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Nicholas Vyprynyuk


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One of my life goals is to become a Fire Marshall for any fire department. Currently I am a Volunteer Firefighter for Shawnee Volunteer Fire Company. I think that I am a good candidate because of the many skills that I have learned for becoming a black belt in karate, being an Eagle Scout and also being a firefighter. I would love for me to implement all my skills into real world situations.


East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Bachelor's degree program
2023 - 2027
  • Majors:
    • Criminology

East Stroudsburg Area High School North

High School
2020 - 2023


  • Desired degree level:

    Master's degree program

  • Graduate schools of interest:

  • Transfer schools of interest:

  • Majors of interest:

    • Criminal Justice and Corrections, General
    • Computer Science
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Law Enforcement

    • Dream career goals:



      2023 – Present1 year


      2009 – 202011 years


      • Black Belt


      2021 – 20221 year


      • Fire Protection

        Shawnee Fire Company — Firefighter
        2021 – Present

      Public services

      • Volunteering

        Boy Scouts of America — Project Leader
        2023 – 2023
      • Volunteering

        Shawnee Volunteer Fire Company — Firefighter
        2021 – Present

      Future Interests




      Textbooks and Tatami Martial Arts Scholarship
      When I first started Karate I didn’t think much of it at all. Having done karate for most my life and finally getting my black belt test done I realized that karate has given me so much more than how to punch correctly. Having stepped away from Karate made me realize that Karate made me Disciplined and more Uniformed. It showed me how to respect people who are better than me or not. No matter how good or bad a person is at something is no reason for you to bring them down on it. I apply this in my life in many ways. When the Football season started a bunch of new people came in and didn’t know how to play or what do. So I helped them out the same way that all of my Sensei’s did with me. Karate showed me how to be more in shape, make sure my uniform is all ready to make me look the best. I also use these in daily life. Just going to school I try to look presentable because if I didn’t look or feel presentable I would think something is missing out of me. You never know what could happen in a single day. You could get the opportunity to meet someone and want to make the best impression on them and I think that Karate also gave me a really big confidence boost in anything I ever do. Can’t be shy at a competition.
      Chief Lawrence J. Nemec Jr. Memorial Scholarship
      I volunteer to protect my community and the people and land that are in it. As a kid I would always see these big red fire trucks driving past my house with lights and sirens rolling and I thought to myself I wonder what is going on and if everybody is okay. Now I do the same thing but I now know that I am the person in that fire truck. As a firefighter in my community I feel as if I can make change. With preserving lad during a brush fire. Or looking for injured people during a search and rescue. Or doing all I possibly can to protect somebody's house during a structure fire. Most times when I see kids on the sidewalks looking at the fire trucks as they roll by I know that in their head they are asking the same questions I was as a kid. And hopefully when they grow up they realize that they can make change happen. Being a firefighter has let me see the things that I could've ever seen as a normal person. It really opened my eyes into seeing what these people do for others with no hesitation is just amazing. This last year and a a few months of being not only a firefighter but also being a part of something bigger than myself is just great. Whenever the tones of my dads pager and mine drop, it just gives such an immense rush of adrenaline and having to drive to this call and just sit in my seat and think of a plan of execution is also something I never thought I would have to do. I also think it is crazy how I memorized where every tool on every truck is. This also ties in with hearing the dispatcher over the radio and having to think of what tool I would have to grab and who I would have to go to for directions and what is needed of me. Being a Volunteer Firefighter has given me a sense of brotherhood like no other. I need to have trust in all the people in my fire company. And all those people need to have trust in me. I think that trust and friendship/brotherhood are one of the most important things to have on a fire ground. You need to trust that your pump operator will give you the water needed. You need to trust that the commanding officers will get the recourses needed in order to have a safe and successful fire call. You also need to trust the people you have with you weather it be the hose team, search team. All these things are life saving but could also be life taking if not done properly. Doing all of this has made me feel as a part of something bigger than myself. I remember driving to my first Search and Rescue call. It was a man having cardiac issues. I remember turning to my dad and telling him that I was scared. He turns to me and says you could be the person to save this mans life. Just hearing those words something had clicked.