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patrick walker


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I'm most passionate about sports currently. I am a student-athlete who has an interest in business and technology.


St. Petersburg High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services, Other
    • Architecture and Related Services, Other
    • Architectural Engineering
    • Computer Science
    • Security Science and Technology
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Computer & Network Security

    • Dream career goals:

      cybersecurity analyst

    • paid menor

      Pinellas county schools
      2022 – 20242 years



    2021 – 20243 years


    2024 – 2024


    2021 – 20232 years


    2020 – 20244 years


    • all county first team
    • all county second team


    • Education, General

      Pinellas county schools — group idea maker
      2024 – Present

    Public services

    • Volunteering

      NAACP — Vice President of the St. Petersburg youth chapter
      2022 – Present

    Future Interests






    Julia Elizabeth Legacy Scholarship
    My name is Patrick Walker, and my journey through high school has been a testament to the transformative power of diverse representation in STEM careers. As a student-athlete with a passion for business and cybersecurity, my experiences have shaped my understanding of the importance of inclusivity and its profound impact on innovation and societal progress. when I was younger careers in stem weren't as popular as they are now. where I live if you wanted to participate in these jobs or activities you would have to have lots of money or connections. but in my primary school local businesses wanted diversity so bad they started holding women-only STEM clubs, along with using the new technology early in our education to prepare us for the future. At my school it was a melting pot of people from different races and cultures that were all valued equally because everyone at school could learn from people who looked different and had unique point of views. I feel that going through that for 9 years really helped me when it came to transitioning into high school. During my time in high school, I had the opportunity to participate in programs like 3DE, where I discovered the connections of my interests and the potential, they hold for driving positive change. Through 3DE, I delved into entrepreneurial ventures and community-focused projects that broadened my perspective on the role of technology in addressing real-world problems. One such project was the development of the Envirocup—a biodegradable cup with endangered seeds in the bottom, designed to promote environmental sustainability. This endeavor not only showcased my team's innovative thinking but also underscored the value of diversity in problem-solving. By bringing together individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we were able to conceive and execute a solution that resonated with our community's needs. In addition to my experiences with 3DE, my journey into the world of cybersecurity further emphasized the importance of diversity in STEM. Through hands-on tech support and the establishment of my own software company, I gained insight into the intricacies of technology and the diverse challenges it presents. From optimizing system efficiency to enhancing data protection, I learned firsthand how inclusive perspectives drive meaningful innovation and ensure that technological solutions are accessible to all. Looking ahead, I am eager to continue my pursuit of excellence in STEM at Florida Atlantic University. With its comprehensive program in cybersecurity, FAU offers the perfect platform for me to expand my knowledge and skills in a field that merges my passion for problem-solving with my desire to make a tangible impact. By embracing diversity and fostering inclusive environments, institutions like FAU play a crucial role in shaping the future of STEM and empowering individuals from all walks of life to contribute to innovation and progress. To Conclude, my journey through high school has reinforced my belief in the power of diverse representation in STEM careers. From entrepreneurship to cybersecurity, I have witnessed firsthand how inclusivity drives innovation, fosters creativity, and ensures that technology serves the needs of all. As I start on the next chapter of my academic and professional journey, I am committed to championing diversity and making meaningful contributions to the STEM community and for those kids who don’t have access to stem yet.
    Inflow Digital Marketing Scholarship
