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Quynh Anh Le


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I want to use my engineering skills to positively impact the medical world.


Lehigh University

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2027
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    • Chemical Engineering


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    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

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  • Planning to go to medical school
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      2016 – 20237 years
      Connie Konatsotis Scholarship
      As a Chemical Engineering student with a passion for promoting inclusivity and equity, my journey has been shaped by both my technical pursuits and my commitment to social justice. I am currently working at my university's Center for Gender Equity, where I advocate for gender parity and strive to create an inclusive environment for all students. My fascination with Chemical Engineering began in high school, where I was captivated by the potential of chemical processes to solve real-world problems. The idea of using scientific principles to develop sustainable solutions for energy, healthcare, and environmental issues inspired me to pursue this field. However, I quickly realized that the world of STEM is not just about technical knowledge; it’s also about the people who innovate and the diverse perspectives they bring. This realization was first sparked during high school when I joined the Robotics Team. While the experience was immensely rewarding and ignited my love for engineering, it was impossible to ignore the significant lack of women on the team. This disparity highlighted the broader issue of gender representation in STEM fields and fueled my determination to advocate for change. The robotics competitions and teamwork taught me valuable technical skills, but it also underscored the importance of fostering a more inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and supported. My involvement with the Center for Gender Equity at my university has allowed me to take concrete steps toward addressing these disparities. Here, I work on initiatives that tackle gender disparities, and support programs aimed at empowering underrepresented groups. I also had many opportunities to join workshops on unconscious bias in STEM fields by many professors in my school. My role has allowed me to merge my technical skills with my passion for advocacy, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. The impact I hope to make on the world through my education is multifaceted. On the technical side, I aspire to contribute to advancements in sustainable energy solutions, aiming to develop cleaner and more efficient chemical processes that can mitigate environmental damage. I believe that Chemical Engineering holds the key to many of the sustainability challenges we face today, from renewable energy production to waste reduction and beyond. On the social side, my work at the Center for Gender Equity has instilled in me a deep commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within STEM fields. I want to ensure that the next generation of engineers and scientists is more diverse and inclusive, bringing a broader range of ideas and perspectives to the table. By continuing to advocate for gender equity and support marginalized groups, I hope to break down barriers and create opportunities for all aspiring STEM professionals. My interest in STEAM lies in its interdisciplinary nature. Integrating the arts with STEM fosters creativity and innovation, allowing for more holistic problem-solving approaches. The arts bring a unique perspective to engineering, emphasizing human-centered design and ethical considerations, which are crucial for developing technologies that truly benefit society. I am particularly interested in how chemical engineers can influence design processes, making them more intuitive and user-friendly. In conclusion, my journey as a Chemical Engineering student, my high school experience on the Robotics Team, and my work at the Center of Gender Equity are deeply intertwined. I am driven by a passion for technical innovation and a commitment to social justice. Through my education, I aim to contribute to sustainable technological advancements while advocating for a more inclusive and equitable STEM community. By embracing the interdisciplinary nature of STEAM, I hope to inspire creativity and foster an environment where diverse perspectives are valued and celebrated.
      Courage/Yongqi Scholarship
      As a Vietnamese international student, my educational journey has been a blend of challenges, triumphs, and personal growth, deeply rooted in the values instilled by my heritage and community. My journey began in a small school in Vietnam, where education was highly valued but resources were limited. Despite these constraints, my parents always emphasized the importance of learning, instilling in me a thirst for knowledge and a dream to pursue higher education abroad. The dream of studying in the United States seemed distant, but I was determined to make it a reality. The transition to the U.S. for my undergraduate studies was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. The language barrier, cultural shock, and the academic rigor of a new educational system were daunting. There were moments when I felt overwhelmed, particularly during my first semester when my grades were not as high as I had hoped. The pressure to succeed, coupled with homesickness and the absence of familiar support systems, often made me question my decision. I missed authentic Vietnamese food and the comfort of my family’s presence, which sometimes made me feel isolated. However, it was in these moments of doubt that I drew strength from the values ingrained in me by my Vietnamese heritage. The Vietnamese proverb "Có công mài sắt, có ngày nên kim" (With patience and perseverance, one can grind an iron rod into a needle) became my guiding principle. I reminded myself of my parents' sacrifices and the resilience they showed in rebuilding their lives after the war. This perspective helped me push through the tough times, turning setbacks into stepping stones. Finding a sense of community was crucial to my resilience. The Vietnamese Student Association at my university became a second family, offering not only emotional support but also practical help with navigating the academic and social aspects of university life. Weekly gatherings allowed me to reconnect with my roots, participate in cultural activities, and meet mentors who provided invaluable guidance. These interactions