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Nicholas Garcia Escobar


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Saint Bernard High School

High School
2022 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Communication, Journalism, and Related Programs, Other
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Broadcast Media

    • Dream career goals:

      Fernandez Scholarship
      Navigating life's twists and turns is a constant learning process. While mastering it might be elusive, finding positivity in adversity and learning from mistakes can be transformative. My life's journey has been a testament to this philosophy, marked by resilience and a commitment to making the most of every situation. Growing up as the child of two twenty-year-olds struggling to make ends meet, I spent my formative years at my grandma's house. Despite the challenges, this environment provided a unique opportunity to learn both Spanish and English. In 2010, with support from my uncle, my parents secured their own place, and for four years, we lived as a family. Life, however, is unpredictable. My uncle started a family, and my parents desired their own space, leading to another move next door. Unfortunately, a wrongful conviction forced us out, and we returned to my grandma's. Fortunately, within nine months, my parents managed to purchase their own home, bringing a sense of stability in 2016. The year 2020, not just marked by the pandemic, brought another significant change – my parents' separation. This event, coupled with the social isolation induced by the pandemic, took a toll on my well-being. Losing friends and coping with the emotional upheaval, I turned to food, unknowingly gaining 70 pounds. Returning to high school after quarantine, I realized the impact of this weight gain. A comment labeling me "fat and ugly" served as a reality check, pushing me to acknowledge that I was no longer in middle school and needed to face the challenges ahead. This realization sparked a transformative journey, leading me to prioritize both my physical health and education. I'm proud to say that I've shed 30 pounds and achieved academic success, though my journey is still ongoing. Amidst the turbulence, I ventured into entrepreneurship, independently selling customized, officially licensed MLB hats. This endeavor, while challenging, was a testament to my determination and the fulfillment of a personal goal. Football has always been my solace, a passion I believe everyone should have the chance to enjoy. Though restricted by my mom, I aspire to break down the barriers that hinder understanding of the sport. Recognizing that not everyone shares my enthusiasm for football due to a lack of comprehension, I dream of becoming a color commentator. In this role, I aim to paint a vivid picture of the game for a national audience, bridging the gap between the sport and those unfamiliar with its intricacies. Becoming a color commentator isn't just a passion; it's a vivid aspiration that aligns with my identity. Through the highs and lows, my journey underscores the power of perseverance. By aspiring to become a color commentator, I seek to exemplify that unwavering determination can overcome doubt and adversity. Life's challenges become stepping stones, and facing them with a positive attitude propels us toward remarkable achievements. My narrative is a testament to the resilience, growth, and relentless pursuit of dreams that shape a life's journey.
      Minecraft Forever Fan Scholarship
      Through the many different Minecraft worlds, amid the numerous diamonds I spent hours mining for, and the countless times I’ve died while exploring the map, I love the game. The greatest feeling, of course, is beating the Ender Dragon, knowing all the time you put into the game finally paid off as you see the credits roll. However, that isn’t the most rewarding feeling when playing in a world. For me, ever since I was younger, the best feeling I got when playing Minecraft, and my favorite aspect, was the bond you felt with the others you’re playing with. I remember when I fully understood what the point of the game was, and I had a hard time beating the game by myself. At the time, I was staying at my grandma's house, which has another section in the back where people live. In the back, there were two boys, a little older than me but kind enough to hang around with me, though they only spoke Spanish. I was around 9 years old at the time, and my Spanish wasn’t the best, but that changed when, on my birthday, I finally got Minecraft for the Xbox. I remember that summer as if it were last week. Throughout the whole summer, from around 10 am-6 pm, the boys and I would load up our Minecraft world, having the best time ever. Of course, the summer had to come to an end, and so did our Minecraft world when I eventually moved out. However, that experience stuck with me, and almost every Minecraft world I’ve taken seriously has had a similar feeling. As I mentioned before, nothing beats a great time with friends, and Minecraft has definitely been the reason for many sleepless nights, laughing the night away with friends.