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Rachel Langston


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I love my little family; my husband and son are the reasons I decided to go back to school & pursue a career. I am blessed to have the opportunity to do so, my husband works while I stay home with our son and work towards my major. I recently received a degree in human resources. But after a bit may go to university to expand my education, although my main concern is catching up my student loans first. A few things about me include being very resilient, I am a recovering addict, I have been sober now for 5 years. That will always be my greatest accomplishment. I also am very driven and have been on the presidents list for the 4 semesters I had been at CVTC, which has been my entire higher education so far. I would appreciate the chance to win some scholarships to help pay my tuition and/or put towards my financial aid. Thanks for reading!


Chippewa Valley Technical College

Associate's degree program
2021 - 2023
  • Majors:
    • Human Resources Management and Services


High School
2010 - 2014


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Human Resources Management and Services
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Human Resources

    • Dream career goals:

      To work as a career specialist preferably in my current location

    • Laborer

      Warehouse work
      2014 – 20206 years
    • Resident Assistant

      2014 – 20162 years



    Junior Varsity
    2007 – 20081 year


    Junior Varsity
    2009 – 20101 year

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      Rubys pantry — Helping bring food to people
      2020 – 2021

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    John Young 'Pursue Your Passion' Scholarship
    The path I chose was due to someone else guiding me that direction. She didn’t even know she had such an impact in my life before she passed. But I had a human resource manager that was a wonderful, heartfelt, caring woman. She was so kind to all of her employees and was very transparent about herself as well. She inspired me that we need more people like her to help run businesses. It retains and attracts employees. People want to work for someone who shows they actually matter to. I pursued an associate for Human Resources and plan on returning this fall for a bachelors degree, so I can be that person she was, to inspire others and to help others in the workforce.
    Trudgers Fund
    My experience with addiction was a terrible one. I mean, anyone who is or has struggled with addiction goes through terrible times. Suffering is a part of struggling. I became an addict as a young teen, and I didn't realize it. I was hanging with the wrong people, taking pills, anything I could find, and drinking. I tried morphine for the first time at 14. I used meth for the first time at 16. After a bit, I got sober because I was sent to live in IL to "straighten me out." What led to that was me dropping out of school because I skipped so much, stealing and getting caught, and continuous other little things. About a year went by and I was able to come back to Wisconsin. I stayed sober until I was 19. I started drinking and using again. Pretty soon I was IV using, and it was regular. So was my run-ins with law enforcement. I was in and out of jails and treatments for 4 years. Eventually I was out into what is now referred to as "Treatment Court" or also known as Drug Court. I failed and was terminated from relapsing too much. I went to a hefty treatment program at a women's prison setting. It was a vigorous program, and it taught me a lot. Many other programs focus on the drugs and how they lead to trouble, but this program focused on us as women, trauma, and other mentalities that lead to using drugs in the first place. It was very interesting to learn a lot about myself that I never knew. I was released early in 2019. The man that is now my husband, was a huge support while I went through the program, so he is a huge blessing and gave me something safe to look forward to upon release. He had been sober for 3 years by that point, we met while I was in drug court at narcotics anonymous. He has helped me tremendously on working through triggers and cravings early on in recovery. He helped me get a job. The human resources manager at this place of employment was the sweetest lady I have ever met. She inspired me to want to be like that. To make an impact in others lives. Fast forward a year and a half, I had my son and decided it was best to expand my knowledge and education. I had a hard decision in picking a program. But again, because of this HR I had, I decided I would take courses for that. Now I am confident that I want to be a career specialist or work in training and development, which are a couple options of work for the degree I am pursuing. I am in my final semester, and the amount of information I have gained from going through schooling has taught me that "you can only keep what you have by giving it away" is much more than just a term for narcotics anonymous, but can be applied to anything. For instance, I want to be like my prior Human Resources Manager because I want to be how she was to employees and actually care for the ones I work with, I want to help others be the best version of themselves they can be. Thank you.
    Students Impacted by Incarceration Scholarship
