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Samantha Harrington


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I enjoy making others smile and laugh whether that be through telling a joke or making a dessert or meal. When i’m not pursuing culinary or school, i’m often found reading, listening to music, or painting. I would be a great candidate for your scholarship because I always try my hardest and I am great at time management.


Collin County Community College District

Associate's degree program
2023 - 2025
  • GPA:

Prosper High School

High School
2019 - 2023
  • GPA:


  • Desired degree level:

    Associate's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Cooking and Related Culinary Arts, General
    • Culinary, Entertainment, and Personal Services, Other
    • Hospitality Administration/Management
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Food Production

    • Dream career goals:

      Executive Pastry Chef

    • Line Cook

      Hill Top Cafe
      2021 – Present3 years
    • Shift Lead

      Blue Door Cleaning
      2021 – Present3 years



    2010 – 20177 years


    • Health and Medical Administrative Services

      Prosper High School — Researcher
      2019 – 2019


    • Rock Hill Theatre

      2020 – Present
    • Prosper High Theatre

      Lord Of the Flies
      2019 – 2020

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Hope Fellowship — Usher
      2018 – 2021

    Future Interests


    Veterans Next Generation Scholarship
    Any parent's influence can be vital in a child's life, but what that parent has endured can contribute to how a child develops. A great example of this is my mom and myself. My mom served in The Marine Corps for under ten years, so it is safe to say she learned a lot while serving her country, most of which she taught my two sisters and me. First and foremost, she taught us to respect our country and the men and women who have served. Whenever possible we thank them for their service and the sacrifices they made to ensure not only we are safe but also those we are allied with. Secondly, she raised us in a very strict manner and holds us to those standards still. This upbringing allows me to always be on time, prepared for tasks whenever possible, be productive, especially in work and school, to be polite and to treat everyone with respect no matter how "different" they are to me. Plus it is always great working out with her because of her boot camp training! Lastly, all the core values she has taught me, have authentically prepared me for the workforce. I wish to be in the culinary field so military training would come in handy. However, I don’t think I am cut out for the armed forces, however I have always considered it a career option. So even though enlisting doesn't seem like the right choice for me right now, I feel very prepared to enter the real world and run an organized kitchen because of all the skills my mother retained from her time serving our beloved country. Always being on time allows me to run a kitchen efficiently and professionally. Being prepared also contributes to an efficient and professional kitchen because it ensures I have done everything in my power to make things run smoothly. Being productive allows me to stay on task, which is turns allows for everything staying on time. Last but not least, being polite is essential to a kitchen environment. Though a kitchen can feel hectic and volatile, it is crucial that the head chef demonstrates an understanding of every aspect so that the rest of the staff follows in their footsteps. In short, my mom has taught me a lot, however, the most important values she has taught me were from her involvement in the marine corps.
    Barbie Dream House Scholarship
    My Barbie Dream house would be located in the Italian countryside. This location is ideal because I would be able to enjoy the peacefulness of the country while also being able to drive to the beach during the summer. The house would be a mix of a farmhouse and a cottage. The farmhouse aspect would be present in the tall ceilings, big front porch, connected rooms, multiple levels, and barn-style roof. The cottage aspect would be present in decorative archways, a large chimney, lots of decorative windows, stone siding, and of course a large backyard or garden. The interior of the home would be country house style with authentic vintage pieces placed throughout. Ideally, the inside I would love to have a mudroom towards the entry of the home. Off the entryway would be the living room which would be adjacent to the family/game room. Next, there would be a massive kitchen and dining area since I love to cook, bake, and entertain. I would also need a walk-in pantry and ten person table. The second and third floors would have five bedrooms and five baths. The second floor would consist of three bedrooms and baths for my future children. The children would be able to decorate their rooms as they choose. Then the third floor would have the master suite and guest suite which would be decorated similarly to the rest of the home. Finally, the attic would be split into two sections: a library, and a study or homeschool room. The backyard would include a covered patio, pool, and multiple acres for my children to roam. I would also have a barn that we could divide into two halves. One half is a "man cave" style room for my husband to have for work or fun and the other half is another kitchen/storefront for my cottage baking business.