not only alleviated my homesickness but also reinforced my cultural identity and pride. Asking for help was initially difficult for me. Coming from a community where self-reliance is highly valued, I felt hesitant and vulnerable. However, I soon realized that seeking help was a strength, not a weakness. Reaching out to professors, joining study groups, and utilizing campus resources like tutoring centers were pivotal in my academic improvement. The support I received was overwhelming and taught me the importance of collaboration and community. Throughout this journey, I have discovered values in myself that I never fully recognized before. Resilience, perseverance, and adaptability have been my constant companions. I joined my school's Center for Gender Equity and learned the value of empathy and humility, understanding the uniqueness of everyone's own battles and that seeking and offering help are integral to personal and collective growth. Despite the challenges, my dream remains clear: to use my education to make a positive impact in my community and beyond. I aspire to bridge the gap between cultures, contribute to cross-cultural understanding, and support other students from disadvantaged backgrounds in achieving their dreams. In conclusion, my educational journey as a Vietnamese international student has been a testament to the power of resilience, community, and the enduring values of my heritage. It has been a path filled with challenges, but also with moments of profound growth and fulfillment. As I continue this journey, I carry with me the strength of my ancestors, the support of my community, and a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of education.
      Vietnamese Student of Excellence Scholarship
      My Vietnamese heritage has profoundly shaped my educational journey, coloring it with rich traditions, resilience, and an unyielding spirit of perseverance. Growing up in a family with a proud and rich history, I was nurtured by the stories of my grandparents who lived through the Vietnam War and the subsequent rebuilding of their lives from scratch. These narratives instilled in me the values of hard work, determination, and the importance of education as a means to overcome adversity. One of the most significant events in my life was moving to the United States for my undergraduate studies. As an international student, the transition was challenging, marked by a language barrier and cultural shock. I also missed authentic Vietnamese food terribly. Yet, it was during this period that I discovered the true strength of my Vietnamese heritage. I remember my mom's favorite proverb: “Có công mài sắt, có ngày nên kim” (With patience and perseverance, one can grind an iron rod into a needle). This saying became my mantra, encouraging me to persist in learning English and adapting to the new educational system. Initially, I struggled, achieving only a 3.0 GPA, but I pushed myself to achieve a perfect 4.0 (made my Asian parents both very happy). The move was taxing, but the sense of community within the Vietnamese Student Association at my university provided a support system that was both comforting and empowering. Weekly gatherings allowed me to reconnect with my roots, participate in cultural activities, meet mentors who guided me through my academic pursuits, and satisfy my craving for Vietnamese cuisine. Balancing two cultures and expectations sharpened my resilience and adaptability. I got to know people from diverse cultures, and my dual heritage has been a source of unique perspectives. I often draw parallels between Vietnamese history, literature, and my studies, enriching my understanding and bringing a diverse viewpoint to classroom discussions. My family's journey has been one of sacrifice and frugality. My middle class parents worked long hours to provide for my education. Witnessing their dedication fueled my ambition and drive to excel in school, not just for my future but to honor their sacrifices. I embraced every opportunity, from after-school programs to scholarships, to alleviate the financial burden on my family. My Vietnamese heritage is not just a backdrop to my educational journey but the very foundation of it. It has taught me the value of perseverance, the strength found in community, and the importance of honoring one’s roots while striving toward future aspirations. As I continue my educational journey, I carry the legacy of my heritage, a compass guiding me toward success and fulfillment.
      Elevate Women in Technology Scholarship
      "Flo" is an app focusing on menstrual cycle tracking, fertility, pregnancy, and overall well-being for women. It's a great example of technology addressing essential aspects of women's lives. This tool empowers women by enhancing their understanding of their bodies and reproductive health, making them more confident. For example, it can be particularly useful for women trying to conceive or those interested in family planning. By providing insights into fertile windows and ovulation, these apps empower women to make informed decisions about their reproductive health. Moreover, it offers pregnancy tracking, week-by-week development updates, and educational resources. This support can help women navigate the various stages of pregnancy with confidence and knowledge. The app also has community features where users can connect with others with similar health concerns or life stages. This sense of community can provide support, encouragement, and information exchange. Finally, Flo caters to diverse experiences, including those of different ethnicities, cultures, and lifestyles, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive environment for women from all backgrounds. As a long-time user of this app, I am inspired to become a feminist biomedical engineer and achieve my goal of leveraging technology to develop healthcare services for women. On the one hand, I want to develop innovative and effective contraceptive devices tailored to women's needs, such as long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) or non-hormonal alternatives. On the other hand, I desire to help improve the health of pregnant women in the best way possible. This can be achieved by designing technologies to assist women in family planning and fertility treatments, including IVF methods or wearable devices to monitor the health of pregnant women and their unborn babies, providing real-time data to healthcare professionals. This technology has inspired me to develop innovative and effective contraceptive devices tailored to women's needs and improve the health of pregnant women through advanced technologies, which can contribute to making the world a better place.