    Ever since I was little, I have been drawn to the world of business and entrepreneurship. My interest in these fields has only grown stronger over the years, leading me to pursue a career in Digital Marketing. The dynamic nature of Digital Marketing, with its constant evolution and innovation, excites me. I believe that this field offers endless opportunities for creativity and growth, allowing me to use my entrepreneurial skills and passion for technology. One example that inspired me is the success story of Neil Patel, a renowned Digital Marketing expert who has built a thriving career by leveraging the power of online marketing strategies. Neil Patel's showcases the immense potential of Digital Marketing in reaching a global audience and driving business success. By studying his strategies and techniques, I have gained valuable insights into the power of digital platforms in today's business landscape. The ability to connect with customers on a personal level through targeted campaigns and data-driven analytics is what sets Digital Marketing apart from traditional marketing methods. when I was in my sophomore year I started my shopify dropshipping business and I learned how to use paid ads and social media to make my reach for customers easier than other methods like emailing and Seo. it allowed me to be able to touch certain demographics In areas I wanted. I also used these skills in my software as a service company. For example, using Facebook ads I could target older women in a 15-mile radius for med spas and men in a 10-mile radius for hardware shops. As I continue to learn the field of Digital Marketing, I am constantly amazed by the innovative tools and technologies that are reshaping the industry. From AI-powered marketing automation to immersive virtual reality experiences, the possibilities are endless. By staying ahead of the curve and embracing new trends, I hope to carve out a niche for myself in this competitive field to help those who aren’t reached the most. Looking ahead, my ideal future role in Digital Marketing would involve leading strategic marketing campaigns for a cutting-edge tech company. I envision myself working closely with a teams to develop and execute innovative marketing strategies that drive customer engagement to the most needed communities that are not catered to already. One company that embodies the kind of innovative culture I aspire to be a part of is Google. Google's commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity aligns with my own values and aspirations. By working for a company like Google, I would have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry and contribute to groundbreaking projects that shape the future of digital advertising. Furthermore, I see myself specializing in data analytics and consumer behavior research, leveraging insights to optimize marketing campaigns and drive measurable results. By combining my passion for technology with a deep understanding of consumer psychology, I aim to create impactful marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences and drive business growth. To build a successful career in Digital Marketing, I know the importance of continuous learning and professional development. One key aspect of my career development plan is to pursue certifications in digital marketing, such as Google Analytics and HubSpot Inbound Marketing. Additionally, I plan to attend networking events to stay updated on the latest trends and best practices in Digital Marketing.
    Bright Minds Scholarship
    In high school, I earned a Dell Tech certificate and spent three years diving into tech support. Through facing diverse challenges directly, learning to solve issues efficiently, and seeing how fulfilling requirements with useful answers is key, those situations honed my abilities while demonstrating the value of a hands-on mindset. My aim to impact cybersecurity led me to start a software company in St. Petersburg; this venture allowed me to solve tech challenges for local businesses, from making systems run smoother to boosting data protection. At Florida Atlantic University, I look forward to diving deeper into cyber defense strategies and playing a part in protecting online spaces as they grow more connected. FAU's program stands out for its excellence and broad coverage of topics like network security and ethical hacking. From gaining certification in high school to creating my own software company—my dedication to technology, especially cybersecurity has only grown stronger. Florida Atlantic University is where I see myself next; there, I'll enhance my skills further toward a degree and career that merges my love for solving problems with the desire to make an impact.
    "The Summer I Turned Pretty" Fan Scholarship
    Team Conrad vs. Team Jeremiah Jeremiah is nice yet, Conrad's side pulls me stronger. It's crucial to note first is Belly’s role as our lens. A classic case of an unreliable narrator she is noted widely across literary circles. We're pushed beyond her view to grasp the full picture. Even Han in the Amazon adaptation hints at layers some might miss. Now, onto why Jeremiah and Belly seem a match because Jeremiah's emotional trauma and need for attention repeatedly highlighted Jeremiah’s deep hurt from his dad’s favoritism towards Conrad as "the chosen one". His tactic? Outshine whatever holds Conrad's interest, seeking approval he lacks at home; a theme we revisit often - through his eyes too. His chase? To outdo Conrad by any means. In the narrative, Jeremiah's sunny disposition, like a golden retriever, mostly serves as a facade. This guise aids in fulfilling his deep-seated