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Nomarie Rivera-Hernandez


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Hi my name is Nomarie Rivera-Hernandez! I really love chorus and theatre. I've been extremely dedicated to my arts and hope I can get into a college that further stretches my dedication for theatre arts and vocal arts!


First Coast High School

High School
2020 - 2024


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    Bachelor's degree program

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    • Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft
  • Not planning to go to medical school
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      Marques D. Rodriguez Memorial Scholarship
      As a young girl, I've always turned to singing and performing as my outlet. Growing up I've had lots of issues expressing my true emotions through "normal conversation". When I found music, it was almost like it lifted me from the ground and took me in like a lost child. I started singing when I was about 3-4 years old and every time I sang, I discovered new levels to my instrument. It was almost like it was made for me. Once I started middle school I immediately threw myself into the choir program. I wanted a time in school where I felt I wasn't going to be judged or looked at weird. And being Latina, I personally felt represented while I was performing. During my middle school choir career, I was always the soloist. In every concert I had my own solo. And in every class after 6th grade, I was in an advanced choir class. The choir program really got me all fired up for high school choir and to really go out there and compete for MPA and Solo & Ensemble. I always dreamed of singing for a living. It was and still is my lifelong goal. Entering my 9th grade year I fell into a really dark hole with my mental health. That was the year of Covid. I came into high school thinking that our choir program was big. It actually wasn't and the teacher there wasn't as motivated to take us anywhere or teach us anything to help better use our instruments. My love for choir fell through very slowly up until my sophomore year. A new choir teacher came to teach at First Coast High, and I was so stoked! The moment he got there the program already looked like it was heading in the right direction. My motivation came back and I started really singing again. And I experienced many musical breakthroughs such as really singing with my soul and using my emotions to further deliver the messages of the songs I sing. By that moment I also got into theatre. I had always loved theatre, but in the beginning I was very scared of ever performing in front of anyone. But nonetheless I joined and got to work. With lots of rehearsals, we ventured off to compete for a district thespians competition. And in my first year of competing theatrically, I received an Excellent rating on all of my acts. It was an amazing experience! And by that point all I was thinking was to do better and better so that the following year I could get Superiors. And that's exactly what I did. Now, being a senior in highschool, my passions are still extremely headstrong holding 2 Vocal Superiors from competition in Solo and Ensemble, and awards for "Best Actress in a Musical" and "Best Solo" in theatre arts. I plan to get more achievements in highschool to then get even more in college. My plan is to attend a college that specializes in drama/theatre and of course chorus/vocal arts. I plan to get a Bachelor's degree in musical arts, and find jobs that can take my profession. I plan to further explore my musical knowledge and write music of my own, to perform for millions of people. To close out, music has always been there for me. Everyday I use music to express my emotions. I use performing as my way of letting stress out. And I plan to educate myself as far as I can to truly learn the power music can really hold.