    Disney Super Fan Scholarship
    Disney has always felt like a home away from home for me. Not because I have been there a million times but because when I have been there it has been an experience like no other. The cast members do an amazing job to make the experience of every visitor extra special. Although each of the parks has a different atmosphere, all of them have such a welcoming environment for adults and children alike. My favorite park definitely has to be Magic Kingdom. You see, I have been a mega fan of all things Disney since I can remember, from the movies to the costumes, the Princesses, and even the villains, you name it, I'll have something to fangirl about. I have even dreamt about being a Disney Princess. Another aspect of Disney that really enjoy is the diversity of the company. Currently, there are twelve Disney parks located around the world, which not only gives people in other countries the opportunity to experience Disney but it also gives Disney workers and fans the opportunity to encounter other cultures they may not have experienced in the United States. My hope is to have the opportunity to travel around to the other parks, especially Disneyland Paris because France is considered the pastry capital of the world, and securing a long-term pastry chef position at Disney Company is part of my dream. However, if I had to pick just one thing, I could honestly say that my favorite thing about Disney is the creativity it inspires. No matter how old you are, when you are in Disney you are free to let your imagination run wild. And with the number and range of various career opportunities that are involved in the operation of Disney, you can actually become just about anything you want to be. You can be a director, illustrator, voice actor, cast member, or even be involved in their college culinary program, which is a massive goal of mine. In May of 2025, I will complete my Associate of Applied Science in Pastry Arts at Collin College. I then plan to participate in the Disney Culinary Program and successfully secure a long-term position at Disney World as a pastry chef in one of their amazing restaurants. So in essence, Disney literally is a means to my future. My dreams will have come true. Not only will I have grown up in the Happiest Place on Earth, but I will begin my adult life there as well and I will be able to say that I am a part of something greater than myself.
    FLIK Hospitality Group’s Entrepreneurial Council Scholarship
    Plenty of people today are pre-diabetic, diabetic, gluten-free, vegan, and or on a strict diet for many reasons. In fact, plenty of people in my family and friends group have these food restrictions. However, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to enjoy desserts just like everyone else! My goal for the next five years is to create an abundance of gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan desserts for my community. At the end of 2022, my little sister was diagnosed with celiac, which means she can no longer have gluten products because it affects her digestive system. Then shortly after that, my mom found out her pre-existing health issues were also preventing her body from processing gluten. So since then, I have been experimenting with desserts that are gluten-free. The most difficult part is maintaining the texture and integrity of these desserts. However, through trial and error, I have found some tried and true recipes that are great for the whole family to enjoy. I also plan to take nutrition classes in college that will aid in my journey to creating more gluten-free desserts. I have also been experimenting with sugar-free recipes for quite some time now because before my father passed away in 2021, he was doing the keto diet. This meant his meals must consist of high protein, high fat, low carb meals, which can be easy for savory food, but not so easy for desserts. People may do this diet for health reasons or to stay in shape. However, I am a firm believer that there is always room for dessert, even if you are dieting. So whenever possible, I would use sugar and low-carb replacements. This task has been the trickiest for me since sugar replacements can be hard to find and difficult to work with because they often task differently than cane sugar. I hope to learn about and how to work with all kinds of substitutes in culinary school that will benefit those who choose to not eat sugar. Last but not least I would love to create vegan desserts that are interchangeable with standard desserts. I have yet to experiment with vegan desserts, but I would love to include them on my bakery's menu in the future. I'm excited to learn how to create desserts that still included needed vitamins and minerals but don't include animal products. Overall, I hope that I can create a welcoming bakery that caters to all dessert lovers, no matter their dietary restrictions and requests.
    Maverick Grill and Saloon Scholarship
