing the myriad emotions I've navigated, from the highs of academic achievements to the deep introspection triggered by personal challenges. Every track chosen mirrors a specific phase or lesson from this year. Like a rollercoaster, my experiences have been filled with exhilarating peaks, such as my enriching summer sessions at prestigious institutions, and challenging troughs, as I confronted personal health battles and contributed at Next Wind Recovery. Yet, each song paints a picture of resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of passion — whether that's in education, community service, or personal interests. The album, with its diverse range of themes and moods, aptly mirrors the multifaceted experiences and growth I've undergone this year, making "1989 (Taylor's Version)" an emblematic soundtrack to my 2023 journey.
    Jeanie A. Memorial Scholarship
    Life has a curious way of presenting challenges just when you think you have everything figured out. The year I began my volunteer work at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center, was such a time. I ventured into the position with the anticipation of making a difference in the lives of those battling addiction. However, I had not fully grasped the depth of emotional and professional challenges I would encounter. My first week at Next Wind was overwhelming. Seeing individuals in the throes of addiction and the stark reality of their struggles made me question my ability to genuinely help. I remember a particular instance where I was tasked with creating outreach materials. As I was crafting messages of hope and recovery, it dawned on me just how monumental the journey was for each individual. Could my efforts truly resonate with someone enduring such profound pain? The weight of the responsibility was intense. But as days turned into weeks, I began to see glimmers of hope. There was the middle-aged man who, after weeks of reluctance, began opening up in therapy sessions. There was the young woman who proudly showed off her one-month sobriety chip. Each story, each victory, however small, became a testament to human resilience and an inspiration for me. Emulating their perseverance, I started to focus on my strengths and how they could be channeled effectively. I leaned into my empathetic nature, using it as a tool to connect with patients and staff alike. I took the initiative in understanding the complex world of rehabilitation, seeking guidance from professionals to better craft our outreach messages. Gradually, the same tasks that once seemed daunting became second nature. However, the real test of my resilience came during a challenging period at the center. We were facing funding cuts, which meant fewer resources and increased workloads. Staff morale was low, and it was a race against time to ensure patients received the care they needed. Despite the adversity, I chose to double down on my commitment. Drawing inspiration from the very people we were helping, I spent extra hours at the center, assisting wherever needed, and even taking on tasks outside my initial role. Through these trials, Next Wind Recovery taught me that resilience isn't just about bouncing back from adversity. It's about growing through the challenges, leveraging them to become stronger, and forging ahead with an unwavering commitment. The experience solidified my belief that with dedication and a heart driven by purpose, any obstacle can be transformed into an opportunity for growth.
    Youth Equine Service Scholarship
    Volunteering at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center, has been a transformative experience that has taught me profound lessons about myself. As I assisted the social work executive in creating outreach material and supported the executive team in general office duties, I uncovered strengths, passions, and sensitivities within myself that I hadn't realized existed. The direct exposure to individuals battling addiction and their intricate journeys to recovery emphasized my inherent empathy. I found that I possessed a genuine ability to connect with and understand their struggles, even if our life paths differed. This capacity to empathize and connect is an invaluable trait, especially in a field as sensitive as mental therapy. This experience confirmed my belief that genuine care and understanding can make a world of difference in another person's life. Additionally, working closely with professionals at Next Wind Recovery unveiled my propensity for collaboration and team effort. I quickly learned that effective rehabilitation is not the result of one person's efforts, but rather a collective endeavor. This collaborative experience instilled in me the significance of trust, mutual respect, and open communication when working as part of a team. It reinforced that every individual, no matter their role, contributes significantly to the bigger picture. My time at Next Wind also highlighted my adaptability and ability to take initiative. In an environment where situations can change rapidly and new challenges arise unexpectedly, I found myself stepping up, adapting to new situations, and finding innovative solutions to problems. This proactive approach wasn't something I was overtly aware of before my volunteer work but is now an attribute I deeply value and intend to hone further in my future endeavors. Furthermore, engaging with people who were at various stages of their recovery process made me confront my own preconceived notions and biases. It taught me the importance of being non-judgmental and reinforced that everyone is battling their own unique challenges. I've come to value the power of listening and realized that sometimes, just being there as a supportive presence can have a profound impact. In conclusion, my volunteer service at Next Wind Recovery has been more than just an opportunity to give back to the community. It has been a mirror reflecting back essential aspects of who I am and who I aspire to be. As I move forward with my goal of becoming a licensed mental therapist, I know that the lessons I've learned and the self-awareness I've gained at Next Wind will serve as foundational pillars in my professional journey.
    Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship
    Receiving the Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship would be a pivotal support in my journey to become a licensed mental therapist with the hopes of attending law school to specialize in healthcare law. I aim to enhance mental health policies and provide a support system for those who are struggling, making the pathway to mental well-being more equitable and empathetic. I’ve faced personal challenges, including health conditions and the loss of my grandfather to COVID-19. These experiences have fueled my resolve to support others through their mental health journeys. My ongoing internship at Next Wind Recovery has been a profound experience, allowing me to understand the complexities of mental health struggles and the importance of compassionate support. It has solidified my commitment to enhancing mental well-being and has been a practical step in learning how to help others effectively. Continuing my involvement with Next Wind is crucial for my professional development and for maintaining a consistent support presence for those utilizing the center’s services. The financial support from this scholarship would enable me to balance my academic pursuits with my commitment to Next Wind, ensuring that I can continue to contribute to the center while pursuing my education. In addition to my high school education, I have sought diverse learning opportunities to deepen my knowledge and perspectives in areas aligning with my career goals. The summer courses I attended at renowned institutions have been important in shaping my intellectual foundations and providing me with insights that are integral to my future endeavors in mental therapy and healthcare law. At the University of Southern California, I delved into the ‘Building Blocks of Business,’ a course that imparted a nuanced understanding of creating dynamic and sustainable businesses. This knowledge is crucial, as it will enable me to navigate the intricate landscapes of healthcare systems, ensuring that mental therapy services are accessible, sustainable, and effectively managed. My experience at Duke University was equally enriching, where I explored ‘Traditions in Documentary Studies.’ This course refined my ability to understand and represent realities, teaching me the importance of narrative and perspective in conveying truths, a skill that is indispensable in advocacy and policy reform in healthcare law. Lastly, the ‘Theory of Persuasive Communication’ course at UCLA is aiding in developing my communication skills, emphasizing the importance of effective dialogue in promoting mental well-being and facilitating change within the healthcare sector. Understanding the art and science of persuasion is fundamental in advocating for more empathetic and equitable mental health policies and laws. Each of these experiences has served to broaden my outlook, strengthen my resolve, and enrich my understanding of the multifaceted dimensions of mental therapy and healthcare law. They have provided me with varied lenses to view challenges and devise innovative solutions, which I believe will be instrumental in achieving my aspiration of blending mental therapy expertise with legal acumen to contribute meaningfully to mental health discourse and reform. The scholarship would significantly alleviate the financial burden of pursuing higher education, allowing me to immerse myself in my studies and to focus on acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to make a substantial impact in the fields of mental health and healthcare law. In essence, securing the Morgan Levine Dolan Community Service Scholarship would be instrumental in facilitating my goals of merging mental therapy with healthcare law to foster significant, compassionate reforms in mental healthcare policies and practices.
    Mental Health Scholarship for Women
    Throughout my academic journey, mental well-being has undeniably played a pivotal role in determining my performance and influencing my personal life. My challenges of juvenile arthritis and Lyme disease have emphasized the gravity of mental health and its impact on my academic endeavors. Embarking on academic journeys at renowned institutions like the University of Southern California, Duke University, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) presented a diverse range of enlightening yet demanding courses. One of the most influential was my enrollment in UCLA's 'Theory of Persuasive Communication'. This course, alongside my other summer courses entitled 'Building Blocks of Business' at USC and 'Traditions in Documentary Studies' at Duke, emphasized the deep connections between mental well-being, effective communication, and business strategy. They taught me that understanding intricate subjects necessitated a balance between intellectual engagement and mental well-being. Such courses didn't just expand my academic horizons, but they highlighted the importance of maintaining a strong mental stance to not only grasp complex concepts but to implement them effectively in real-world scenarios. Throughout these academic experiences, mental and physical stamina refined my adaptability which is an attribute I've come to cherish and which I believe will serve me well in future academic and professional endeavors. Away from the rigors of school, my real-life engagements have brought into sharp focus the indispensable role mental health plays in our daily lives. An important chapter in this journey is my internship at Next Wind Recovery. Here, I've experienced into the world of addiction recovery, obtaining invaluable, firsthand insights into the multifaceted challenges of mental health. Watching and being a part of the transformative phases of some of these individuals' lives has enriched my understanding of human resilience. Their stories have not only amplified my empathetic outlook but have also stressed the essence of mental strength and its profound impact on healing and recovery. In ensuring my mental health remains a priority, I've strived to anchor my daily routines around activities that nourish my mind and spirit. Meditation, exercise, listening to music and journaling have become my sanctuaries. Pursuits such as jet skiing, art, and swimming act as therapeutic escapes, offering necessary mental reprieves amidst intensive academic commitments. Through my participation in diverse clubs and groups in high school, I've forged bonds with friends who understand and support each other even during challenging periods. Lastly, ongoing learning not only broadens my horizons but also equips me with tools to better manage my mental well-being. In sum, my path has been marked by distinct challenges, but these very challenges have refined my understanding of and approach to mental health. With the support of my family, friends, and schools, coupled with hands-on experiences like my time at Next Wind Recovery, I've fortified my commitment to mental health, ensuring it remains at the forefront of my journey through life.
