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Sharanya Maddukuri


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High school student interested in a career of law.


Independence High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Law
    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
    • Environmental/Natural Resources Management and Policy
    • Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
    • Business/Commerce, General
    • Criminology
    • Public Administration and Social Service Professions, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Law Practice

    • Dream career goals:



      2014 – Present10 years


      2014 – Present10 years

      Future Interests




      Janean D. Watkins Overcoming Adversity Scholarship
      Do teenage girls have bald spots? I do. I was a one year old baby when my grandmother with rheumatoid arthritis accidentally dropped a vessel of hot soup, leaving me with third degree burns on my head. Maybe it starts with forgiving my grandmother. When I look at my grandmother, I feel the weight of my youth in my hands. It's like a butterfly trapped between my palms. Wilting and wishing, constantly seeking light so that it can grow and experience the world. I look at her hair and I see my own, falling hair, covered in gray. I look into her eyes and I feel my own confidence slipping away. It can’t just be forgiveness, can it? Every time I see her shaky hands serving chai, or her unable to walk, or even her trying to stand up to hug her daughter, the same premonition plays in my mind. I see a graduation cap sitting proudly on my head, a wedding veil blanketing my hair, a tiny hand tugging on my locks, and that bittersweet peace of mind protecting me. Then comes the diagnosis. Her disease becomes my disease, and I lose my confidence all over again. Is this my future? I thought it was too. But, amid my struggle, I discovered it, the squishy comfort that could be made in 5 minutes. As a burn victim, slime became my sanctuary, a place where I could find solace and embrace my scars. That's why I turned my passion into a business called Slimey Elephantss, because I wanted to share the same sense of comfort and joy with others. After melding my affection for elephants and slime, it's now time to perfect the slime-making process. The first element in my slime-making procedure is glue. Glue symbolizes the initial stride on my path to healing. Just as glue binds the elements of slime, my confidence acts as the adhesive that holds my aspirations in unity. With the glue base ready, I infuse color and aroma, bringing vibrancy to the mixture. My slime creations are a reflection of my cherished memories; this product is a homage to my paradise. I am crafting 'Pink Flamingo Beach Cloud,' a fan-favorite in my collection. I chose "Candy Pink" and "Cherry" from my food dye and scents drawers. The color bursts through the white base, mirroring the intensity that drives me. The journey to perfecting my slime-making technique did present its fair share of challenges, but I persevered with determination, continuously experimenting with various recipes until I successfully crafted slimes that filled me with pride, simultaneously becoming prouder of my self image. Liquid starch serves as the component that imbues vivid hues and delightful fragrances, breathing life into this mixture. Likewise, I can complete two degrees at the same time, have a burning passion for the law, and manage successful clubs and a business — but this can only be done if I am ambitious. My ambition propels me forward and binds all aspects of my life into a journey of confidence, growth, and discovery. Slimey Elephantss has been crucial in shaping who I am; showing me that true beauty lies not in flawless skin, but in the strength and courage to rise above adversity. Through embracing my physical scars and channeling my insecurities into a creative outlet, I not only embarked on a journey of self-discovery, but also developed a successful business that continues to inspire others in my community; this is my future. In the end, my scars don’t define my confidence and ambition: I do, by rising above them. The acceptance.
      Fallen "Freaks" Scholarship
      “Just tell us where you were… That’s all we are asking Noura! (Bazelon, 118) ”Deifying the fifth amendment, Amy Weirich, a Shelby County prosecutor, forces Noura Jackson to answer for a capital crime. This prosecutor uses unethical tactics to succeed during trials. Weirich is the living definition of immorality. While reading Charged by Emily Bazelon for the intern book club, I wondered what causes such inhumane actions by such trusted people? Why do civilians not act? Or do they not know? Until reading this book I was not truly open to the idea of injustice in the criminal justice system. In 9th grade, I continuously kept looking for any law related opportunities that I was eligible for. Soon after, I found an opportunity to intern at the Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney’s office and work closely with Buta Biberaj, Loudoun’s Commonwealth Attorney. This internship opened my eyes to