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Nicolas Yendrzeski


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My name is Nicolas Yendrzeski, and I am a current high school senior at Maricopa High School. To myself, I am a hard-working student who prioritizes my education to help build myself up for a successful future. I take AP-level classes to prepare myself for college as well and I am a proud member of NHS, devoting my free time to help better not only the school but the community. Through the computer maintenance program at my school, I have taken the initiative as the Chief Operations Officer of 24PinTech. A student-run company dedicated to providing students with free repair services for all their electronic devices. To my peers, I host my podcast, in which I help give the students at my school a platform to voice their opinions. A safe space for students to share their perspectives on issues present in our school. I have faced many challenges, from classmates who wish to watch me fail to school and district administrators wanting to silence me because I am not afraid to speak up for my classmates. Regardless of these challenges, I've learned to adapt and to push forward. I believe that I am a strong candidate for scholarships due to my strong work ethic, academic achievements, leadership skills, and commitment to the betterment of my community. I maintain a high GPA whilst taking a full course load and dedicating time towards improving the well-being of my school. I am honored to be a part of's diverse community of amazing scholarship seekers and providers. I am very grateful for any support received. Thank you for considering me.


Maricopa High School

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Doctoral degree program (PhD, MD, JD, etc.)

  • Majors of interest:

    • Political Science and Government
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Government Administration

    • Dream career goals:

      Become a politician in American government to not only aid the citizens of America, but make change for the better, giving way to a brighter future, despite the challenges that I will face.

    • Chief Operations Officer

      2021 – Present3 years



    2015 – Present9 years


    • 3rd Degree Black Belt


    • Political Science and Government

      AP Research Capstone Program - Maricopa High School — Lead Researcher
      2023 – Present