    Barbara Cain Literary Scholarship
    Throughout my academic and personal journey, I've encountered various books that have influenced my worldview, ambitions, and overall perspective on life's challenges and possibilities. One notable instance is my summer session at the University of Southern California, where I immersed myself in a course titled ‘Building Blocks of Business: Tools for Creating a Dynamic and Sustainable Business’. Here, literature on entrepreneurship and sustainable practices in business gave me insights into the core tenets of running a successful venture. Such readings resonated with my experience at Next Wind Recovery, where I observed the interplay of business operations and empathetic patient care in an outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation setting. Furthermore, as I pursued 'Traditions in Documentary Studies' at Duke University, I was exposed to literary works that showcased the importance of storytelling in preserving history and shaping culture. The narratives mirrored the work I did with the Drama Club Stage Crew, orchestrating stories and bringing characters to life on stage. I realized the importance of every individual's story, be it on a stage, in a documentary, or in the rehab rooms of Next Wind Recovery. Books focused on the psychology of human interaction have further complemented my course on the ‘Theory of Persuasive Communication’ at UCLA. This synthesis of knowledge has underscored the role of effective communication in healthcare, especially in my role at Next Wind Recovery, where clear communication can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful rehabilitation. Drawing from personal challenges, memoirs, and accounts of individuals grappling with chronic conditions have had a profound impact on me. They echo my struggles with juvenile arthritis and Lyme disease and have fostered a sense of empathy and resilience. Inspired by these accounts, and guided by my personal history, I’ve anchored my goals towards a career in psychology and mental health counseling. As I envision my future in psychology and mental health counseling, biographies of pioneers in these fields become my guiding stars, motivating me to blend passion with purpose. Lastly, my involvement in diverse clubs and community service, from the Art Club to the American Cancer Society Club, has expanded my worldview. Each book I've picked up along these adventures, whether directly related to these activities or not, has served as a chapter, guiding me towards a holistic, compassionate approach in both my professional and personal pursuits. In essence, every book I've encountered has been a mentor, teaching me lessons, inspiring empathy, and encouraging resilience. These literary journeys have shaped my goals, focusing them on service, understanding, and impactful change.
    'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' Insight Scholarship
    "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," at its heart, is more than just a portrait of the nostalgic look of 1960s Hollywood. I believe that it's an exploration of relationships and the types of bonds that are not defined by societal classes or professional titles but by trust, understanding, and shared experiences. The dynamic between Rick Dalton, an actor at the beginning of the movie on the decline in his career, and Cliff Booth, his dedicated stunt double serves as the heartbeat of the film. Their relationship isn't predicated on the bright lights or the movie sets. Instead, it's grounded in genuine affection, mutual respect, and a shared history of navigating Hollywood. Drawing parallels from this, my life too has been a compilation of relationships and shared experiences. While my educational pursuits at institutions like Saint Joseph Hill Academy, USC, Duke, and UCLA have laid the foundation for my academic and professional aspirations, it's the relationships I've forged along the way that have given my journey depth and meaning. Rick and Cliff treat each other as equals and their dynamic stands out as refreshingly genuine. In many ways, the foundation of their relationship is built on mutual respect and their unwavering commitment to each other's well-being. Whether it's Rick's evident vulnerabilities or Cliff's moments of introspection, they offer each other a shoulder, serving as each other's anchor in the unpredictable tide of Hollywood. In times of adversity, it isn’t the glitz or accolades that pull one through but the genuine connections and friendships forged along the way. I interned at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center in New Jersey. The ways I witnessed individuals supported one another reminded me of Rick and Cliff's in a way. Recovery is a deeply personal journey, yet it's the shared experiences, the silent camaraderie, and the unwavering support of others that often lighten its weight. Just as Cliff was there to pull Rick out of his moments of self-doubt, individuals in recovery found solace in the collective strength of their community. The parallel between these two worlds reinforced my belief in the power of genuine human connections. In both settings, it's the bonds of true friendship and understanding that emerge as the real heroes, guiding individuals through their most trying times. Whether we find ourselves under the dazzling lights of Hollywood or during real-world challenges, the stories we cherish the most are those punctuated by genuine relationships, shared adventures, and the unspoken understanding that we're all in this together. As I continue on my journey, I take with me not just academic knowledge or professional experiences, but a deep appreciation for the Cliffs in my life who've stood by me, sharing both the limelight and the shadows.