a new perspective. Seeing court proceedings first hand, I saw the dismal victims and how repeat offenders get stuck in the cycle. The criminal justice ‘cycle’ is ludicrous. Commit a crime once and you're likely to stay in the criminal justice system your whole life, due to the lack of prison diversion programs and society's stigma against felons. Witnessing what happens in a courtroom, learning lawyers’ duties, and observing case preparation, all fueled the passion of criminal law in me. Though our world is rigid, I remain an optimist. I believe that my work can help influence a change in our society. Now, I’m getting ready to intern at the Commonwealth Attorney’ office once again. This time, my goal is to delve into research on how prosecutors target underrepresented individuals as a result of their tunnel vision. Furthermore, interning at a legal aid clinic in college would allow me to directly assist underrepresented individuals in need of legal support. I believe that an experience like that will allow me to experience a different perspective, the perspective of the victims. It is crucial to shed light on this important issue, and work towards creating a more fair and equitable justice system for the future generations. Since my internship, I've become more aware than ever of the existence of injustice; as a result, wherever I wind up, I intend to make a difference. I want to understand about federal criminal justice reform laws because they are a start in the right direction, since crime rates are still increasing rapidly and are not anticipated to slow down anytime soon. As I continue my studies in criminal justice and politics, I will help better the system and alleviate the stigma associated with it by trying my best to stay educated and educating others; this is my vision.
      Kerry Kennedy Life Is Good Scholarship
      Your Honor, Members of the Jury, today, I stand before you, eager to share a story very dear to the defendant, Ms. Maddukuri—a story of transformation and passion. Holding a piece of paper in my hand, I tear it deliberately, letting the room fill with perplexed silence. "Broken. Broken teeth. Broken home. Broken relationship. And a broken mind. It's devastating how a single phone call can trigger a domino effect, stripping away everything one holds dear." I lock eyes with Judge Fisher and the jury, their nods confirming the impact of my closing statement. I stand contently on the insignia of the Loudoun County Circuit Court, reflecting on how I got to this moment, how my Mock Trial team got me here. Joining my school’s mock trial team was the first step in my journey to pursuing a career in law, justice reform, and public service. Surprisingly, I was slightly hesitant to present my arguments in front of the room. However, with the empowerment of my teammates, I soon found my voice in the team. Room 1403 became my sanctuary, where I devoted countless hours to honing my arguments and embracing and learning from my mistakes. Well, sometimes a sanctuary, other times a battlefield. Emotions run high during our intense competition prep sessions. We challenge each other to think critically and argue persuasively. Armed with that thought, the adrenaline rushes through us when we deliver opening statements, pounce up to object, and perform compelling witness examinations. The classroom becomes our courtroom every Monday, and we become the characters in a legal drama, fighting for justice. Now, as the Captain, I've witnessed our club's expansion into both varsity and junior varsity teams. It has been empowering to guide the JV team, watching their confidence skyrocket as they overcome their public speaking fears, just as I did. As the captain, I've had the chance to guide my teammates through the exhilarating world of courtroom drama. From strategizing our case theory to coaching our attorneys and witnesses, I've learned the importance of effective communication, quick thinking, and inspiring confidence in others. It's been incredible to witness the growth and development of each team member, and I take pride in knowing that I played a part in their success. Whether it's late-night practice sessions or intense competitions, we've faced challenges head-on and emerged stronger as a team. The experience of leading the mock trial team has deepened my passion for legal research and advocacy, and has also shown me the power of leadership in creating a supportive and high-performing team. I'm grateful for the opportunity to lead, learn, and make lasting memories with my mock trial family. Exhilarating and nerve wracking, my passion for mock trial & leadership burns bright. Sue me! Members of the Jury, you are now tasked with a crucial decision. As you deliberate, remember that Ms. Maddukuri's passion for mock trial transcends the exhilaration of victory. The Prosecution may argue that her passion is misguided, but I assure you, her zeal stems from her leadership, her love for the law, and her unwavering commitment to public service. Considering the facts presented, I ask that you find that Ms. Maddukuri is innocent of not being passionate about mock trial. Thank you.