    Incarceration impacted my life from a young age, my mom was with a man who went to prison when I was 7. I also have some childhood trauma caused by this man. So I started heading down a bad path at a young age, I was dabbling in hard drugs, stealing from stores, running away, amongst other impulsive behaviors as a young teenager. By the time I turned 16, I ended up in a juvenile detention center. I went back a couple times. Then I cleaned up my act around 17 or 18, and did well for probably about a year and a half, graduated high school, and worked, paid my bills, normal adult stuff. After a while, I started hanging around not the greatest friends again and soon was drinking heavily and getting stuck in IV drug addiction and abuse. I was so caught up in my addiction I was doing a lot of illegal things to be able to provide my drugs, which lead me back to incarceration. I was in jail again by 20 years old, in and out for a few years, different amounts of time. When I was 22 I went to an intensive treatment program at a women's prison. Mind you I had been in and out of not only jails but treatment centers also throughout my addiction already so I didn't have much hope. But this was different, I didn't just learn about addiction and how to "not use drugs" but I learned about myself, as a woman, and how our minds and emotions work. I learned more in depth stuff about myself and why I used versus just the general "why people use." That saved me. I have been sober since being released from the program, and I am pursuing a career in Human Resources, because I met a HR manager who actually cared about her employees and took care of them, when I was struggling with intrusive thoughts, she would give me resources and compassion to help me stay on the right track. I want to be a person of impact like that, she was the sweetest lady and she showed me that I can give back what I have even just by showing extra compassion to employees, or to anyone for that matter. But she inspired me to go for a Human Resources degree, and I have been excelling throughout my studies.
    Cat Zingano Overcoming Loss Scholarship
    Having a toddler, going to college full time, in addition to working, is a juggle in itself. Then I got pregnant again (although my husband and I were ecstatic!), It definitely added more to the plate. I was weary. But I didn't know how weary I would be, until we lost our baby boy as a stillborn. It really gave me a reality check. Although I had already been fighting to achieve goals in life, such as already being in my third semester of schooling, it really opened my eyes for my toddler, who is the light of my life, the reason I decided to go to college in the first place, I want my children to have a good life. Losing my baby gave me the realization that life is short, and I want to provide as much as I can for my current living child and the more that I may have in the future, this is a fight in itself as we live in a difficult, busy world right now, but I would do anything so they don't have to fight life as hard as I do. Losing a son helped me realize I really have the strength to do anything, after all, I gave birth to an angel. I had so much support from the school I attend, and that helped me to stay enrolled and successfully pass my classes this past fall. I think that when you lose someone important, what helps most of us keep fighting, whether it's just the fight to get through the heavy grief or the fight to reach goals and dreams, is all the support you will receive from others, as long as you have the strength to be open and vulnerable.
    Ms. Susy’s Disney Character Scholarship
    My favorite Disney character is Cinderella. I think the reasoning behind this was because she was an "outcast" to her family, and I was as well. My sister and family friends (which are my step moms friends her children) would always do silly little things to get me in trouble, such as putting a bunch of shampoo all over the walls, and I'd be responsible for the consequences from my step mom. It was just so ridiculous and I just always dreamed of having that "happily ever after" like Cinderella got. My favorite part is when she gets transferred into the blue dress. There is just something so magical about it, especially being an older film, the graphic designs of it were astounding. I eventually did grow up to have my happiness, I am married with a child, and pursuing a degree so I can get into the career I would like to. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes. I got my happily ever after, my aspirations to be a mom & wife, and to pursue school.
    Supermom Scholarship
    The experience of being a child of a single mother really shed a light on how strong my mom was, and continues to be as there are my two brothers still at home and my grandmother living with my mom as well now. I am a mother myself, pursuing a degree, and I have a husband who I am entirely grateful. I don't know how my mother did it. The impact my mom has had on me and what inspires me most is, as mentioned her strength, not only her strength with raising four children mostly on her own, but the exhaustion of three of them having cognitive disabilities. Strength with abusive relationships and surviving them and learning to start over. It is sad that I had to witness that, but when I was in a relationship where there was abuse, knowing my mom was able to do it, to start over while having so little with 4 kids, I knew I could do it with no children at the time. She worked nights and slept during the day while we were at school. Just even the strength it takes to work night shift l, let alone on a ventilation unit is remarkable. Of course I didn't understand most of that while I was younger, but as I grew older and watched her grow a bit more weary, it really inspired me. She is a tired woman because she was so strong, because she lives a hard life. She survived a hard life, she had the perseverance to keep pushing through, now she has a beautiful home, 2 beautiful grandsons, and is happy. She always was happy but having to try to be strong when you feel weak is more difficult than most can imagine.