      From Anna & Ava Scholarship
      As a child, I found solace and creativity in the simplicity of LEGO bricks, building castles and towers that mirrored the walls I put up around myself. Shyness kept me from engaging with others; these colorful bricks became my sanctuary. Little did I know that this childhood pastime would symbolize my journey toward embracing my identity and confronting life's adversities. Hanoi, the city of my birth, emerged as a crucible that shaped my character, molded by cultural diversity and financial struggles. Here, I discovered the profound beauty in the face of adversity — the resilience of older men engaged in Chinese chess, the tireless dedication of a friend's single mother, and the transformative power of education. Each experience became a building block in constructing my character, teaching me the values of determination, love, and the potential of practice and dedication. My journey took an unexpected turn on a fateful night in May. A call from my mother shattered the tranquility of the early morning. My beloved aunt, a second mother to me, was battling stage 4 breast cancer. Her struggle epitomized a life of hardship, yet she radiated optimism and an unwavering belief in the beauty of life. In her final moments, she imparted invaluable lessons about cherishing every moment, embracing laughter and tears, and living fully in the present. Her passing marked a turning point in my understanding of life and the importance of letting go of bitter memories while holding onto the endearing moments. I realized that my growth was intricately linked to the layers of experiences, both painful and beautiful, that had shaped me. This realization showed me a newfound maturity, resilience, and a deep appreciation for life. Gradually, I began to shed the layers of shyness that had defined my childhood. High school became a canvas where I painted my true self, engaging in discussions about space travel and politics, leaving behind the desperate search for common ground. I transitioned from swimming to basketball, discovering genuine joy in the sport. Joining the debate club, I found my voice and assumed a role as an advisor, using my position to assist others. It wasn't the title that mattered, but the impact I could have in helping my peers find their voices. As insignificant LEGO pieces gain value when contributing to a meaningful creation, I recognized the importance of leaving a significant part of myself in others' ongoing stories. The lessons from my Hanoi journey, with its blend of beauty and pain, were essential in shaping the person I am today — someone unafraid to express themselves and committed to helping others. As I stand at the intersection of my past and future, the field of Biomedical Engineering emerges as the next chapter in my narrative. This scholarship is not just a financial aid request; it's a plea for support in a journey that integrates my diverse experiences into a pursuit that will undoubtedly contribute to the broader narrative of healthcare and human well-being. With the scholarship's assistance, I am eager to embark on this next phase of my journey, applying the creativity and resilience gained from my childhood LEGO escapades to the innovative world of Biomedical Engineering.
