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Hello! My name is Natalie Hernandez and I’m a music therapy major at West Texas A&M University. A little bit about myself, I’m a college student who loves music. I’m a euphonium player as well as a runner. When I’m not doing either of those things, you can catch me with a hook in my hand crocheting a new project. From a young age I loved music. Once I graduated high school I knew that what ever came next had to have something to do with music. When I found music therapy I just knew that it was meant for me. I love sharing my love for music with others and helping those in need. The chance to aid someone on their healing journey is truly a gift that I will not take for granted. My long term goal is to earn my masters in neurologic music therapy and research the way music affects the human mind. I’m so excited to one day be apart of this profession and to dedicate my time to helping those in need. I hope you will choose to support me and help me further my education in a profession that means so much to me.


West Texas A & M University

Bachelor's degree program
2022 - 2026
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    Fans of 70's Popstars Scholarship
    I have always felt the best way to describe me is hardworking. Since starting college, I have worked two jobs on top of being a full time student. I currently have one part time job, and one seasonal job to ensure I can continue attending university. My major is music therapy and I spend many hours practicing and studying. I chose this major because I enjoy the challenge that comes with learning music and I am passionate about advocating for those who need help mentally and emotionally. From a young age, I was curious about music. Notes and rhythms at the time was like a language I could not quite read, but I so badly wanted to understand. This influenced my decision to join band in the 6th grade. I remember spending my Saturday afternoons practicing, and staying in the band hall after school to practice. Throughout my time in school, my curiosity turned into a love for music and an appreciation for the discipline that comes along with being a musician. This passion for music is what influenced my decision to study music therapy and I began researching colleges towards the end of my senior year. There are currently only 4 colleges in the state of Texas with a music therapy program. None of which, are near my home. I was, and still am determined to become a music therapist, so I chose to leave home to follow my dream. I left everything I knew and moved 4 hours away from home to follow my passion and become a music therapist. I remember driving away from home excited, but also scared. This is my second year as a music therapy student, and I have recently started music therapy practicum at a nursing home. After my first practicum, I knew that all the hours I have had to work to stay in school, all the times I experienced homesickness, and all the hours I have spent in a practice room have been worth it. I have found I love music the most when I get to share songs and interact with others through music. My dream is to one day open my own private practice for music therapy and be an advocate for those struggling mentally or physically. Music from the 1970s left a mark on todays society and this scholarship would help me to continue my education, and aid me in creating my own impact on the world.
    Heather Rylie Memorial Scholarship
    I was 16 years old sitting in a filled auditorium. I was determined to see the concert. I sat on the stairs because the seats were filled. I remember a powerful piece that I will never forget. Of Our New Day begun is a piece composed by Omar Thomas to honor the victims of a domestic terrorist attack on the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The grief, anger, and hope in this piece is like no other and it brought a glimmer of light to a dark time. I am now 20 years old, and I still remember hearing this piece for the first time. There are many reasons why I decided to pursue the arts, but pieces like this are what influenced my decision to pursue music therapy. I heard this piece for the first time at the age of 16, but my story with music started at the early age of 12. In the 6th grade I joined the band program at my middle school. I loved the community that came from playing music with others and I enjoyed the discipline that came a long with being a musician. I stuck with band all the way through high school and my curiosity for music quickly turned into a passion. I knew once I hit my senior year of high school that I wanted to study music and found the field of music therapy. Music therapy is a recreational therapy that uses music to address a clients needs and I choose this field because I am passionate about music and advocating for those struggling mentally and emotionally. I am now in my second year of the music therapy program and I am constantly reminded of the importance of art within our world. Catastrophes are apart of the human experience, but so is art and expression. Of our New Day Begun was the first piece that showed me the sensation music can have on the human spirit and I will forever remember the impact it had on me. My goal is to share the same sensation I felt while listening to Of our New Day Begun with every client I work with. Life can be hard, there are times we will have to grieve, there are times where we will be happy, but no matter what we can always count on the arts to be a beacon of hope during the darkest of times.