    Healthy Eating Scholarship
    I believe it is important to maintain healthy eating habits because "you are what you eat" is actually very accurate to me. If you fill up on junk all the time, you feel like junk, at least I do. I get sluggish and lazy. I don't feel good or feel good about myself, I don't take as good care of myself when I don't eat right either, because I don't have the energy I'm venturing to guess. When I eat healthy, I feel better about myself, my complexion is clearer, my hair is more healthy, my body doesn't suffer all the way around, I feel less sore and lazy. This also includes my mental state too, I feel more focused and energetic throughout the day when I have healthy eating patterns. Being a full time student and mom of a toddler, things can get a little hectic, but I even notice I'm less irritable and more patient with my son when I eat healthier foods. These differences are enough for me to make a difference in what I eat, not only me, but what my whole family eats as I take care of the main cooking.
    Lost Dreams Awaken Scholarship
    Recovery to me means holding yourself accountable 24/7. Being a young addict, I was able to easily identify reasons why I would use, and none of them related back directly to me and not taking recovery seriously (even if I thought I was trying to). Being in recovery is being brutally honest with yourself and others, but in such a tender way, to not offend and put down. Being in recovery of any sort, but especially addiction and mental health, is the strongest any person will have to be at any given time. I have to remind myself every day that my recovery is worth more than my life, my children are worth more than me sacrificing my life to addiction. Recovery is being made new again, rising from the ashes, and being stronger than one could have ever imagined.
    Ethel Hayes Destigmatization of Mental Health Scholarship
    My experience with mental health led me down a dark path for a while. I was an addict at a very young age. Although, I wasn't diagnosed with any mental illness until I was 21 when I sought help for my addiction. I was classified under the dual-diagnosis category of Addiction and mental health issues, so I needed extra care. That extra care has really helped shape me to not only take extra care of myself, but of others as well, because you never know what someone else is going through on the inside. Once I was in treatment, even after 3, 4, 5 times... it still took me by shock to realize how many people start using drugs or alcohol to try to self medicate because they don't have the right treatment and resources for their mental health, or are like me and had no idea there was even mental illness, they just knew something wasn't "right" with them. Through a lot of therapy and treatment for drugs and my mental health, I have learned that my understanding of the world is simply just that , my own understanding. Everyone sees it differently with a much different perspective, being able to get others perspectives and insights on many things has helped me a lot in recovery. It helps me remind myself I am not the only one struggling with this stuff and that I am strong and a fighter. My husband is a huge support, unfortunately I do still have bouts where my mental illness peeks out, and he knows how to help me and soothe me... I wish I could be as strong as he is, I know sometimes it's a lot to handle. But because I am a survivor and a fighter, now with my son and another on the way, I want them to know if I can do it, if I can recover, pursue higher dreams and aspirations, they can too.
    Bold Hope for the Future Scholarship
    One thing that gives me hope for a better future is the parenting techniques. As I have been in school, in addition to the "gentle" parenting, I have gained so much more insight on why the gentle approach is important, because it's not only important in raising healthy children who turn into healthy adults, it is important in schools for all ages, for all adults even. No one likes to feel neglected or devalued. The gentle parenting approach is not yelling at your child, not neglecting them or belittling them, it is naming feelings and saying it is okay to feel those feelings, but within healthy boundaries. This can be applied to everyday living! Teaching it requires living it.
    Bold Relaxation Scholarship
    Being a recovering drug addict, a main focus and priority of mine has to be self care. If I neglect myself, it will lead towards a downward spiral again. I notice when I lack in self care, my moods and thought patterns become more negative. I relax and take care of my mental health (and physical health, too!) by taking walks with my son and husband, whether it's only around the neighborhood or going to downtown and walking around. But getting outside for a little bit and walking definitely helps clear the mind, with other benefits such as fresh air and sunlight which help stabilize mood. Other ways I care for myself include doing yoga and meditation, these help ground and recenter my well-being I feel. I also do other small things but I notice they make a big difference such as doing my nails, taking a bath or long shower, or doing a face mask. Thank you.
    Lo Easton's “Wrong Answers Only” Scholarship