    Ambition Scholarship
    My career dreams lie somewhere at the crossroads of mental health therapy and the legal frameworks of healthcare law that seek to protect those seeking assistance. My goal is to obtain an influential role in mental health and addiction therapy and perhaps in healthcare law. I wish to positively contribute to a society where any individuals navigating through these challenges are met with empathy and ultimately are protected by laws that prioritize their health and well-being. To pave the way towards achieving these dreams, I have enrolled over this past summer at three (3) prestigious universities to gain academic knowledge as well as continued my internship at Next Wind Recovery. At The University of Southern California, I studied the building blocks of business. This rigorous program involved an overview of the aspects of business operations and strategies as well as the different types of organizational structures and the dynamics of team leadership. At Duke University, I enrolled in a course entitled 'Documentary Studies' which helped to sharpen my ability to capture and convey personal journeys through various types of articles, art and documentaries. I found it invaluable to the extent one day hopefully I am able to champion the rights and experiences of patients. Lastly, my coursework at UCLA on 'The Theory of Persuasive Communication' was phenomenal and so interesting which discussed the mechanics of effective dialogue and influence. However, my hands-on experience at Next Wind Recovery in Englewood, New Jersey has been the most beneficial and exhilarating. There, I worked together with their passionate team members to help develop outreach materials for drug rehabilitation as well as to sit in on some meetings which provided me with profound insights into the realities faced by those on their recovery journey. Their intimate stories revealed the real complexities of addiction and I've come to now appreciate the relationships of therapy, community involvement, and the importance of effective outreach in facilitating recovery paths for individuals. In sum, my journey so far can be characterized by a mix of academic endeavors and real-world insights, particularly from my time at Next Wind Recovery. As I move forward, I am driven by the dream of becoming a licensed mental and/or drug counseling therapist possibly seeking a law degree thereafter which would specialize in healthcare law in order to ensure both support and protection for each affected individual in their mental health or addiction recovery journey.
    “The Office” Obsessed! Fan Scholarship
    Like many high school students perusing NetFlix for something to watch, I've been exposed to the charm and hilarity of "The Office." Watching Michael Scott's antics, Dwight's bizarre obsession with bears and Battlestar Galactica, and Jim's unforgettable pranks, I easily find myself laughing and reminiscing about my school life and extracurricular activities. While it's tempting to choose any of the above characters, the character I resonate most with is none other than Pam Beesly. Pam's initial journey as a receptionist navigating the maze of workplace dynamics, much like my role as an intern at Next Wind Recovery, has taught me the significance of effective communication, adaptability, and the importance of possessing soft skills in a professional setting. Her quiet determination and underlying ambition are reminiscent of my journey, from organizing school events at P.S. 069 Daniel D. Tompkins School to actively participating in various school clubs. Furthermore, Pam's passion for art mirrors my love for drawing and creating. I have been involved in the Art Club from grades 9 through 12. Just as she used her art to illustrate Dunder Mifflin’s building, I, too, through art, have aimed to add beauty and personality to my surroundings, from school projects, school plays and to club events. Pam’s transition from a shy artist in the early seasons to a more confident, mature one in the latter episodes parallels my journey of self-discovery and growth, both personally and artistically. Watching 'The Office' has also refined my appreciation for humor, highlighting the distinctions of comedic timing, the finesse in delivery, and the understated style of subtlety. The bond showcased among the staff of Dunder Mifflin is reflective of the varied personalities one can encounter in a school or professional setting, like an office. This has highlighted the value of harmony even in diverse environments, guiding me in my interactions during school activities, internships, and volunteer roles. As I approach graduation and venture towards my college journey, I not only carry with me the academic insights and rich experiences from my internships and clubs, but also the invaluable life lessons and humor I've derived from 'The Office.' Channeling the essence of Pam Beesly, I'm set on charting my course, armed with a dash of humor, some persistence, and confidence in my potential.
