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Samantha Cooper


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Hi! My name is Samantha. I attend Marietta High School, and I have my whole life! Ever since I was young my dream was to become a Veterinarian. One day, I know those dreams will come true. I've been accepted into Oklahoma State University, which is where I plan to attend for the next chapter of my life. I am in organizations such as Student Council, Upward Bound, FCCLA, FFA, and Marching Band. I am also the President of the Science Club. I'm super excited to apply for scholarships and can't wait to see what the future holds!


Marietta High School

High School
2009 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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    • Veterinary Biomedical and Clinical Sciences
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      • Marietta Marching Band

        2019 – Present

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      Inguz Memorial Scholarship
      My favorite animal are cats! While that might seem like a common answer, cats really are just the best. (More specifically, MY cats!) As I've grown older, I have found myself more attached to a cat than any other animal. If you were to ask four year-old-me, however; she can tell you the answer to that question is horses and birds. My mother was an animal-lover from as early as I can remember. She had a fascination with horses, and she would frequently visit horse shows across the United States. She also had a love for birds and other replies. Mostly birds though. Over time, she had come to own around ten birds from all different kinds of species. While my mother didn't raise me, she had a big contribution to my first love for animals and sharing the same kind of passion. She sadly passed away from cancer about two years ago, but I'll continue to live the sentiment that she passed onto me. As I've grown older and matured, I've been around all different kinds of animals and learned more about how they act. I'm eighteen now, and I can definitely tell you that my favorite is a cat. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with being raised by my grandmother and truly being a old-soul at heart, but cats are what makes me know I want to pursue veterinary medicine. I have two cats now. My first cat I adopted from one of my local animal shelters. She is a smaller cat, has the biggest yellow eyes, and the darkest black fur. It even sometimes looks brown. My other fur baby I obtained from living under a shed outside. She was pregnant and needed a home ASAP. The most beautiful cat I have ever seen: she's a Siamese with the most fluffiest fur. Both of these cats have changed my life for the better, and I can't be more thankful. Losing my mother was one of the hardest things I could have ever gone through, but my cats made it better. When I say better, I honestly mean they are one of the reason's I'm here today. They say animals can only do so much, but my cats did more than enough to make sure I'm here writing this essay today. If I was having a rough day and didn't even feel like getting out of bed; I had a reason to get out of bed so they could be fed. If I was having a horrible day and wanted to shut out everything around me; they made sure I wasn't alone. They always made sure there was a reason for me to smile or be active. While they may not do much to you or others, they do more than enough for me. I've taken care of me and they made sure to take care of me too. I'm forever grateful for the love I'm able to shower my cats with, and they made sure to shower me with some during the lowest times of my life. I always think of the way that they're just a fraction of our lives, but to them we're everything they ever know. I make sure to remind myself of this and treasure any moment I have with them. I would do anything for them, and cats really are just the best.
      Keep Her Dream Alive Scholarship
      My dream to pursue veterinary science was not inspired by an experience; it was established from a mother that gave birth to a little girl. My mother who gave birth to me. Ever since I can remember, my mother was always obsessed with animals. More specifically, birds and horses. I can remember her talking about them all the time and physically going to horse shows with my stepdad. She had collected around ten birds to add to that by the time I was a teenager. While I didn't live with her nor did she do the best job at being present in my life, she was still my mother and it's hard to say that I didn't get most of my traits from her. Including the love for animals. I've had the same love for horses ever since I was a little girl. I remember always wanting to pet one and ride one, but we didn't have the financial stability to be able to let me ride a horse every, single, day, of course. My grandmother is the lucky human who got to raise me most of my life, and I can say that she's endured a lot of emotions with animals when it comes to me. I have the biggest heart for even the smallest animal; they all deserve a place in this world. While tragically my mother did pass away from cervical cancer two years ago, I can tell you that she left a huge impact on me and my future career. My mother was never able to pursue college and achieve her dream job, but that's why I'm here to do it for her. I've had the same dream to work in the veterinary medicine path as her growing up, and I'm going to make sure my dreams come true with her in my heart always. As I live every day without the presence of my mother, I can tell you that it doesn't get any easier. However, my grandmother and other family has made it a lot easier on me mentally and physically. The dream of college and the position I want to work for has never faded, and I will constantly work for the dreams that my mother and I both want. I live every day with the fire she did in her heart and always give animals the passion she did. Some people in this world are cruel, and animals shouldn't have to pay the price for evil people. That's why people like us are put in this world; to make up for the evil people. I can't wait for all of the future animals' lives I get to save, and I just can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my career. I continue this dream with my mother in my heart, and I hope to see myself where I want to be in the near future.
      I Can Do Anything Scholarship
      The dream version of my future self is one where I am successful throughout my college experience, flourishing mentally and physically, and giving back to my community in volunteer hours and service.