    I deserve this scholarship because I am getting older. How am I supposed to pay off my student debt when I won't even get a start in a career until I'm 30+ ?!? That's if I even get a career in the field I am majoring. Not that it's anything too fancy anyways, just a major in Human Resources. My academic goals are ultimately to pass college with a higher GPA than in high school... Laughing but very serious. I actually barely passed high school with a low GPA, so anything above that is great because I know it's passing then, so far I'm doing well. A time I overcame an obstacle was when I was trying to get sober from drugs. Actually that's about 347 times, but who's counting. I overcame the obstacle of drugs only for it to run back around in front of me again. I was put into numerous treatment programs, jails, and other institutions, only to get out and relapse. But there was once that it actually stuck, but it took using up all my resources for that light to come on saying "okay girl, next is death" from the famous NA (Narcotics Anonymous) saying, "institutions, jail, and death, oh my!" Thank you
    Ginny Biada Memorial Scholarship
    My mom is my biggest supporter. We had our issues just as any mother and daughter do, but she has always been there for me and helped guide me back to the truth. I remember going to youth group and even having a ceremony for completing so much of the group and rehearsing so much of the bible and reciting it in front of the congregation. I received a crown to signal being a daughter of the king. I remember my mom crying, I was probably about 10 or 11 years of age. I didn't understand then why she was so emotional about it. But now that I know what true Christianity is, losing my faith and finding it again, having restoration and redemption, I understand. I am blessed to have the mom that I have, she helped shape me, even though I fought and rebelled for a long time, she always knew I would find my way back to Jesus. I was a drug addict, in and out of institutions and programs, almost every single time she would send in a bible for me. I never lost the word, I just lost the applications a true Christian would provide. But now I am back on the right path, next to God, my mom, and my husband, with a now beautiful almost 2 year old son whom I named Christian as a dedication to Jesus as a reminder to what I will always be able to find in him, which is comfort, solace, love, safety, understanding, all things that my mom exhibited towards me when I was lost in retaliation and worldly desires.
    Trudgers Fund
    My experience with addiction was dark. I started using drugs fairly young, my drug of choice at 14 to be exact. Although I did manage to graduate high school, barely. I skipped school all the time, never was home, ran away quite a few times because I was on juvenile probation so it really was a shock to everyone when I finished school. As I got older, my addiction lead me into a lot of legal trouble, which is what actually aided me in getting sober, I will get to that point soon. I was homeless for a long time, staying where ever I could, I did many many things I am not proud of, because of my addiction. I was at rock bottom. I was put into numerous treatment programs, although none seemed to help, I kept going back to that same drug I hated to love. Eventually, I was put into drug court by probation, which changed my life. I actually did not complete drug court though, due to relapsing too much, the judge no longer found it beneficial so I was terminated. I gained a lot of resources from drug court and it lead me to where I went next. My probation agent gave me another opportunity, she gave me the option of going to a prison based rehabilitation program or just go to prison. Of course I chose treatment. This turned my life around. I was placed with the actual inmates as it was a program within the institution, but I took every possible resource and gained new insights. It wasn't just teaching us why we were addicts, but what lead us to that point. Being able to look deep inside myself and find my true feelings, really turned me into a new person. I am now proud to say I have been released from that program for over 3 years now and am almost 4 years sober(as I had to wait in jail for the program for a few months). Becoming sober I carried a child to term, I lost pregnancies throughout addiction which made me run even further into addiction. I now have a bright, beautiful toddler. I am married, pursuing a degree to better provide for my family and because I want to learn and have a career and continually be successful through life. Set an example for my son. I want to use my education to help others because if I could be at the depths of addiction for years, and now I am furthering my education, and when I graduate and pursue a career it will aid others who might be lost that "hey if she can do it, I can too" and also show to others that do not have addiction, that addicts are still human beings too and just need time and guidance and with the right support they can excel and be a functional part of society again. Thank you.
    REVIVAL Scholarship
    Becoming a parent played a huge role in pursuing a higher education. I want to be able to better provide for my son as he gets older. For him to be able to have easier access to opportunities and have a higher advantage than I was able to specifically because neither of my parents pursued a higher education. I want to give my son what he gave me, purpose. I want him to know that if I did it, he definitely can too. I will use my higher education to support my family because going into business, business is never ending so there will always be career opportunities for me. This is in addition to any advancements I make within a company as well. Providing for my family means not dealing with many financial hardships to the point where we cannot still have experiences in life. I want to be able to travel with my family, buy a house for my family, simply be happy with my family. Now I know money doesn't buy happiness but I do know that memories make happiness and I feel that will be easier to accomplish if I am not financially burdened later in life because I have a salaried career. Thank you.