    VonDerek Casteel Being There Counts Scholarship
    I am a senior high school student at Saint Joseph Hill Academy, with a strong commitment to mental health awareness and community service. My academic journey has been enhanced by several summer sessions at prestigious universities like the University of Southern California, Duke University, and UCLA, where I honed my skills in business, documentary studies, and persuasive communication. I also bring hands-on experience through my ongoing internship at Next Wind Recovery, where I assist with creating outreach materials for outpatient drug rehabilitation. Despite facing health challenges such as Lyme disease and juvenile arthritis, my determination has never wavered. This resilience is an outcome of my deep-rooted Catholic faith, which has been a steady moral compass and a source of inner strength in my life. My career goal is to become a mental health therapist, later specializing in healthcare law. I intend to employ my passion for helping people to provide effective counseling and navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. This multi-faceted approach is driven by the knowledge gaps I've noticed in the industry during my time at Next Wind Recovery, and I feel it's essential to address both mental health and the legal aspects of healthcare to provide comprehensive support to individuals in need. I believe I deserve this scholarship for multiple reasons. I have consistently displayed academic excellence, even while managing an internship and being actively involved in extracurricular activities and community service. My personal struggles with health issues have only fueled my determination to excel, as they've given me unique insights into the vulnerabilities and needs of those who are suffering. I am committed to making a significant impact in the mental health field and have shown my dedication through my choice of academic programs and work experience. The scholarship would be an investment not just in my education but also in the future of mental health care. Receiving this scholarship would alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with higher education, allowing me to focus more on my studies and research. It would also enable me to seek further training, attend relevant conferences, and even initiate community projects related to mental health. This would be particularly valuable in refining my skills and broadening my understanding of real-world applications in the mental health arena. I chose the field of mental health therapy and healthcare law because I have always been drawn to helping people. This inclination is deeply rooted in my upbringing and my Catholic faith, which has always stressed the importance of community service and compassion for others. My experiences at Next Wind Recovery have solidified this decision, exposing me to the complexities of mental health issues and the importance of accessible healthcare. Being able to combine both these aspects into a career is an exciting prospect, one that I am eager to explore further with the assistance of this scholarship.
    Arthur and Elana Panos Scholarship
    Navigating into my college years, my faith and upbringing in Catholic schools serve as my ethical compass, particularly during my academic summer sessions and my internship at Next Wind Recovery. This past summer was not a typical beach vacation. Instead, they were packed with educational pursuits. I enrolled in courses like 'Building Blocks of Business' at USC, 'Traditions in Documentary Studies' at Duke, and 'Theory of Persuasive Communication' at UCLA. I saw these courses not just as extra credit but as opportunities for moral and intellectual growth, aligning with the Catholic values of lifelong learning and the pursuit of wisdom. Further, I have been interning at Next Wind Recovery (which is an outpatient treatment facility located in Englewood, New Jersey) was a profound experience that resonated with my Catholic upbringing. It was like putting my faith into action. There, I met a resilient woman (one of many) who completely turned her life around, and her story was a living testament to the Catholic teachings about redemption and the indomitable human spirit. The individuals who work at Next Wind Recovery are not just healthcare professionals; they are inspiring life-changers who inspire me every day. Their dedication to the well-being of others mirrors the Christian call to serve one another. My health struggles with juvenile arthritis and Lyme disease tested my resilience. It was during these trials that the essence of community and faith in the Catholic doctrine truly became apparent. Along with medical treatments, what got me through was the prayer and spiritual solace that has always been part of my life. The loss of my grandfather to COVID-19 was another heavy blow, but the rites and support from my faith community helped me to cope, and in doing so, fortified my resolve to make a significant difference in the healthcare sector. As I look toward a career in healthcare, each of these experiences, my summer courses, my time at Next Wind, my personal health challenges, and my lifelong Catholic education, shape my path. With the strong ethical foundation instilled in me through my Catholic upbringing, I am not only equipped but feel compelled to offer compassionate, competent, and moral healthcare services. My faith is more than a belief system. It's my support network, my moral guide, and the core of who I am. It will be with me always, whether I am in a college classroom or further in my career.
    Walking In Authority International Ministry Scholarship
    I engage with my community by taking direct actions that reflect a deep sense of responsibility. This urge to contribute has its roots in my personal experiences, academic pursuits, and professional life. My internship at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center, was a life-changing experience. Working closely with devoted healthcare professionals showed me the lasting impact of compassion and skill. These interactions shaped my understanding of what it means to be involved in a community. Facing health challenges like juvenile arthritis and Lyme disease has provided me with valuable insights. I know what it's like to navigate the healthcare system from the inside. These personal experiences drive me to advocate for better healthcare policies and public awareness programs. My own struggles have made me keenly aware of the challenges that many people face. This awareness pushes me to contribute in ways that can improve the overall well-being of my community. The sudden loss of my grandfather to COVID-19 further intensified my commitment. This deeply personal experience reminded me how important it is to work toward better public health and safety. I now feel an even greater urgency to be actively involved in my community. By educating and advocating, I aim to minimize such tragic losses in the future. My academic experiences have also been key in preparing me for this role. Intensive summer courses at respected institutions like USC, Duke, and UCLA have expanded my knowledge and skills. At USC, the course 'Building Blocks of Business' gave me useful tools. At Duke, my course in 'Traditions in Documentary Studies' offered another perspective. These educational experiences are not just about earning certificates. They show my commitment to becoming a well-rounded individual who can make meaningful contributions to society. Being an avid jet-skier and holding a Boating Safety Certificate serve as another path to community involvement. These aren't just hobbies or personal milestones. They allow me to promote water safety and responsible behavior in my community, contributing to its overall safety. But it's not only the big acts that count. Even small, everyday actions can make a difference. Whether it's assisting a neighbor, volunteering at a local shelter, or simply being a responsible citizen, every bit helps. For me, being involved in my community is a part of everyday life, made up of both small gestures and major commitments. The more lives I see touched, the more challenges I overcome, and the more I learn, the more inspired I become to keep serving my community in every way I can.