    Sola Family Scholarship
    When I think about my childhood, a lot of great memories come to mind. I remember colorful holidays and fun adventures with my older brother. I remember my mother being present and she is a part of all the memories I have today. My mother worked a full-time job and raised me and my brother completely on her own. The older I get, the more I can understand and appreciate the work and dedication my mom presented while raising me and my brother. She was determined to give us a happy childhood and I am the person I am today because of her endless love and support. I believe my experience growing up with a single mom made me appreciate the value of hard work and taught me how to be selfless. My mom worked full-time, but she was still supporting two children. She paid bills and expenses all on her own and sometimes money got tight. The end of the month was a dreadful time when we waited for payday to arrive. I remember many months like this, but my mother did not let financial means hold us back. I am a college student right now because of her hard work. I remember feeling so lucky to attend school because I know the sacrifices my mom made to get me here. I will receive a degree in something I love because of my mother. I am extremely lucky to have a mother like her to look up to because she constantly encourages me in my academic career. I believe growing up with a single mother made me appreciate the work needed to achieve my goals. From a young age, I watched her work for every single dollar and I plan to follow her example and work hard to get my degree and to pursue all my future goals. My mother worked for Adult Protective Services most of my life and I have seen her help those in our community. Even though her days are long, and she has no partner to help her, she is still selfless and helps people during their hardships. I have seen her try her best to help all her clients and she has shown me what selflessness looks like. My mother showed me that it is our job to serve those in need and to make the world better. My single mother taught me the value of selflessness because even though she had no one, she was a person that others could go to for help. She helps people without expecting anything in return and I will do the same. My mother is giving me constant love and support and she has greatly influenced who I am. She will always be a part of my life and I cannot wait to for her to see the thing I am going to do with the education I am receiving. My goal is to one day finish college and demonstrate the same level of selflessness and hard work my mother demonstrated and continue making wonderful memories with her.
    Mind, Body, & Soul Scholarship
    The life of a college student can get a little crazy. Between classes, studying, and sometimes a part time job, making time to care for ourselves can be tough. When we forget to take care of ourselves, our mind and body suffer. We forget why we came to college in the first place and we forget the reason we decided to further our education. That is why I always make time to care for my mental and physical health. I always make an effort to care for myself physically. I need my body to remain strong so when I finish college, I am ready to start working. I do several things to keep my body healthy. I carry a water bottle with me and I try to eat a vegetable with every meal. I do this so my body can get enough nutrients to keep up with my busy schedule. I noticed that when I do these two small things to take care of myself I have more energy. My body does so much for me everyday and I want to do my part to take care of it. I prioritize eating healthy and exercising because these habits are what help my body function at a high level. To take care of myself mentally, I try to make time for activities other than school work. I found that taking time for myself before bed helps me clear my mind. This break helps me refocus and think about my day. I use this time to reflect and to give myself a chance to remember why I am going to school. My goal is to serve others and help heal those in need. The reason I became a college student was so I could get the education I need to better help those who need assistance. When I keep in mind my reason for starting school, I am able to confidently say my heart is in the right place. Even when I find it hard to be away from home and my family, I can still remind myself that this education is worth the hassle. I continue to push through and take care of myself and my class work, because one day my hard work will make someone else's life easier. I prioritize taking care of myself because it gives me the ability to remember, and achieve my goals. I look forward to this coming school year and working with so many wonderful professors. I am excited to see what I am able to do with my education in coming years and excited to make an impact in others lives after graduation. I will continue to prioritize my mind, body, and soul because when they are taken care I am able to focus on what matters most.