    Tyde Memorial Scholarship
    What this scholarship would mean to me is a little less debt so I can start providing more for my family. My husband and I are in the process of trying to buy a house but due to the factor that I am currently not employed so I can focus on school work makes a big impact. Winning this scholarship would give me the opportunity to pay towards some of my student loans, this will not only boost my credit but makes us look more "financially secure" being able to put money towards my loans yet still being capable of saving money to go towards a home for our family. Thank you
    Lillian's & Ruby's Way Scholarship
    I am pursuing a career in Human Resources, originally I gained interest from a prior Human Resource Manager I had, she was the sweetest woman and seriously took care of her employees. It aspired me to want to be like that, I would think to myself constantly how we need more people like that in the business world. A few years back she took her own life, it was very heartbreaking for the company as she had been there for 25+ years. That's when I decided I wanted to go and get a degree. That way I can be that one person to make a difference. If I could change one person's life because I aspire them to be better employees and make them feel purposeful, that's all that matters. Some books I have read are a lot of self help books, I searched a few religious books for a while, read a lot on Daoism, Christianity, and Buddhism. But the books that definitely had bigger impacts were the ones on spiritually, such as "The Untethered Soul" I am a recovering drug addict and was in and out of jails and rehabilitation centers frequently and these books seemed to help me understand a bit more about myself and why I was the way I was. Eventually those same books helped me see the light in sobriety, along with some other books like "one day at a time" which is Narcotics Anonymous literature. Which these books I still have sitting on my bookshelf and read again if I feel I am struggling.
    Bold Study Strategies Scholarship
    A couple study strategies I have, I make more fun, for example, I read aloud because I feel it really helps me keep track of what I am reading about instead of just "going through the motions" because it can be boring. But not only am I doing this, I am specifically reading to my toddler son. When I take notes or review things, I let him "do the same" by giving him paper and colored pencils. I feel that maybe he is actually gaining new knowledge too to one day pursue a career. Even though he is young it is still beneficial for not only him, but me as I am reading course material, note taking, etc. plus it still provides great bonding too! Just being able to connect with my son, especially given it is for my academics yet he still is also learning gives me enough to push and strive for success.
    New Year, New Opportunity Scholarship
    I aspire big because I was stuck at rock bottom for a long time, but when one is at rock bottom the only way to go is up. I'm Rachel and I'm a recovering drug addict. This has made me strong, resilient, and understanding of the world around me. I love everyone and easily make connections with others even though I am literally a zooming ball of energy and anxiousness, stemming from having high empathy talents. I carry many perspectives on the world so asking me for just one is impossible. Although, I believe in the impossible in the utmost ways as well.
    Bold Reflection Scholarship
    I grew up in an, overall, good home setting. Although I became a drug addict at a young age, I was buried in the depths of my addiction for a long time. Eventually it caught up to me and I was placed in drug court. There are things that are required while participating in drug court including going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. After some time, I met my now husband at those meetings. At first we were just having a fling because I kept relapsing, thus I got terminated from drug court and sent to an institution. While being at this place, I had to relearn and rethink everything about who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. Fortunately, this man answered my calls and was consistently there for me while going through this hardship. Once I was released, we became more serious, moved in together, got engaged, then pregnant, then we got married, and then our son came along. Once he was born I knew I wanted to further my education. Being as I was a drug addict as a teenager it is surprising to most that I received a high school diploma, which made it easier to apply and attend my current school where I am working on an associates degree of applied sciences for the major of human resources because I want to make a great impact and leave impressions on people. If I can do it, you can too.
    Bold Equality Scholarship
    What I do to support equality and diversity is be judgement free. I am a recovering drug addict and have done many things that are shameful and I do not appreciate it when someone makes me feel more so, so I do not want to bestow that on anyone else and I do my best not to. Some of the best, most kind hearted people are the ones who are judged the most for their past, but everyone deserves chances at life, happiness, and freedom.
    Bold Giving Scholarship