    Sean Carroll's Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship
    Understanding the nature of our universe is a necessity that holds profound implications for our lives and intellectual curiosity. I aspire to become a licensed mental health and counseling therapist and the study of mental health is interconnected with questions about human nature, society, and even the universe. During my internship at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center in Englewood, New Jersey, I've had the privilege of working alongside professionals who embody the same drive to understand and improve the human condition. This environment has been incredibly enriching and enlightening. The team at Next Wind Recovery demonstrates that healthcare should be about individualized and compassionate treatment. Their dedication is a source of inspiration for me and provides practical insights into the complexities of human psychology, behavioral science, and medical ethics. Their commitment to empowering individuals in their journey toward recovery is symbolic of the value, dignity and worth of every human being. The patients have equally been inspiring in shaping my understanding of healthcare. One patient, a resilient woman rebuilding her life after years of substance abuse, has left an indelible mark on me. Her journey toward recovery has been halted with relapses and social and emotional hurdles. Yet, she persevered, fueled by resilience and hope. Observing her transformation up close has taught me that healthcare is far from a one-size-fits-all model. It's about understanding the intricate web of individual experiences, social factors, and genetic predispositions. This is the type of understanding I hope to bring to mental health research in the future, framed within a larger context of societal and even cosmic questions about human life. The drive to understand life's complexities is an academic and personal endeavor. I've faced my own set of medical challenges, including juvenile arthritis and Lyme disease. These experiences, though debilitating, have offered me a unique perspective on the healthcare system and instilled a sense of urgency in me to understand the underlying causes and potential solutions to health problems. Furthermore, the sudden loss of my grandfather to COVID-19 intensified my resolve. It was a harsh reminder that even in our age of technological advancements and medical breakthroughs, we are still susceptible to unexpected, catastrophic events and pandemics. We need to seek a deeper understanding of our biological systems, both to improve current treatments and to prepare for future challenges. My commitment to understanding is not limited to my future profession. This summer, I further broadened my academics by enrolling in specialized courses at prestigious institutions. At USC, I obtained a Certificate of Completion for the course "Building Blocks of Business: Tools for Creating a Dynamic and Sustainable Business." At Duke University, I excelled in a course on "Traditions in Documentary Studies" (obtaining an ‘A”). I am currently enrolled in UCLA's course on the "Theory of Persuasive Communication." Each of these educational experiences has provided me with tools for critical thinking and has broadened my perspective on how various fields, from business to communication, intersect with healthcare. They are the foundations of my goal of becoming a well-rounded, highly knowledgeable healthcare professional equipped to enact meaningful change. Beyond my academic and professional pursuits, I am an avid jet skier with a Boating Safety Certificate, Riding through the open waters, I often find myself contemplating the delicate balance of our ecosystems and how water, the most basic element of life, ties into the greater fabric of the universe. Today's world is loaded with challenges that range from social and economic disparities to environmental degradation. Each of these issues is a piece of a larger puzzle that makes up our complex universe. Therefore, it's essential that we invest in a comprehensive understanding of our world. It's not enough to specialize in one field. We must also learn how all fields intersect, overlap, and inform one another. In conclusion, the universe's complexities may be immense, but they are not insurmountable. Through focused study, interdisciplinary approaches, and a commitment to understanding, we can work towards untangling these complexities. Whether it's in mental health, the intricacies of business dynamics, or even the simple joy of jet skiing, every experience is a piece of a larger puzzle. Each piece not only teaches us something new about our world.