    Public services

    • Advocacy

      The Controversy - Podcast — Host
      2022 – Present
    • Volunteering

      National Honor Society — Member
      2022 – Present

    Future Interests






    Ryan T. Herich Memorial Scholarship
    I like Ryan, love a good political argument. Although it may not be for the same reasons, I would assume that he was a wonderful open-minded individual who was fascinated with listening to various perspectives. For myself, I enjoy political arguments not to bring down my opponent, nor to further divide this country. I enjoy political arguments because they are a conversation, an opportunity to listen and explore new and various perspectives. The greatest thing we can do as a society is to simply communicate, to have that conversation, to engage in civil discourse that will enable us to better improve the world around us. But conversations do come with its limitations. For there is a point when there is too much conversation. Too many perspectives. Too much participation. This is what makes creating the perfect government difficult. For there is no such thing as a perfect government. We are human beings, complicated individuals filled with wants and desires. Thus, it is that of the leader to separate the wants and understand what the people need. Yet something so simple is yet so hard to achieve in today's world. But it is through political argument that we can steer ourselves onto a path of correction. So we can once again understand the wants and needs of each other. All of this stems from perspective, which is derived from knowledge, experience, and free thinking. I believe a lot of the lessons learned on the cruciality of perspective come from past literature. From the likes of Fahrenheit 451 and 1984, depicting a dystopian future destroying access to knowledge and controlling freedom of thought, it is a warning of what could be. Although we are not under the watchful eyes of Big Brother, we can already begin to see the harmful similarities in today's world. Thus, it is important that we the people protect these freedoms. And ensure that they remain protected for generations to come. That is why I love a good political argument. Aside from that, I am a high school senior looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life going into college. I've spent the last two years of my educational career hosting a local podcast aimed at providing a safe platform for students at my high school to voice their opinions on various issues without fear of the administration. I've also devoted time in my classes to write and begin to test various social and political theories. Theories that I hope to continue to grow and expand upon as I pursue a degree in political science. Hoping to one day publish my theories in a peer-reviewed journal. Looking beyond college I aim to start a career in politics. It has always been a dream of mine to be president of this beautiful country. And although those around me think I'm crazy for wanting to become a politician, I know with hard work and determination it's not too far-fetched. For my aspirations to change this country for the better far outweigh any obstacle I may encounter. Although they say over and over that those who enter government with the intent to change something are delusional, jokes on them that I'm stubborn. So whether it be a blessing or a curse, I'm determined to lead my country. To be the one to choose between want and need. To be the one to support the change. All it takes is one person to start a movement, but it takes a group of people to enable change. And you'd be surprised, but that change starts with a good political argument.
    Marian Haley Memorial Scholarship
    To me, education is the knowledge and experience gained through everyday situations and interactions, most notably through school. To me, education at school is very important, as the information received is invaluable. The teachers I cannot thank them enough for their dedication to their careers and everything that they have taught me. This is because the skills learned through education are meant to be carried with you for a lifetime. With one being able to apply them in real-life situations in the real world after school. Education is also something that is not earned but rather given to you. We are blessed to live in a wonderful country that provides every student with the opportunity to receive a free education. An opportunity that unfortunately not every student takes advantage of. Thus, I am grateful for everything that I have learned and any additional opportunities that I receive to help further my education. Yet not only can further my overall learning experience, but enhance my opportunities for achieving my life goals. Currently, I wish to pursue a career in politics and public service. It's a path that I know will be difficult, and that I will face many challenges along the way. However, I am dedicated to making change to help better not only those around me but my country as a whole. Yet, before I can make a difference on a larger scale, I must first start small. My education at school allows me to accomplish just that. I currently run a small podcast at my school in which I highlight key issues present on our campus, providing everyday students with a safe space to come onto my podcast and share their opinions and potential solutions. Education, as valuable as it is, unfortunately, is something that can be easily threatened. My school, like many others, has administrators in charge who unfortunately do not put the students first, instead valuing less important items that will not aid in our education journey. The administrators too often are able to get away with this. As many students are too afraid to speak up. Or are discouraged by the systems in place that are designed to make it harder for students to submit a complaint. I feel that as a future leader of my fellow peers, it is my responsibility to be their voice. To do the things that they feel that they are unable to do. I hope that I will not only enable change but inspire those around me, to either join me or become their own leaders. All it takes is one person to start the change, but it takes the majority to finish it. Thus, I have dedicated much of my time to this cause. For me, it's important to note that the skills that I utilize to accomplish this task, from hours of research and understanding history to public speaking and speech writing, and even the rhetorical analysis of official statements, are all skills that I learned from my teachers. Skills learned from my education. In short, the fight is far from over. Until the day that every American is guaranteed their right to education without worry or fear, I will continue to fight alongside my classmates. Education to me, now with a deeper understanding, is not merely just the knowledge or skills obtained, but an opportunity to learn, and an opportunity to experience. All in an effort to benefit me as a human being, not just in the short term, but in the long term as well. That is something worth fighting for.
    Strong Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
    I am a leader therefore I must take responsibility for others to the best of my ability. For as long as I can remember I have always been the leader type around those around me. I have always felt that it is my responsibility to stand up and take charge, especially in those moments when no one else wants to. Doing the things that no one else wants to do. Like presenting in front of the class. I am a leader therefore I must always remain composed. Sometimes I have a very serious face and look emotionless. Other times I look very angry and I intimidate people. And sometimes I am the life of the party and have a nice smile on my face. Most of the time I don't care about what I look like. But when I need to, I can remain composed and not show any emotion to my peers or my opponent. My poker face is the way I like to look at it. Being able to control my emotions in any situation can go a long way. I am a leader therefore I must acknowledge the fact that I am both above and beneath others. It is my job as a leader to put others' needs before my own. Ensure that others’ expectations are met. Yet I can never always show concern for others, make ethical decisions for others, or sacrifice myself for others. Because if I did, I wouldn’t be a proper leader. I must know how to strike a balance between both. Thus, enabling me to further reach out and aid more. I am a leader therefore I must keep an open mind. In any situation, there are an infinite amount of factors, possibilities, or perspectives. One can never account for all and thus must draw upon the perspectives of oneself and others. I must know how to listen to others and understand them. So that I can grow and develop my understanding. Enabling not only my self to continuously grow, but those around me as well. Because I am a leader, I am who I’ve always wanted to be and who I am capable of being. I have the skills and mindset necessary to be a leader. However, I am aware that there will always be room for improvement. I enjoy being a leader and as such I will continue to be one.