    You often hear people say "if everyone is unique then no one is." But personally, I don't think that is true. I believe everyone is created in the image of God but what makes us different is our personality traits, gifts, and how we put them into practice. I believe I am unique because I am creative, dedicated, hardworking, loyal, determined, and always looking to learn something new. Whenever possible I love to make things. Whether I am painting or in the kitchen, I love to use my artistic abilities to express how I feel. I also love to use my creativity to bless those around me. For example, I love to bake desserts for my youth group. I learned how to be dedicated and hardworking through my mom. She has always been a go-getter, so that is something I aspire to be as well. One example of these attributes is when I graduated high school a semester early. I had to take multiple classes online while also balancing work life, school life, and extracurricular activities, but all in all, it was so worth it. Alongside those characteristics comes determination. When I find something I want to do, I will not give up until I have reached that goal. Somedays it was very difficult to complete online lessons, but I knew I had to persevere to reach my end goal of graduating early. Another virtue that makes me unique is loyalty. My generation is keen on the idea of bouncing from relationship to relationship, whether it is platonic or romantic. I pride myself on how dependable I am in my relationships. I try to be available for my friends when they need me, and I try to work through bumps in the road rather than avoid them. Last but not least, I am always looking to learn something new. This mainly relates to the culinary field since that is my career choice, however, it can apply everywhere. I enjoy learning about all things that way I can make educated decisions about them before I decide they aren't for me. For example, my mother loves woodshop and makes a lot of furniture. One day she offered to make selves for my room and I wanted to help. The experience was super fun, however, I realized I would rather be doing something different like baking. But it is nice to know that I know I have tried something rather than just simply dismissing it. I plan to give back to my community by making fine dining food more accessible to the low-income. My family grew up very low income, so we rarely could treat ourselves to a nice meal or even desserts. I would really enjoy creating a bakery that showcases fine dining styling desserts but on a more affordable scale. I would love to create volunteer opportunities for students like myself so they can learn to respect everyone's situation in life as well as gain experience for college.
    Sylvester Taylor "Invictus" Hospitality Scholarship
    I have been interested in culinary arts since I was about 10 years old. I can remember sitting in front of the TV for hours watching the food network, asking for cookbooks & tools for Christmas, and cooking dinner for my family at least once a week. I have always been a very picky eater so going into culinary seemed like a poor career choice at first, but when I discovered desserts and pastries made by culinary artists such as Fauchon, Maison Laduree, and Amaury Guichon, I knew I wanted to be a part of something so fantastic. When I moved to Texas and found out that the school I would be attending had a culinary department I knew this was the start of my career training. I totally believe this was the best choice of my life. Not only did it grow my passion for culinary, but it also opened the door for opportunities, new relationships, and career path. I am very interested in European pastry arts since the desserts are beautifully crafted pieces with such exotic pairings there is absolutely no comparison. These desserts range from French macaroons, which I have yet to perfect, to working gumball machines made out of chocolate. This idea of creating edible art captures so much of my attention that I lose myself in this other world. I could spend days in the kitchen without thought of anything else. I currently work at a custom cake shop and am receiving training from the staff there. I also plan to attend Collin County Community College in the fall of 2023 to major in Baking and Pastry Arts. I plan to attend Collin College for multiple reasons. First, it's close to home which allows me to be close to my mom and sister, because I would miss them a lot if I was out of state. Second, it's more affordable! For the type of career I want, I don't necessarily need a degree, but I would love to expand my knowledge of the hospitality industry at an affordable price. After I graduate with my associates, I would love to do an externship in either Disney World or Europe. I believe both opportunities will train me more thoroughly in fine dining pastry arts. After I have completed all of my desired training, I would love to open my own French patisserie, which would start as a food truck and one day become a brick-and-mortar bakery and cafe. This scholarship will help me achieve my dream of becoming a patisserie artist because it will allow me to focus on my studies rather than having to balance my time between a job and school. Plus the more money I save when going to college, the more money I will have available to do an externship and start my own business in the near future.
    Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship
    Mental health has been a struggle of mine since a young age. Shortly after I was born, I stopped breathing likely because my brain was not functioning correctly. So to ensure this wouldn't happen again, the doctor prescribed a caffeine supplement that would stimulate my brain and remind me to breathe. This “prescription” was equivalent to six cups of coffee for an adult… given to a newborn. Through many years of therapy, I have learned that the caffeine supplement altered my brain chemistry causing me to deal with mental illnesses throughout my life. For example, when I was about 5 years old I was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder which meant that I would disobey and be aggressive to any authoritative figure in my life. O.D.D. can be caused by genetic and environmental factors but ultimately was caused by the caffeine supplement I had taken as a newborn. As the years progressed, I learned to control my temper and be respectful to others but something else was brewing. Anxiety. Specifically the fear of getting sick. I knew that God could protect me however, I would still cry and shake myself to sleep if I even saw someone getting sick on a TV show. I wouldn’t say my family and I swept it under the rug, but we thought it was just a phase so we went on with life until very recently. In late November of 2021, my father passed away from Covid. This became a huge trigger for me. Any time I get sick since then, I am anxiety-ridden. It can truly be so hard to feel okay after such a traumatic moment especially when anxiety and OCD continue to surface. As far as it comes to my beliefs and God, I know God has the power to help me during these times and even has the power to heal my mental disorders altogether, but I don't know if He is willing to help me. This can feel like a big burden at times as well since I know He knows my struggles but lets them continue. Anxiety can be a large factor in my relationships as well. Sometimes it is hard for my mom to understand what I am going through which puts a strain on our relationship. It is also difficult to not overthink people's actions in a relationship, especially my own. I often fear I will say or do the wrong thing and they will leave. Or even that the other person in the relationship is not being truthful about how they really feel towards me and are simply friends with me out of pity. When moments like these arise it is hard to find clarity and be grounded to make appropriate decisions. Last but not least, anxiety does leave its mark on my career aspirations as well. I have wanted to be a chef since I was 10 years old. I have always loved watching the food network and the environment of a kitchen. But naturally, anxiety became present and brought along what-ifs. "What if this doesn't support me or my family?" "What if I'm not good enough?" "What if I don't get the proper training?" "What if my body isn't strong enough for the labor of being a baker?" So many questions, most of which I don't have the answer for. But one thing I do know is that I am not giving up. Yes, I do struggle with my mental health, but I can get help because these mental illnesses don't own me. I cam in control of my story.
    Financial Literacy Importance Scholarship
    It is imperative for a student to manage their finances because it prepares them for the future. Growing up my family struggled a lot with money. My parents were drowning in debt and struggling to find well-paying jobs even though they both had college degrees. At some point during their financial journey, they stumbled upon Dave Ramsey, a financial personality. He taught them how to tackle their debt rather than making more of it. Though my parents are still paying their debtors, their experience with money has taught me how important it is to be financially literate. Learning how to manage finances well was and still is a difficult process. I feel as though I am currently in a good place with my money knowledge, but I do believe managing my money will become more difficult as I grow up as do things like own a home, pay bills, and raise a family. Some things I currently do that allow me to manage my finances well are: Saving 50% of my earnings, tithing 10% to the church, paying my bills on time, and keeping a record book. Even though I only work part-time, I choose to put half of my money into saving for future endeavors or moments of need. For example, I recently purchased my first car. Because I had been saving half of my paychecks for the past three years, I had enough money to pay cash for the car rather than taking out a loan. Not only does this look good on my part, but it also makes me feel great because I know I am not going into debt at such a young age. I also tithe 10% of my total earnings to the church I attend since God's word says in Proverbs 3: 9- 10 that we must "Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops;" and only then will "your barns will be filled to overflowing, and your vats will brim over with new wine." To those outside of Christianity, this may seem fickle, as it may be hard to give up their income and hope to be blessed, however as Christians, we are taught to have faith that God will provide for our every need. Combining those two portions of sending, I am left with 40% of my income for everyday needs. Keeping a record book of my finances allows staying on budget during these times. I also chose to set up automatic payments for things like my car insurance so I never forget. Last but not least, I always strive to keep around $300 dollars in my spending bank account, in case of an emergency. In the future, I do hope to build good credit so I can do things like buy a home. However, my current financial goal is to graduate college debt free. Thank you for the opportunity for me to complete that goal.