      Crenati Foundation Supporting International Students Scholarship
      Envisioning the convergence of my expertise in Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University with an unwavering commitment to public health, I see an expansive landscape of possibilities unfolding before me—an intricate tapestry woven with threads of innovation, education, and collaboration, all dedicated to elevating the health and well-being of my beloved Vietnam. At the forefront of this holistic vision lies the ambition to actively participate in initiatives that transcend traditional boundaries, each aimed at fortifying the healthcare landscape of my native country. This multifaceted approach is not just a strategy; it's a narrative of personal involvement, encapsulating a vision where I don't merely advocate for enhanced healthcare access and disease prevention but become a catalyst for change. I imagine myself not only engaging in public health campaigns and vaccination programs but also assuming leadership roles, orchestrating efforts that resonate with Vietnam's unique cultural and societal nuances. Delving into the heart of healthcare challenges, my background in Chemical Engineering becomes a powerful tool for steering research and development endeavors with laser-like precision. This isn't a mere academic pursuit; it's a personal commitment to confront the intricate health challenges prevalent in Vietnam head-on. From pharmaceutical development to pioneering innovations in medical devices and crafting sustainable solutions that address healthcare intricacies, my journey has become a testament to the potential of interdisciplinary solutions. Education, for me, becomes a cornerstone—a platform not only for disseminating knowledge but for nurturing a cadre of professionals attuned to the specific needs of Vietnam's healthcare and engineering sectors. Imagine the impact of my presence in teaching roles at universities, actively participating in training programs, or creating educational materials finely tuned to the cultural tapestry of my home country. It's not just about education; it's about cultivating a legacy of understanding and expertise that resonates within the local context. In a country grappling with environmental challenges, Chemical Engineers' role as sustainability stewards takes on profound significance. Beyond theoretical considerations, my commitment to championing ecological sustainability is translated into tangible action—developing eco-friendly processes within healthcare-related industries. This is a personal pledge to actively engage in projects that directly address the environmental concerns plaguing public health, envisioning a landscape where healthcare and ecological sustainability are intertwined. Yet, the success of these endeavors hinges on more than individual efforts. It pivots on establishing deep connections—with local professionals, organizations, and governmental bodies. This isn't about networking in a traditional sense; it's about forging relationships rooted in mutual understanding, trust, and shared goals. In my vision, collaborative networks become more than a means to an end; they are the bedrock upon which positive change is built. In essence, this comprehensive and synergistic approach reflects a dedication and a profound sense of responsibility. It's about making a lasting and meaningful impact on the intersection of healthcare, engineering, and environmental sustainability in Vietnam. I picture a future where these disciplines seamlessly converge, each contributing to a narrative of progress, well-being, and sustainable growth for the nation that holds my heart.
      Barbara J. DeVaney Memorial Scholarship Fund
      In 2018, breast cancer claimed the life of my beloved aunt. She wasn't just an aunt to me; she played the role of a second mother throughout my childhood. She was the one who introduced me to the world of LEGO, prepared delicious cut-up fruit snacks, and was always there to pick me up from school. Yet, as the days passed, metastatic stage IV cancer relentlessly chipped away at her vitality and drained her savings. In her final moments, she summoned the strength to call me for a heartfelt goodbye. Breast cancer, attributed to the BRCA2 gene, ultimately took my aunt away from us. This familial link suggests a chilling possibility that this silent assailant may also lurk within me and other members of our family. The weight of our family's medical history, with my aunt's battle against breast cancer and my grandfather's struggle with Parkinson's, has ignited a profound determination in me to make a meaningful impact. While I cannot change the past, I firmly believe that only advancements in scientific research can prevent future families from enduring similar hardships. This conviction has led me to choose the path of studying Biomedical Engineering as an undergraduate at Lehigh University. A significant portion of my educational journey will be dedicated to research and innovation. I envision myself immersing in research areas that address women's health disparities, healthcare accessibility, and best practices. My goal is to contribute vital insights to the field, driving progress that can save lives. Additionally, I'm eager to explore innovative solutions such as telemedicine, wearable health technology, and AI-driven diagnostics. These advancements hold immense potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery, with a special emphasis on improving women's healthcare in underserved areas. Furthermore, I aim to utilize funds for meaningful study-abroad experiences. These experiences will provide me with the opportunity to witness diverse healthcare systems worldwide, from highly developed nations to those still in the process of building their healthcare infrastructure. This immersive learning will help me appreciate the unique challenges that women face on a global scale, broadening my perspective and fueling my passion to make a difference. By making strategic investments in my undergraduate education, I aspire to become a catalyst for positive change within the healthcare system, particularly concerning women's health. Through specialized research, innovation, community outreach, and an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning, I intend to address the distinctive healthcare needs and obstacles encountered by women. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the development of a more equitable and comprehensive healthcare system that ensures every woman receives the quality care she rightfully deserves.