    Medford Volunteer Ambulance Aspiring Healthcare Hero’s Scholarship
    Ever since I was young, I've had a deep-rooted curiosity about how the world works, specifically in the field of healthcare. My name is Sienna (a senior at Saint Joseph Hill Academy located in Staten Island, New York), and my personal journey battling juvenile arthritis and lyme disease has given me firsthand experience of the challenges and rewards within the healthcare system. This struggle has fortified my commitment to becoming a licensed mental health and counseling therapist. My passion for healthcare is also deeply influenced by my internship at Next Wind Recovery since the fall of 2022, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center located in Englewood, New Jersey. There, I've had the privilege to work alongside some of the most dedicated professionals in the field. The resilience and hope that I've seen in the patients I've interacted with, particularly a woman who managed to rebuild her life against overwhelming odds, have inspired me immensely. This experience has taught me that healthcare is not just about medicine; it's about changing lives, one individual at a time. Their work ethic and compassion for their patients leave an indelible mark on me. Their commitment to healthcare and their ability to make a genuine difference in people's lives have significantly influenced my career aspirations. The way they integrate therapy with emotional support reaffirms my belief that the best healthcare is patient-centered and personalized. At Next Wind, I met a woman who has since become a symbol of resilience for me. Her struggle with addiction had cost her job, family, and self-respect. Yet, her determination to turn her life around was awe-inspiring. Over time, I watched her transition from a state of despair to one of hope and eventual recovery. Her journey taught me that healthcare isn't just about administering medication; it's about helping people positively rewrite their life stories. Her transformation has made me passionate about the possibility of giving people not just better health, but better lives. I've also sought out academic enrichment through prestigious summer programs at USC, Duke, and UCLA, where I've broadened my understanding of business, documentary studies, and persuasive communication which are skills I believe are essential for effective healthcare advocacy. Beyond academics and professional life, I balance myself with a variety of hobbies. I am an active jet skier, and obtaining my Boating Safety Certificate demonstrated my resilience and commitment to pursuing interests outside the academic sphere. I also enjoy art and drama and contribute to the American Cancer Society at school, which provides a balanced lifestyle that enriches my understanding of human emotions which is an essential skill for anyone in healthcare. I've also been active in my community, engaging in various outreach programs. I've volunteered at public schools, offering both educational and emotional support to students. My involvement in fundraisers and awareness campaigns through clubs at my school has taught me the value of community and strengthened my resolve to effect positive change in my future career. In conclusion, my plan to make a positive impact in the healthcare field is to merge my academic and practical knowledge with my natural compassion.
    Harriett Russell Carr Memorial Scholarship
    In my daily life, I strive for excellence by pushing the boundaries of what's possible in both my academic and professional endeavors. This spirit of excellence is evident in my dedication to my studies, which has enabled me to earn consistently higher grades, despite dealing with challenges such as juvenile arthritis, lyme disease, and a very emotional loss in my family due to COVID. My ambition has driven me to seek enrichment beyond regular coursework, as demonstrated by my completion of summer programs at prestigious institutions such as USC, Duke, and UCLA. Each of these experiences has served to deepen my thirst for academic knowledge and broaden my horizons, equipping me with invaluable skills and perspectives that I carry into all areas of my life. Furthermore, my internship at Next Wind Recovery has been instrumental in molding my character and fortifying my commitment to societal betterment. It has allowed me to witness firsthand the transformative power of empathy, resilience, and professional guidance. Inspired by the professionals at the center, I aim to become a licensed mental health therapist. The experiences I've had there have been both humbling and invigorating, affirming my belief that excellence is not just about personal achievement, but also about the positive impact we can have on others. In terms of giving back to my community, I have been actively involved in a myriad of volunteer activities and social initiatives. At St. Joseph Hill Academy, I was a part of several clubs and organizations focused on community service, from the Art Club to the American Cancer Society. Additionally, I have volunteered at public schools and even at the drug rehabilitation center, beyond my internship, to lend a helping hand where needed. My active participation in these extracurricular activities and volunteer programs serves as a tangible expression of my desire to contribute positively to the lives of those around me. To me, excellence is not an end state, but a mindset. It is about continually striving to improve, remaining curious, and being open to life's limitless possibilities. Equally important is the sense of responsibility to use the opportunities I've been given to make a lasting, positive impact on my community and society at large. Whether it's by providing emotional support and counseling in the realm of mental health or by pushing the boundaries of academic knowledge, I aim to be a living example of how the quest for excellence can manifest in manifold and meaningful ways.