    Your Dream Music Scholarship
    The song that has the most important message to me is "Don't Let the Light Go Out" by Panic! at the Disco because it talks about the path and growth of losing a loved one, specifically your partner. This song has a lot of meaning to me because I lost my father a year ago and imagine this is how my mother feels about his passing. The song starts with the singer, Brandon Urie, in a hospital room with the love of his life. He begins to remember all the moments they spent together. How much they love each other and how well they know each other. It's like he starts to downhill spiral as he wonders who will take him home, who will argue with him till they're blue in the face, who will help calm him down when things go awry. Urie begs them to "not let the light go out". Overall this song can seem like a happy, pop/rock song at first glance, but if you dive deep into the lyrics you can really be transported into the song.
    Aurora Yanto Poblete Scholarship
    Hello my name is Samantha Harrington and I would say that a person was the biggest influence in my decision to pursue a career in culinary arts because these people opened up my eyes to the beautiful art that is food. I have been interested in culinary arts since I was about 10 years old, however, I have always been a very picky eater so going into culinary seemed like a poor career choice at first. I think my pickiness came from growing up around my grandma's cooking which looked so fun, but more often than not, was not visually appealing. I knew there had to be more to this career than just "old fashioned" cooking, for lack of a better term of course. So when I discovered desserts and pastries made by culinary artists such as Fauchon, Maison Laduree, and Amaury Guichon, it was the hope I was looking for and I knew I had to be a part of something so fantastic. If you have not seen some of the creations crafted by these chefs, I would have to say you are missing out. They are beautifully crafted pieces with such exotic pairings there is absolutely no comparison. These desserts range from french macaroons, which I have yet to perfect, to working gumball machines made out of chocolate, which I have yet to try but someday hope to. This idea of creating edible art captures so much of my attention that I lose myself in this other world. I could spend days in the kitchen with these chefs, without a thought of anything else. I also think culture is a big reference in my field of study as well. I have taken a big liking to European and French pastries and though I am not French, there is nothing that I would love more for my life than to study French pastry specifically. That would then allow me to fulfill my dream of opening a European/French-style Patisserie here in the United States. That way, I can make visually and sensually appealing, edible art like these amazing artisans and include a beautiful cuisine that you don't often see traditionally in America. I can honestly say that if I am ever half as talented and achieve half the notoriety of these chefs, I will have completed one of my lifelong dreams. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! - Samantha Harrington
    @Carle100 National Scholarship Month Scholarship
    Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship
    When I woke on November 27th, 2021 I thought it would be a typical day. We had just got home from vacation so my whole family slept in. But all I remember that day was hearing my mom talking to a 911 operator about my nonresponsive father. They tried to resuscitate him for 45 minutes but could not revive him. In all honesty, that was the worst day of my life and the start of a downhill spiral for me. My mental health plummeted drastically along with my physical health. Unfortunately, it took me just about a year to realize how drastically my father's passing impacted me. We aren't promised tomorrow. That cliche is so simple and yet so heartbreaking. As I mentioned before, November 27th was supposed to be a typical day. My father did not expect to die, he had goals to not only better himself but also as a father. He had a bucket list, hopes, and dreams. His passing made me realize what is the point in waiting. Before my father passed I had simply wanted to be a baker. That had been my goal for ten years. But I started to realize how unsettling that felt. In. a way that was the safe option because it was the only career I explored. Although it was scary to "think outside the box" to find a new career path, I knew it would be worth it. All in all, I want to achieve a life that I love. No matter if that means I am a baker at a five-star restaurant or if I am an innkeeper in a small town. My dad helped me conclude that we don't have forever to waste on " the right choices ". We only have time for the ones that push us to keep fighting for goals and the things we love.