    Your Health Journey Scholarship
    A full time job is considered 40 hours or more a week. A full time student is considered a 12 hour load of classes. Some people work, and some people go to school. However, both of these people deal with the hustle that comes along with everyday life. In a world where productivity is glorified, finding time to evaluate your health can be difficult. Even with the busyness of everyday life, we have to find time to take care of ourselves. One way I like to take care of myself is running. I started running in middle school and fell in love with cross country and track. Not only is running a form of exercise, but running can also be stress relieving. I enjoyed the challenge that came with competing and the way I felt after a long run. The sport encouraged me to move my body and made me believe in my ability to achieve something difficult. Every race, I was in competition with myself. Every time I had a new best time the excitement encouraged me to keep going. When I run, my body feels energized and motivated. My to-do list becomes less intimidating and my mind is clear. The activity helps me focus and prepare for the day ahead. After I graduated from high school and started college, continuing to move my body became a difficult task. I spent lots of time studying and working. Unfortunately, that meant my mental and physical well being became less of a priority. I no longer wanted, or felt the need to run. I felt sluggish and drained. Everyday I struggled to get all my school work done. My mind and body was never prepared to take on the day. This lack of energy made me realize I needed to change. I had to relearn to prioritize things like drinking water and sleeping. At first, I thought these things were too small to have an impact, but after two weeks I noticed a shift in my mood. I had a more positive attitude when I got a good nights rest. My body also felt more energized when I made an effort to drink water throughout the day. Eventually, I was able to do everything I needed to do without feeling overwhelmed. Next, I tried to incorporate some walking and stretching. These two things helped me release some stress from the day. They even made my sleep schedule easier to maintain. I started to feel much more relaxed and focused. I even noticed myself being more engaged during class. The ability to concentrate helped me achieve my academic goals. Overall, these small changes made my daily life easier. Eventually, I was able to work myself up to running again. When I finally started to run again, I realized I had stopped making time for the things I loved doing. Things like running, crocheting, and reading left my mind. I knew then that if I really wanted to care for myself I could not let go of the things that make me feel happy. I’m filled with the same joy I felt as kid when I run. That is a feeling I never want to let go of. We are only given one mind and one body. Our job as human beings is to cherish them both. My goal is to continue to prioritize my health, and to incorporate more healthy habits into my life. Self care has become very important to me because the better we take care of ourselves the easier our lives become.
    I Can Do Anything Scholarship
    An exceptional music therapist who makes a difference in the lives of her clients.
    Healing Self and Community Scholarship
    When I was a junior in high school, I remember leaving for spring break on a sunny Friday afternoon. In a blink of an eye, my week of spring break turned into a year of isolation. The 2020 pandemic hit many people hard. Every day when we turned on the news, it felt like one catastrophe after another. The pandemic took a lot away from me and my high school experience, but it also taught me the importance of prioritizing mental health. This realization influenced me to pursue a degree in music therapy. Myself and many others turned to the arts for comfort during isolation and after that experience, I knew there could never be enough music and art in the world. Music therapy is a unique kind of therapy because it relies on music to address the needs of the patient. Music therapy has been proven to help those struggling with anxiety, depression, and other kinds of mental disorders. Music therapists have always had to advocate for their clients because they cannot always do it for themselves and I am prepared to advocate for the rest of my professional career. I truly believe everyone deserves to be helped without having to worry about what financial problems may follow. I am devoted to helping my future clients and making mental health care a right instead of a luxury.
    Godi Arts Scholarship
    My musical journey began in 6th grade. Like most people, I had never touched an instrument till my first day of band class. My first day of sixth grade, during the last class of the day, I held In my hands a shiny saxophone. My younger self was so excited to play songs and learn the language of music. I did not know it at the time, but music was my calling in this world. I played saxophone all through high school and even learned euphonium for marching band. I loved the challenge that came along with learning a new instrument. My years being involved with both marching band and concert band taught me so much more than just musicianship. I learned the power of music. Not only did music have the power to entertain, but it had the potential to bring people together. I realized that myself and others shined during concerts and performances. In ordinary classes we were usually looked passed, but when we played music we shined. People like me who were usually quite shy found music as a means of expression. When math or science got hard, music was our way to let our true selves shine. I began to see music as more than just an extracurricular it became a gift I wanted to share with others. Once I discovered this, I knew that I wanted to study music. So, my first year of college I was a music education student. I loved school and learning, but I felt as though teaching was not the right path for me. I discovered music therapy and was instantly drawn to it. I wanted to know more so I researched schools with music therapy programs. After some thinking, I decided to transfer to West Texas A&M University to pursue a degree in music therapy. I moved 4 hours away from home. I remember I was scared my first week of school. I wanted to go back home and return to the comfort of my hometown. I wanted to go back to my first college with all my friends, but I stayed. I told myself it was worth it. I might have been scared, but I was still learning. To me, the chance to become a music therapist was worth all the discomfort I felt. After completing my first year of school as a music therapy student, I know I made the right decision. I hope to one day provide music therapy to children with autism and eventually earn a doctorate in music therapy. My goal is to eventually teach the next generation of music therapist at a university. Music is for everyone, and music therapy is a great way to bring music into anyone’s life. The world needs more unity and music can help.