    Book Lovers Scholarship
    If I could recommend just one book for everyone in the world to read, it would be "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl. The author is a Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist who delves into the essence of human suffering, resilience, and the quest for purpose. It resonates deeply with my personal journey, especially my experiences interning at Next Wind Recovery, an outpatient drug rehabilitation center. Working at Next Wind Recovery has given me unique insights into the human condition, especially in the realm of mental health and addiction. I've been touched by stories of those who, much like Frankl, have been thrust into harrowing circumstances but have found the strength to persist. Frankl's theory of "logotherapy," or healing through meaning, has been a lens through which I've come to view the recovery process, reinforcing my aspiration to become a licensed mental health therapist. During my internship, I met Emily, a woman who managed to overcome addiction, citing her newfound purpose as a parent. Her story could be a case study straight out of Frankl's book; it was her search for meaning in the face of despair that allowed her to transcend her condition. The book doesn't just provide philosophical musings but serves as a practical guide to navigating life's challenges. I've also found it beneficial in academic settings, applying its teachings to my studies in various summer courses at prestigious institutions like USC, Duke, and UCLA. The universal themes of struggle, purpose, and resilience make "Man's Search for Meaning" a must-read for anyone, regardless of age, background, or profession. It is a book that encapsulates the dilemmas faced by my generation giving us a framework to find meaning amidst the chaos. As we millennials and Gen Z-ers strive to make sense of a world facing such economic, environmental, and social challenges, Frankl's wisdom provides both a source of comfort and a call to action. The book serves as a reminder that even when confronted with the harshest of circumstances, we have the freedom to choose our attitude and, in doing so, shape our own destiny.
    Windward Spirit Scholarship
    Reflecting on the "Ode to Millennials-Gen Z," I find the piece compelling and in tune with my experiences as a Gen Z individual. The challenges that the ode outlines are similar to what I've personally observed during my internship at Next Wind Recovery. This outpatient drug rehabilitation center has exposed me to some of the systemic issues our society faces today, from the opioid crisis to mental health stigmas. It was at Next Wind Recovery that I met Emily, a woman who overcame addiction against incredible odds. Inspired by her resilience and the dedication of the staff, my ambition to become a licensed mental health therapist has only grown stronger. The encounters I've had there exemplify the kind of duty to society that the ode describes. This duty, I feel, is one my generation is capable of bearing with grace. While the article accurately outlines the difficulties we face, from economic instability to climate change, it also underscores the resilience and informed optimism that characterize my generation. These challenges have shaped us into a generation that appreciates the interconnected nature of the issues at hand. Our approach is one of embracing complexity, allowing us to develop holistic solutions to intricate problems. I agree with the sentiment expressed in the ode that my generation is eager to accept responsibility for the challenges we have inherited. Far from feeling resentful, my experiences, particularly at Next Wind Recovery, have shown me the importance of proactive engagement in societal issues. The staff's genuine commitment to their duty serves as a daily inspiration for me, fortifying my own sense of responsibility as I step into the future. In essence, the ode captures both the challenges and the promise of my generation. Rather than viewing our situation as a set of insurmountable problems, I see it as an invitation to greatness, an invitation that we are prepared to accept. Therefore, I wholeheartedly believe that we have the potential to rise to the occasion, fulfilling our own unique rendezvous with destiny.
    Fishers of Men-tal Health Scholarship
    I am very interested pursuing a career in mental health counseling. This has been largely shaped by my internship at Next Wind Recovery. This experience has tremendously influenced my personal beliefs, relationships, and career aspirations. During my internship at Next Wind Recovery which is an outpatient drug addiction facility located in Englewood, New Jersey, I met a woman named (let's call her Emily), who was in the early stages of recovery from opioid addiction. The meetings and sessions she participated in were like a window into her addiction issues and how it disrupted every aspect of her life. She has experienced broken relationships to lost jobs. Yet what struck me the most was her resilience. Despite the enormous challenges she faced, Emily was determined to reclaim her life and persevered through the programs. Her strength is inspiring. It made me realize the necessary combination of professional help and personal willpower to overcome mental health and drug addiction struggles. Emily's journey, along with the other patients I encountered, strengthened my belief that mental health is an urgent societal concern requiring collective empathy and action. Every individual has a unique story that needs to be understood in its own context. There should be no preconceived judgments about any person that is seeking help at a facility like Next Wind. My time at Next Wind Recovery increased my capacity for empathy and compassionate listening. Emily’s story like many others there made me a better communicator and listener. Another great aspect of my internship at Next Wind Recovery is the chance to work alongside the Next Wind team like Anthony and Jessica, who are deeply committed professionals. Each staff member person I met has a great sense of purpose that was both uplifting and contagious. Their dedication to patients like Emily highlight the profound impact that compassionate care can have on the road to recovery. To further prepare myself this summer, I've completed courses such as 'Building Blocks of Business' at USC, 'Traditions in Documentary Studies' at Duke (which I received an 'A'), and am currently enrolled in 'Theory of Persuasive Communication' at UCLA. These academic endeavors are aimed to furnish me with a well-rounded skill set that complements my hands-on experience at Next Wind Recovery. My experience at Next Wind Recovery didn’t just prepare me for a specialized career in mental health; it also revealed the person I want to be in this world.