    Giving is so important to me personally because of the 12 step program. "You can only keep what you have by giving it away" is a frequently used slogan in narcotics anonymous, and it is more than true for me. I always make sure to reach out to friends who seem like they may be struggling now that I'm 4 years sober. I aspired to be something greater, and thanks to others in recovery who always were there for me, even in the midst of my relapses and being incarcerated, I am who I am today. I had helping hands and shoulders to cry on and many hugs. The simplest things such as those make a huge impact on trying to get clean, just knowing that someone understands and cares. Now today, I can be that person and I always try to be and give a helping hand along with some advice to hopefully give what I am able to obtain, the greatest thing of all, sobriety.
    Lost Dreams Awaken Scholarship
    Recovery to me means becoming a new person. It is being born again and rising from the ashes. It is a chance to reflect on who you really want to be, and to be the best at it. I have been clean from heroin and meth for almost 4 years now, and it took me a long time to discover who I truly was, but when I did, it was such an awakening experience. I never aspired any dreams, I thought I would always be a lost soul, I reached out for help time and time again, but something kept pushing me to try and because of that, I have so much resilience and am stronger than I ever could have imagined. I am made completely new and have been washed clean. I believe this is why the term "clean" is used in sobriety, it is not the factor of being "dirty" before, but being rinsed free of your weigh-downs, so you can be used by whichever higher power you believe in for something greater in this life. Thank you.
    You Glow Differently When You're Happy Scholarship
    My happiest memory is when my son was born, there were some complications during labor so I ended up having an emergency cesarean section. Due to this, I was unable to hold my son at first... but my husband was and he did. If I could describe in detail the way my husband was lit up with nothing but love at that moment in time, I would. It made my heart feel so full to see something like that. The connection my husband had right away with our son is incomparable to anything ever seen or experienced before.
    McCutcheon | Nikitin First-Generation Scholarship
    Education has shaped my understanding of the world in the aspect of almost everything is based on perspective, along with everyone can learn new things. Not one person is "just not a math person" or "not right for this position" or "not able to do this or learn that" but rather everyone can attain new skills and learn new things by using strategies that work for them. Although the perspective comes in, if a person does believe they cannot learn new things or develop new skills, then they more than likely will not simply because they do not believe they can so they do not put much effort into the work and finding what works for them. This is something that can make or break a person. I do believe furthering my education has really helped me open up and connect to the world and my purpose in it
    Focus Forward Scholarship
    My career goals are to work as a human resource manager once I graduate with an associate degree. Although, after a couple years doing that I would like to work on recieving my bachelor's degree in human services to hopefully someday advance to a social worker of some sort. This scholarship would help me accomplish this in a more timely manner than I am currently going for because of student loans I currently have and those to come over the next year and a half. I would like to have my student loans for my associate degree paid off before continuing my education at a four year college. Unfortunately due to current other bills along with my student loans, I estimate it will take at least a few years to pay my loans off. Not only this scholarship but any scholarship would help pay back my loans and other tuition fees I have so I have the opportunity to return for a bachelor's degree sooner than I am anticipating.
    Bold Best Skills Scholarship
    My best skill is definitely being resilient. I am continually improving it by always being able to bounce back quickly, even recently one of my grades dropped to a D, so of course I was a bit discouraged by this, but it gave me the insight that needed to try more. So I studied much more for that course and did any extra credit opportunities available, now I have learned new strategies along the way for improving my studying skills along with having the resilience even after being discouraged because I already thought I was doing my best.
    Bold Turnaround Story Scholarship
    I was a drug addict at 15 years old. Truthfully probably younger than that, but that is when I first realized it when I think back. I tried to get sober for many years,but I always failed. It took some time, determination, and a lot of treatment, but I finally overcame my addiction. After many arrests, many overdoses, among many other things, I can finally say I did it. I turned my life around, and it definitely was for the best. But I didn't do it myself, I actually ended up going to a prison-based rehabilitation program that was very extensive, it changed my life, it wasn't just teaching me about the drugs or how to stay sober but it helped me with some self-realization about how and why I became an addict. I am not ashamed of who I am anymore, even though being an addict is still who I am, I am now a recovering addict. Always recovering, always growing. I am proud of how far I have come, I am now sober for 4 years, I am married with my own little family now, we are trying to buy a house, and I am a full time student. If I would not have gone through what I went through I would not be who I am today.
    Bold Growth Mindset Scholarship
