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Nathaniel George


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Hi! My name is Nathaniel George and I'm a senior at Brophy College Preparatory in Phoenix, Arizona. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, and hope to pursue business and policy in college.


Brophy College Preparatory

High School
2020 - 2024


  • Desired degree level:

    Bachelor's degree program

  • Majors of interest:

    • Business/Managerial Economics
    • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations
    • Public Policy Analysis
  • Not planning to go to medical school
  • Career

    • Dream career field:

      Public Policy

    • Dream career goals:

      Marian Haley Memorial Scholarship
      My parents, who immigrated to the United States under difficult conditions to provide a better future for our family, have instilled in me a deep appreciation for the importance of education. As a student, I have strived to set myself apart as a leader in the classroom by engaging with peers and faculty alike in collaborative discussions. By challenging myself with advanced classes, I have remained steadfast in displaying grit and motivation, which has resulted in my academic successes being all the more meaningful. To me, education is not just a series of classes and exams; it's the key to unlocking a world of opportunities and a better life. Each lesson is a stepping stone, paving the way for a future where I can turn my aspirations into reality and make a positive impact on the world. From a young age, I found myself enamored with the possibilities for innovation and creativity that entrepreneurship allows for, but being from a household with limited corporate knowledge, I found myself where to begin my entrepreneurial journey. Harnessing this curiosity, I began to explore the topic through whatever avenues I could find - from online workbooks, to business articles, to even Shark Tank episodes. This search sparked my deep interest in the powerful and versatile ability of entrepreneurship to work collectively with business and policy to foster widespread economic health, workforce participation, and civic engagement within communities. As a college student, I hope to pursue this by majoring in business and policy, and motivated by the cohesive nature of entrepreneurship and social activism, I aim to conduct research examining the prevalence of social enterprises in disadvantaged communities. Ultimately, I hope to become an innovative business leader, armed with a passion for asking bigger questions and a desire to create impactful change. Even more than just academic knowledge, the skills that I have learned through my commitment to education have enabled me to grow in resilience and determination, especially following my mother’s recent diagnosis with stage 3 metastatic breast cancer. As the provider for our family, my mother’s diagnosis has had a devastating financial effect, which I have attempted to shoulder by working extra shifts to help with bills and groceries. As I continue to help my family during such a difficult time, the traits of leadership and integrity have been monumental in guiding my journey toward becoming a more perseverant and resilient individual. Although my mother’s cancer journey is not yet over, it has shown me the importance of resilience and the beauty of vulnerability. I am applying to the Marian Haley Memorial Scholarship because it will help immensely with my family’s current financial barriers in my pursuit of higher education. With the help of this scholarship, I hope to enter the next chapter of my life as a college student carrying the lessons on courage and strength that my mother’s fight with cancer has taught me.