desire for attention and shields him from potential rejection. He possesses a chameleonic ability to dynamically alter his outward presentation through adeptly modifying his behavior, mannerisms, and conversations to fluidly accommodate whomever he transiently finds himself alongside at any particular point in time. Belly catches glimpses of the complexity beneath his easygoing exterior; yet, her youth and lack of experience prevent her from fully grasping these nuances. She perceives only the joy he brings her most times and believes she ought to reciprocate with love. Rarely does she ponder his true intentions behind these actions. Consequently, their bond proves far less stable than hers with Conrad. Conrad's genuine love and unreciprocated feelings for Belly's longstanding infatuation with Conrad since their younger years—are evident throughout the tale. Less obvious is Conrad’s own profound affection for Belly; recognizing her as an individual beyond superficial attractions amplified by summer transformations witnessed in TSITP (The Summer I Turned Pretty). Such physical changes merely added layers to an already complex dynamic between two individuals rooted deeply within a shared familial setting—and his being somewhat older didn't simplify matters either. This situation lends significant weight to the repeated emphasis on infinity symbolism within the series—an element not as pronounced in its written counterpart—to underscore that what seems like unreciprocated feelings from Belly’s perspective is indeed a misinterpretation on her part. Jeremiah comes across as more broken than one might initially suspect due to this intricate dance between portrayed confidence versus actual vulnerability—a truth potentially obscured until growth forces it into light. Conrad's sentiment towards Belly transcends mere adolescent whimsy or visual allure post-"glow up." His emotions are grounded in something much deeper—the essence of who she genuinely is—which remains constant regardless of time or external change: thus giving real substance to their intertwining fates hinted through symbolic threads far stronger than first apparent through youthful misunderstanding or wishful thinking. The known love story and Jeremiah's role truly, when one stops to mull over it, things get way more tangled. This depth of chaos often gets glossed over. Yet, the essence remains stark; an odd blend of reality and fiction marks the tale's core as profoundly messed up. At its heart lies a narrator whose words we can't trust; this unreliable guide pulls us through twists and turns that seem designed just to confuse.
    Anthony Bruder Memorial Scholarship
    My most meaningful commitment outside of the classroom is one most wouldn’t pick. You guessed it …football. Since I was 3, I have played many sports: soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. but they are different. Only in football do you look people in the eye play after play and know you must go through them. Football is something that I must show up for every day during the season, whether I feel like doing it or not. Football taught me commitment. It requires me to take on leadership roles and teaches me that I am bonded to my word, and I must stay disciplined no matter the circumstances during games, class, and my personal time. Many people think football is simple, but when I play football, it's like a portrayal of life. Like a chess game, the quarterback is the king that must be taken down. My passion for football is glorious, I feel like a gladiator in the arena, hearing cheers from the crowd. I love the sensation of putting on my shoulder pads and helmet. Feeling the hollow clicks of the cleats on concrete is like nothing else in the world. Football hurts. Sometimes the sweat burns your eyes, and your vision is blurred like mace in your face. Sometimes, it’s grass and dirt in your mouth, and in other places, they shouldn’t be. Even with all of that, it’s a mental game, I use logic and reasoning to succeed. I have fun playing football, I love the challenge and I embrace the pain. Football has helped me get to know more people and how they operate during challenging situations. We came from different backgrounds and had to learn how to work together and mesh as a team within a few days. I have played football since I was four. Football helped me achieve many of my goals. For example, I had to participate in team workouts, change my diet, and commit to better health to stay in shape. Even with that, the mental aspect football has taught me is where I see the most progress. I have learned how to prioritize my time and give additional effort in the areas where I am the weakest. I’ve learned to accept constructive criticism. Football has humbled me too. Sometimes I get hurt, do not stay hydrated enough, or fail to make a play, but I get back up and keep going. Although I don’t succeed in every moment, football will essentially prepare me for college and life. It gives me, “GRIT”, that never give up mentality when things get rough. The knowledge and mental strength from football will help me with my entrepreneurial goals for a business major.