    Gourmet Foods International Culinary Scholarship
    There are so many amazing concepts in the culinary arts but choosing what captivates me most was not a difficult choice. One of the most intriguing concepts in the area of culinary arts that captivates me is fine dining. The atmosphere, the cuisine, the sights, and the sounds all pull me in as if it is another world altogether. But much more specifically, what intrigues me the most, what holds my attention more than anything else is the delicate and intricate side of pastry arts! Just the idea that something can appeal to so many of the senses is exciting. The colors, textures, scents, tastes and visions of some of these, should I say, masterpieces leave me in awe. It blows my mind how much detail can go into something seemingly so simple yet at the same time so complex. Take for example the traditional French wedding cake, called Croquembouche. It looks like a simple tower of cream puffs but the process of making these tasty treats is engrossing work and time-consuming. You then must strategically place each puff so that the tower becomes more narrow but stays upright. This is one piece I cannot wait to try because after all of the hard work I will have created a work of art. I have been interested in culinary arts since I was about 10 years old, however, I have always been a very picky eater so going into culinary seemed like a poor career choice at first. But when I discovered desserts and pastries made by culinary artists such as Fauchon, Maison Laduree, and Amaury Guichon, I knew I had to be a part of something so fantastic. If you have not seen some of the creations crafted by these chefs, I would have to say you are missing out. They are beautifully crafted pieces with such exotic pairings there is absolutely no comparison. These desserts range from french macaroons, which I have yet to perfect, to working gumball machines made out of chocolate. This idea of creating edible art captures so much of my attention that I lose myself in this other world. I could spend days in the kitchen without thought of anything else. There is nothing that I would love more for my life than to study French pastry specifically, then fulfill my dream of opening a French-style Patisserie here in the United States. That way I too can make visually and sensually appealing, edible art like these amazing artisans. I can honestly say that if I am ever half as talented and achieve half the notoriety of these chefs, I will have achieved one of my lifelong dreams.
    Lo Easton's “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship
    Hello my name is Samantha Harrington and this is my application for the Wrong Answers Only Scholarship. 1. I deserve this scholarship simply because I applied. I believe that is enough effort to win this money. 2. Honestly, I don’t have any academic or career goals. I’m just gonna go with the flow and see where I end up. 3. I would say anxiety is an obstacle I face everyday. Most people would go to therapy if their anxiety was as bad as mine, but I don’t. I just let it overwhelm me. So I guess the was I overcame the obstacle of anxiety is to just face it head on.
    Bold Know Yourself Scholarship
    I have learned that I love to make others smile. I often seek out moments where I can crack a joke or do something to light up the room. Personally I think the thing that makes a person most confident is not being afraid to smile and laugh. This skill often helps in tense moments or to just keep the laughter coming. There is that saying that goes “laughter is the best medicine” which is so true in my book! After my father passed away this last November, I rarely saw my mother smile, and rightfully so. Everyday I searched for a moment to make her smile, to help her heal, but what I realized was that I was also healing myself in a way because laughter truly is the best medicine. Everyone deserves to smile, laugh, and light up a room which is why I’m glad I was blessed with a sense of humor and comedic timing.
    Bold Best Skills Scholarship
    My best skill is culinary, or baking to be more exact. I started cooking when I was about ten years old. I loved to watch Food Network and see the amazing dishes they prepared and said to myself ‘that will be me one day!’ However I have always been a super picky eater, so I was very limited in what I would cook. So I started off small just helping my parents around the kitchen with the simple things, stirring the pot, washing dishes, etc. Fast forward to now, I have a home run bakery called Samantha’s Scrumptious Sweets and I am in the Advanced and Practicum Culinary Class at my school. That class has taught me basics and technical skills. I have even earned my ServSafe Managers Certificate. In this class I also help run a student run restaurant called the Hilltop Cafe. Us students do everything for the restaurant from creating and costing out recipes to serving guests. Overall, I have come very far from little ten year old me who couldn’t even tell you the different types of spatulas. But I still have room to grow, which is why I plan on pursuing the career by attending culinary school.