    For me to keep a growth mindset is really simple, actually. I just remember where I have been and where I am, versus where I want to be. I want to have a stable, good career throughout life, for my family. I want my son to have a good life, a better one than my husband and I each had growing up, I am hoping by showing my son how to continually want to grow and achieving even the smallest goals makes the biggest difference, then hopefully he will not endure some of the stuff we have had to throughout life. I was a heroin addict stuck at rock bottom for a long time, I started using drugs as a young teenager and was sucked in almost instantly. I was in and out of jails and rehabilitation facilities. Even then I had the quote "a minor setback makes for an even greater come back." And after some time, practice, determination, and hard work, I achieved sobriety. I kept aiming for better after that, working hard, wanting to go to school but not having the determination so I did end up stuck for a couple years. But then once my son came along, I realized I needed to continue to grow, not just for me, but for him, so he can know, too, that he can do anything he sets his mind to.
    Education Matters Scholarship
    Being a meth and heroin addict was the biggest obstacle in my life that I have overcome. I was in and out of jails, rehab centers, and other institutions for years. It took me a long time to finally say enough was enough and put all my effort and energy into staying sober. I wanted more for myself in life. I remind myself daily that I have to be thankful for what I currently have because in my using days, it is what I wanted and I need to remember this to keep me sober. I learned that I am worth more than I ever could have dreamed , I never really knew who I truly was until I got sober and stayed sober. I learned that, because I was at my lowest of lows, I can aspire to be at my highest of highs. I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to because I have already done just that. I am now married for almost a year and have a beautiful little boy that I hope one day to show him that if I can do anything, he can too. I am working on a degree to become a substance use disorder counselor because I firmly believe in recovery that you can only keep what you have by giving it away. I want to be able to show others it IS possible if they set their minds to it, it's okay to fall back because a fall back makes for an even greater come back. Thank you
    Elevate Mental Health Awareness Scholarship
    My experience with mental health include being an addict to heroin. I struggled with major depressive disorder, high anxiety disorder, and borderline personality disorder from a young age and was not diagnosed until I was 21. I am now in recovery from drugs for over 4 years and have received the treatment I need to help me live a normal fulfilling life, I have my own little family now and happily married and we have a very strong connection with our church as well. I am working on an associate degree for substance use disorder counseling because I want to be able to help others who are in the same spot I once was in. Most people who use drugs have some underlying disorders they are unaware of until they start to receive the proper care they need. I want to show others that anything is possible regardless of how you feel!
    Pandemic's Box Scholarship
    The pandemic has impacted my life in numerous great ways! I got pregnant right before the pandemic hit, I got married during the high peak of the pandemic through my church, then had my son. Since then, I have also decided to start school thanks to the pandemic as I was at home and raising a family.. I want to be the best me I can be for my husband and son.
    JuJu Foundation Scholarship
    A famous quote in Narcotics Anonymous is "you can only keep what you have by giving it away. What drives me most is my sobriety. I am now over 3 years sober from heroin and meth, I am working on a degree for AODA counseling. In my perspective, I feel like if I am able to work with others who are in a position I once was in and make some sort of an impact in their lives, I am giving back, to my community, to an addict, to myself, to my family. I want to share my story, and physically be able to show other addicts that recovery IS possible and regardless of others opinions and thoughts or regardless of a criminal record or whatever the situation, life still can be succussful if you have that drive. I now have a husband, a son, a loving church family, my own family, and some really great friends who are a great support and help motivate me to continue my journey and remind me that I NEED to do this. I have found so much to live for, and pursuing a career is one of those things now! Especially a career where I can help others when I was in their shoes once.
    Hailey Julia "Jesus Changed my Life" Scholarship
    I have been renewed through Him! I was a heroin addict for years. I always believed in Jesus but I guess I never fully believed I was worth His Saving Grace... Until I met my now husband. My husband, Dale, has shown me that anything is possible as long as you learn to trust Jesus and his plans. I am now over 3 years sober, go to church weekly, and have my own little family which I never thought I would, & it is all thanks to HIM and His Glory. I have learned that through Jesus any and every thing is possible, you just need to trust and be patient and pray. He NEVER fails! I thought I was going to be a lost cause and now I am pursuing a career for AODA counseling and planning to go to a University to get a Human and Social Services degree and work with children of addicted families. I wish to give back what I have, sobriety. This is all because the Lord has better plans for me and my family and we trust in Him.