      Maggie's Way- International Woman’s Scholarship
      I find myself in a situation that bears a remarkable resemblance to the life journey of Maggie Kwiecien, one marked by determination, ambition, and, at times, the presence of severe abdominal pain. Although I cannot claim to share the entirety of Maggie's extraordinary experiences, certain aspects of her life story resonate deeply with mine. Maggie's unwavering determination and fearless decision to move to the United States reflect a remarkable spirit of resilience and courage. In my life, I've encountered a parallel challenge: leaving behind my familiar surroundings and embarking on a journey of studying abroad to pursue my dreams in engineering at Lehigh University. Just as Maggie faced the daunting prospect of adapting to a foreign culture and educational system, I, too, have grappled with the challenges of adjusting to a new environment far from home. This journey has been marked by a humbling realization of my limits and the need to summon inner strength to overcome obstacles. My involvement in the robotics club in high school, GART 6520, is a mirror image of Maggie's love for intellectual and technical challenges. As a field, robotics demands creativity, innovation, and the constant quest for knowledge. These are qualities that Maggie epitomized, and I have embraced them wholeheartedly in my pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. Having engaged in this club has been a humbling experience as it continually exposes me to the brilliance and creativity of fellow members, challenging me to expand my horizons and learn from others. However, I've also encountered a shared experience of physical pain in my journey. Severe abdominal pain has been a companion on my path, much as it was for Maggie during her battle with stomach cancer. This pain, though different in origin, has humbled me and made me appreciate the fragility of life. It has underscored the importance of health and the need to prioritize self-care in a world full of responsibilities. Maggie's dedication to education and her unwavering commitment to becoming an expert in her chosen field resonates profoundly with me. Similarly, my pursuit of engineering is driven by a deep passion for STEM and a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the medical world. As Maggie exemplified, education is a transformative force that can shape our future and empower us to achieve our dreams. This shared belief in the power of education has been my humbling reminder of the responsibilities and opportunities that come with knowledge. In conclusion, while my journey may not replicate every aspect of Maggie Kwiecien's remarkable life, it is humbling to see the parallels in our shared values of determination, a thirst for knowledge, and a willingness to embrace challenges head-on. My experiences studying abroad, participating in the robotics club, and dealing with physical pain have all contributed to my growth and development. Maggie's legacy is a constant source of inspiration, reminding me to approach life with humility and strive for excellence in all my pursuits.
      Joanne Pransky Celebration of Women in Robotics
      Growing up in a struggling Asian family, life felt like an uphill battle from the very beginning. My parents worked tirelessly in low-paying jobs, trying to make ends meet. Every day, I balanced providing for the family and nurturing our dreams. This challenging backdrop ignited my passion for robotics and made me realize the immense opportunities this field could bring to my life and countless others. Our small, cramped apartment was a constant reminder of our financial difficulties. The walls were thin, the furniture worn, and opportunities seemed scarce. I watched my parents exhaust themselves, working multiple jobs to keep a roof over our heads and d on the table. They were determined, resilient, and driven by an unwavering love for their children, but the struggle was real and left its mark on all of us. As the eldest child, I felt a deep sense of responsibility to alleviate the burden on my parents. Working a part-time carefree childhood, I worked part-time jobs to contribute to the family's income. Every penny I earned was a small step toward easing our financial woes, but it was clear that we needed more than just determination to break free from the cycle of poverty. It was during high school that I discovered the world of robotics with my club GART 6520. While researching potential careers that could offer opportunities for personal and financial growth, I stumbled upon the stories of individuals who had harnessed the power of technology to transform Thebes. Robotics, in particular, stood out as a field filled with possibilities. The more I delved into this, the more I evolved its potential to change lives and the fields of between. It wasn't just about building robots; it was about creating solutions to real-world problems and pushing the boundaries of an area where innovation and compassion could intersect, igniting a fire within me. As I dove deeper into my studies and aspirations in robotics, I began to see a vision of the future where technology could be a powerful force for positive change. I envisioned robots that could assist struggling families like mine, which had once been insurmountable. These machines would be more than just tools; they would be companions, caregivers, educators, and therapists. In this future, robotic companions would support older people, easing the burden on families who often grapple with the challenges of caring for aging relatives while juggling work and other responsibilities. They would offer personalized education to children who lacked access to quality tutoring, leveling the playing field and opening doors to brighter futures. These AI companions would also serve as virtual therapists and support individuals and families who, like us, had faced poverty and mental health struggles. My family would give me a profound sense of purpose. I saw a catalyze unity in robotics to improve our existence and the lives of others facing similar challenges vengefully. My journey into this field would be long, but fueled by technology, I could be a catalyst for positive change, bridging gaps and creating opportunities where none existed. In the years that followed, I dedicated myself to my studies at Lehigh University and sought advanced skills and knowledge in the medical technology field. I knew that the path ahead would be filled with obstacles, but the memory of, I am more convinced, a brighter future for families like ours served as my guiding light. In a world where robotics and technology are advancing astonishingly, I am more convinced than ever that these fields hold the key to a future where struggle and hardship can be transformed into opportunity and prosperity. My journey into the world of robotics is not just a personal pursuit; it is a mission to create a more equitable and compassionate world, one where technology serves as a bridge, connecting individuals and communities and where the dreams of those from humble beginnings can become a reality.