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Sara Steck


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Hello, my name is Sara Steck. I am a current sophomore in college at the University of Findlay majoring in Animal Science Industry. I was a twelve-year member of 4H and joined the Delaware Area Career Center FFA in 2020. At the University I am a member of CFFA as well as their Show Cattle Team. Livestock has always been a very important part of my life. While I am not at school, I work full-time at a standardbred breeding farm. I am always surrounded by animals, whether I am working with my show pigs at home, or on the farm working with broodmares, foals, and breeding stallions. After I graduate college, I plan on becoming an agricultural educator. My high school ag teacher worked very hard to see her students succeed, and I want to inspire the younger generations in the same way that she inspired me.


The University of Findlay

Bachelor's degree program
2022 - 2026
  • Majors:
    • Animal Sciences

Delaware Area Career Center South Campus

High School
2020 - 2022

Rutherford B Hayes High School

High School
2018 - 2022


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Animal Sciences
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Animal Science

    • Dream career goals:

      Agricultural Educator

    • Farm Hand

      Sugar Valley Farm
      2022 – Present2 years
    • Vet Assistant

      ValuVet Wellness
      2021 – 20221 year



    2018 – 20213 years

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Junior Fair Board — Member
      2019 – Present

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    Kevin Boblenz Scholarship
    For someone who did not grow up on a family farm, I somehow fell in love with livestock and agriculture at a young age. I decided that it would take over my life, and I would dedicate my future to educating younger generations about agriculture and animal science. Since I did not start with a large agricultural background, I have worked very hard to prove that I am able to succeed. Throughout my twelve years in 4-H, I held office for ten of those years. I was also president of my FFA chapter at the Delaware Area Career Center. I was very lucky to be able to take care of and show livestock for many years. While I was involved in these programs, I was also a member of the Junior Fair Board at the Delaware County Fair. I exhibited dairy heifers, dairy feeders, beef feeders, and market hogs at my local county fair. I had a love for pigs and wanted to take it a step further and show at open jackpot shows as well as my state fair and other national shows. After showing gilts at the Ohio State Fair and NAILE, I decided to send them to a separate farm to be bred. While I am in school I still go back on weekends to work with the show pigs and babies. On the farm, I help farrow, ear notch, vaccinate, and castrate baby pigs. As I am a student at the University of Findlay majoring in Animal Science Industry, I am able to get additional experience in the barns working with a wide variety of animals. I am also an exhibitor on the university's show cattle team where students have the opportunity to show Aberdeen cattle at the North American International Livestock Exposition. During my time in school, I have learned a lot in the industry and about different animal species like sheep, goats, cattle, and equine. I currently work at a standardbred breeding farm where I manage broodmares, foals, and breeding stallions. I have gained wealth in knowledge about the semen collection process and farm management skills. When I earn my degree, I plan to become an Agricultural Educator so that I will teach high school students about the importance of agriculture and animals. From personal experience, I know that teachers can have a large impact on a student's future. The instructor of the Equine Science program at the Delaware Area Career Center had a very big influence on what I wanted to do after high school. She inspired me to want to help future students become confident in their capabilities and futures. My previous Equine Science instructor believed in my ability and potential, and gave me the resources that I needed to succeed in school. She still continues to help me throughout my years in college and more recently helped me apply for the American FFA Degree. I already had the passion and love for livestock, she just expanded my knowledge and pushed me to do greater. I want to be able to do the same for the future students in my community.
    Bold Giving Scholarship
    Giving something material such as clothing, money or food might seem like a quick act of kindness. They are easy to give because they are easy to get. Although giving things such as time, support and hope are far more complicated than simple acts of kindness. I was so unfortunate to have little parental guidance in my life, but a lot of support coming from my siblings and other family members. My oldest sister cared more about my growth more than anything, and gave me every chance in her capability to become successful. She gave me a life that she had wanted for her children and treats me as if I were hers. She gave me a house that quickly turned into a home. She gave me a barn filled with animals to build my responsibility and leadership capabilities. Giving is so important because of how much was given to me by one person who had no reason to give anything at all. Emotional support is one of the most important things that were given to me throughout my life. Nothing you can touch or see, but a thing that is vital for human growth. My friends are extremely crucial in my life; I cannot see myself being the same person I am now without them. I give emotional support to all who are in need. I give back by sacrificing my own self to support my closest friends in time of need. The only thing my sister expects of me in return for all of her love, is doing the same for the ones I love most; giving nothing but support and positivity through all the rough times.
    Bold New Beginnings TikTok Scholarship